By Me

Stories are arranged in order of how recently they were made, with my most recent (and mostly better) work at the end of each section.

The Adventure

Naga (snakes), lesbian stuff, transformation

The Bond

Lizards, flesh-bondage, transformation


Snakes, dodgy religious talk, transformation

(Formerly Pagans) This is the first story I wrote to take place on Earth.


Lizard, lizardwoman, oviposition, lesbian scenes, transformation

Born In Pangelar

Lizard creatures, hetero and lesbian stuff

This story is a departure from the usual crop o' stories I've created so far, being one containing no humans or transformation, and set in a cool world of someone else's devising: Pangelar, by Berbalang ( )

Fate of the Hero

Lizardwoman, merging

Fictional Characters

Dragon, human, lizardwoman, transformation, voraphilia (painless and deathless)

Monsters Outside the Door
(Awesome illustration by Gryf)

Harpies (bird people), transformation

One of the few stories not to contain reptiles. This story comes with an excellent illustration by Gryf. Thanks for drawing it, dude. See more of his art here.


Little reptile, transformation, oviposition

Just a quickie story of a woman, her master and deciding who the real boss is.

The Druid's Lesson

Frog creatures, transformation, oviposition (spawning)

There's more to being a druid than frolicking naked in the forest. Though that is quite an important part of it.

Logged Exploits

These are scenes of encounters between characters on the MUCKs I play on. I have clipped away all the unnecessary extra text, tidied up the format, removed spelling mistakes and sometimes messed with some parts of the stories to make them run smoother. But there's still a lot of interesting improvisation to be found in here.

Merex and Zabei - The Nest

Raptor, Komodo dragon, Nonconsentual sex, painful oviposition

Hedonism and Dipterous - Right to the End

Dragon, Cuckoo Imp, Killer Whale, voraphilia (painless and deathless)