Monsters Outside the Door, by Hedonism

The following story contains scenes of transformation and sexual intercourse between humans and animals.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dawn watched as the barmaid turfed the patrons out of the inn.

"Why are you sending them out?" she asked, horror in her voice. "It's approaching night!"

The barmaid smiled a little.

"They all live locally. Everyone must go back to their own houses at night."

"I passed most of the houses on my way into this town. They won't keep harpies out. This inn's the only secure place for miles!" she protested.

"I'm happy with that," said the barmaid. The innkeeper, a woman almost as stern looking as Dawn's sharp-featured mentor nodded to her and they both closed and bolted the windows, the plates so heavy both hands were needed. Dawn worried for the townsfolk, who must have been having this problem for centuries. Why didn't they build proper houses here? Still, most of them seemed to have a firm belief in Oetra, so their faith would have to be their barrier against the monstrous birds away. She and the rest of her missionary group was here to find those who had yet to embrace her faith. Speaking of which, she looked around anxiously for her mentor, and fellow apprentice. Their work was making them late, and soon they would be locked out.

Dawn reluctantly climbed the stairs to turn in without them. The travels of her order, spreading the word of Oetra, frequently took them into places of depravity, inns like this. But this was her first pilgrimage, and even her faith didn't leave her feeling too reassured as she looked around. Hitching up her robes a little, she ascended the stairs to her room, wishing her mentor was here.

At the top corridor she intercepted the barmaid, going in the opposite direction. The barmaid looked at her with horror. She was still wearing the nice rustic dress, or about half of it. She had unbuttoned the top and it dangled from her waist, revealing her peachy, uncovered breasts. The barmaid looked downwards with extreme shame at her hand, tucked under her dress, making bulges around her crotch. She looked utterly speechless. Dawn looked down her, her stare wide with surprise. Then she grinned.

"Who will be your client?"

"I... The gent you were speaking to this morning..."

"I see you like your line of work," she said coyly, as the barmaid withdrew her hand. She felt more confident, looking into the shamed face. "I'm sorry, but I wish to preach to him."

The barmaid looked even more surprised.

"You shouldn't be here."

"Quite the opposite. Sin is exactly why I'm here," Dawn replied primly. The barmaid smiled and narrowed her eyes impishly. Suddenly she reached to Dawn and took her hand. The priestess' mouth dropped open as the barmaid brought the hand to her naked, experienced breast, and stroked it gently. Dawn looked confused and felt unsure again. To even her own surprise, a flinch caused her to cradle the breast, then she relaxed to let her fingers willingly slip over a plump teet. It erected slowly in her grasp and hardened pleasantly.

"Fine," said the barmaid, and smiled.

"That's... not what I meant," faltered Dawn, shocked as much by her own reactions as by the barmaid's. She looked down and finally withdrew her hand from the woman's boob. The barmaid looked like she was going to say something more, then shrugged her shoulders, grinned and walked away. Dawn tried to keep a strange smile from her lips.

She entered the dark room the barmaid was to attend, and closed the door. The huge window shed a soft moonlight into the room, which barely lit the edges of the furniture. It was a beautiful setting, more apt for honeymooning than whoring. Dawn found the bed, and lay back on it's soft covers. The plan was to take the whore's place, and shame the man into abandoning his perverse tendencies. And if the prostitute hadn't been so pleasant, and the room so romantic, that was still what she was going to do.

I don't just want to take her place. I want to have her experience! Temptation on my first mission, and I can't resist it!

Dawn arranged her robes around her as she heard the gentleman preparing himself in the bathroom.

Things could go wrong; if I do this, I'm not protected by the One Goddess. What will the man be like? Oetra, what am I doing?! My thoughts are all wrong, I can't preach, I want to be fucked, I want to be fucked!

The bathroom door opened, and the man emerged from the bathroom. He had a handsome but sharp, angular face. Under the black cloak his body looked lean. He stopped and looked at Dawn laying prone, legs slightly open, her robed body reflecting the moon light as it was split into cubes by the window panes. She smiled disarmingly and incredibly nervously as she heard him draw in his breath sharply at the presence of this priestess.

Dawn's hands moved slowly, as she unwrapped the front of her cloak, and felt her breasts become exposed to the air. She looked down pensively at the domes, bleached by moonlight.

"I'm letting the whore take a rest," she said softly. She got up and embraced the startled man tightly, loving the feel of his shocked, tense body. But he cuddled her back quickly, and Dawn smiled with relief as she felt his arms close around her back. She rubbed her fingers over his body, and he rattled weirdly, and moaned. He smelled odd but pleasant. It wasn't any male scent, natural or bought, she'd experienced before.

"It wasn't a good idea to replace Laura, priestess..."

Dawn pulled back as he opened his cloak. And she shrieked, as she looked at him. His legs were hard and scaly, blackened, splay-toed talons. His pectorals were massive, bulged through his black feathers. She watched his face as his nose and chin slowly stretched, hardened and darkened into a smooth, elongating beak. His whole face turned black, his eyes widened into circles and slid to either side of his head, now two pools of night. She was looking into the face of a giant raven harpy.

"You know what I'm going to do to you," he said through his beak, as Dawn backed away. The door wasn't an escape route; he had purposefully stepped in front of that. She backed towards the massive window, but looking at it closer she realised the lattice over it was actually steel. And there was no glass between them, or curtains on either side. The way it filled the entire outside wall reminded her of a prison cell. People could easily look in and see what was happening. And then looked down and noticed some were. The night air on her breasts reminded her to cover herself.

"You cannot escape. This place was built to keep us in."

"Us? You mean the harpies?" she said in almost a scream. "Keep you IN?"

"The tavern is a birdcage. A marvellous idea," he said, the corners of his beak twitching upwards. "They attract us here with the chance for a real bath, proper food and, " he looked coyly at her. "Willing mates to rut with. In exchange we leave the population alone during the night we normally claim our mates. At least the population not in here with us. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. And I won't rape you. But you know what I _will_ do to you."

Dawn stepped backwards. The calm way the giant bird said all this was almost as bizarre as his appearance. He started to murmur, in a high-pitched voice. Dawn shivered as she recognised the song which forced humans to leave humanity.

"That won't work," she said gritting her teeth. "Oetra will protect me from you!"

Then she looked down at her arms, at the feeling of twitching muscles, and instinctively scratched them. Little goose pimples were growing all over them. The sensations increased, along with the feeling of her pores opening to let things through. Her flesh shivered as tiny grey downy growths sprouted from her arms. She gasped with shock and fear.

"Oetra!" she cried. "Why are you letting this happen?!"

She looked at the raven miserably, and he responded by placing what was an arm but now was a vast, gentle black wing, on her shoulders and head. She tried not to smile at this as she felt the warm fluffy sail upon her. Was he out to be the sympathetic good guy as well as the monstrous evil one? The sensations of transformation were turning her on, as was the harpy's presence. Her heart fluttered as she felt the changes tingle over her whole body, not least her breasts and crotch. Dawn breathed out gasps of air as the harpy crept nearly into an embrace. He reached up a long, gnarled talon and reopened the front of her dress to reveal her bulging, naked mammaries. Despite the fear of his sharp claws, she didn't try to stop him. He tenderly stroked the globes as soft feathers of grey and black grew forth and lightly covered them. Dawn never felt so strange. Or so perverse. Her shame conflicted with the sensuous sensation of her whole body starting to move and warp. She looked out of the birdcage at the people wandering idly by, ignoring her. Except her mentor and remaining apprentice. The elder smiled slightly, her fellow apprentice looked pensive and shocked.

"Emma, Cavan!" Dawn screamed, relief dripping from her words. But they didn't look like they were eager to help her.

"Dawn!" cried her mentor, her old voice shrill. "Why didn't you come when I sent Emma for you?"

Dawn was too surprised to stop the harpy from slowly peeling away her hood and cloak with his beak.

"She didn't want to come," said Emma, innocently. Dawn shrieked with horror. The sound was higher than she expected. Why was the apprentice lying?

"Cavan! What shall I do?" she squealed. Her mouth felt alien, yet the words came easily. Her voice was definitely more shrill and sharp.

"Take off your robes! Throw them down here," replied her mentor. Dawn looked around, deeply shamed. And finally stripped away her robes until she stood naked and awkward, and had nothing to keep the raven harpies embrace from touching her increasingly fluffy skin. She threw them down and the old mentor caught the ragged cloth.

"Good..." said Cavan quietly. "You will not stain them or our order, perverse little harpy."

Her voice rose.

"You are no longer a priestess, you have no place as a follower of Oetra."

"Ohno! Please don't do this to me!"

"You're free of our order. You shall let him fertilise you, and bear his children, so an innocent human won't have to fall victim. That will be your final good deed as a human, Dawn."

Her remaining apprentice stifled a shriek. Dawn squarked. She saw her chest bulge forward with every breath, felt the muscles under her breast swell. Further down, her naked legs grew thinner. Her delicate feet slowly reshaped under the stockings - her toes melted into three prongs. She tottered, squealed and fell forwards, her hands instinctively gripping the bars of the window. Her fluffy breasts poked through the bars, and she shivered to the feel of their cool touch through her downy feathers. She looked down as the new toes stretched along the floor in three directions, and became strong and gnarled. The area where they joined grew as well, and a backwards facing toe sprouted quickly. She tried to pull up out of the compromising position she was in, but the raven gently placed a wing atop her and the changes made her too weak to lift higher.

"Harpy, why are you changing me if you're not going to mate with me?"

The harpy stopped his musical, warbling utterence.

"I said I wasn't going to rape you. I didn't say I wasn't going to mate with you."

"How will you stop it being... You're going to change my mind?" she shrieked.

"No. Why?" He grinned widely above her, and rested his black feathery body on her back.

The cheek! Did he think he was that charismatic as a bloody raven?!

But I wanted it to happen. And I want it to happen. But the shame!

The shame has already happened. Cavan herself calls me a harpy. What's the shame in mating with another harpy?

The raven resumed his soft, melodious warble, and gently pressed Dawn forwards against the bars. Dawn couldn't drag her eyes away from her mentor and Emma, both still watching. She had expected them to avert their eyes, but amongst other emotions, they looked intrigued. She reached a lightly feathered hand to her face and felt it slowly lengthen. Her petite nose grew larger, became pointed. She giggled strangely as her tongue caressed her transforming mouth. The sensations worked on her shame, and started to conquer it. The raven stroked a wing along her downy belly of lighter coloured soft feathers, which extended over her wide hips and ended just below her a small triangle of pubic hair, and a strangely transforming vagina underneath. The raven rattled with pleasure and gently stroked her thighs with his wings, then pulled her backwards underneath him until he could hook his beak around and gently peck her teet.

Dawn gasped loudly and flexed her talon-like toes, clenching and unclenching at the floorboards with them as her toenails lengthened and darkened into black claws. As she felt her legs continue to become thinner and stronger, the odd sensations of creeping flesh pushed and pulled at her knees. To her amazement, she bent her legs in the opposite direction, lifting one to rise a set of talons against the bars, which she clutched tightly. While her feet gained dexterity, her fingers felt more vague and clumsy, and were already hidden underneath plumage that was losing it's fluffy appearance and straightening out into stiff feathers.

The male's heavy tongue reached out from his beak and started to lick her erect nipples, as he preened his face against her sensitive breast feathers, deepening her pleasure. He trembled with lust as he performed every action, and Dawn felt lewd pride at getting such a response. As he excitedly pressed himself further upon her, she looked down at the creature's thighs, expected to see some sort of animal penis there. But there was nothing amongst the neatly arranged feathers. Odd considering how aroused he was acting.

Dawn looked around and found a full length mirror. Her face was no longer human. Her eyes widened and darkened, as her nose continued to lengthen and enlarge, then slowly become hooked.

Her mouth grew along with her nose, as her chin extended forwards to fit comfortably under it. Her nostrils opened near the base as her nose hardened into a strong raptor's beak. By the dappling on her... on her feathers, and her now handsome look, she realised she was turning into some sort of falcon. Her hair slowly puffed out, expanded into long glorious feathers that reached down to her spine.

Her mate pressed himself down upon her and slid his beak through the soft head feathers, and she felt his hips get into position. Dawn squarked shrilly, but didn't protest. She knew she could stop this with ease - she was by now larger and stronger then him, her new species had talons so sharp they scared even her. And now she wasn't a priestess, the vow of non-violence no longer applied. But she looked at the strong, surely brave male, and sighed, the most human noise she could still make, as she realised she were now other things prohibiting such actions.

The harpy pushed his crotch under her lengthening, stiffening tail feathers, and she felt a stiff ridge squeeze against her vagina. It caressed her, brushed through the covering feathers and pulled aside her labia, but was too shallow to enter her. But she squarked raucously as the sensation nearly overcame her immediately. He pushed again, and it felt like a human's knuckles running over her cunt. But it also felt like all the pleasure centers she had deep inside her were now around the rim, in the folds of flesh she thought were just labia. She had a cloacal duct, like a bird. She was being fucked like a bird!

Dawn crowed and pulled herself backwards as her mate pushed aside her developing tail feathers and lay upon her back, spread his shimmering black wings over her body and rubbed his sex against hers. The ridges on his sex caught on and roughly pushed through the bumpy flaps surrounding her vent. She pushed against him as she felt her orgasm approach quickly, nursed by the intense transformation. He preened her back and circled his crotch around hers, orbiting her cloaca in a firm stroke that teased her into a slower approach to ecstacy. Dawn screeched and called out her pleasure, glorying in the intercourse she was having in front of her mentor and friend, before the village. The harpy's strokes quickened into shivers until with a beautiful call he pressed the ridge partially into Dawn's cloaca and came, in a single pulse of spooge. Dawn shrieked and ground herself against the still stiff spine of flesh, stirring the thick, warm paste into her body until, legs shaking, she let loose a fluctuating, reply call of ecstacy. They pressed against each other as Dawn felt her transition from human to harpy complete.

Her mate pulled himself free at last. It was a curiously hidden mating; all she and he had to signify it had ever taken place were damp crotch feathers, and the soft scent of effort and sex.

She took the chance to test out her new perceptions. Her sense of smell was unaltered, and neither was her hearing, but her big, shining eyes could pick out the imperfections in the individual hairs on her mate's smallest feathers, in moonlight.

"I hope I was a good lover to you," he said hopefully. Dawn nodded and used her rearranged muscles to move up the corners of her beak. She had never known so much pleasure, and it wasn't going to stop here. She heard excited voices and squarks on the other side of the door, feathers ruffling, thumping. The fact that he had changed her without her wanting it to happen was curiously unimportant, eclipsed by her utter gladness that it _did_ happen.

What to do now. She could either stay here and wash the sex away and learn how to become human again, or she could open the door, and...

* * * * * * * * * *

Emma looked up at Cavan as they walked towards the next village.

"Why did you tell the harpy I was supposed to get her to return to us? And why did you get me to say she didn't want to leave? She'd have been safe in the Chapel with us!"

"The lies were justified. I had lie for the sake of our order - I couldn't let our flock know we had to leave her in the Bird Cage."

"But look at what we've made her become!"

They looked up at a shape in the air, lazily circling. It had to be far away, because it was barely visible despite being the size of a human. There were others just as large, circling her. Until the night returned, they would be content to remain far away from the village they had just departed. Emma felt a sudden longing to be able to fly, the painful wish that probably all humans felt at some stage.

"Had she known what she would become, and the shame she would endure, and the perversions she would suffer... She really would not have wanted to leave the Cage. I've been her mentor for years, long enough to learn her fantasies, and find her hidden drawings. But if I called for her, she would have had to leave. I had trained her too well for her to disobey. And I couldn't have said it would be fine for her to be changed in front of our flock. What would people think if we openly allowed our acolytes to become whores and mates of animals?

"Yet it must happen. Harpies, dragons, Imps, all use humans to increase their own species. And there are humans that actually want it to happen. I think it's a sort of defence in their souls. We lose nearly a third of our acolytes to this, and their willing sacrifice means others don't need to make unwilling ones."

Emma looked like she was grappling with a deeply unpleasant fact, and wouldn't let it go.

"Am I going to have that fate?" she asked, stepping back from Cavan.

"You will not. And you can take the fact that I'm telling you all of this as guarantee that you won't. And as assurance that at the end of our pilgrimage you will no longer be an acolyte."

Emma breathed in sharply, then nodded solemnly.

"I still don't understand. I don't think I ever should understand."

Cavan stopped, and looked at Emma. The apprentice saw eyes that were remorseful, proud, hard and clear of all doubt.

"You are only pretending you don't understand, for the sake of decency. But when you train your apprentices, and feel their unease and lust threaten the Order, you will also know names which must be added to our list of those who will be sacrificed."

She started to resume her long walk on tired legs that would endeavour to carry her to Oetra's next flock.

"The harpy is where she really wants to be. And now she has the chance to be one of the greatest missionaries we've ever had, one who can preach to monsters. If she still believes, she can take our faith where it couldn't go before, into the sky, and into the hearts of those who live there."

Emma successfully fought down the desire to argue with her mentor.

By Hedonism.