The Bond

By Hedonism

This story contains scenes of transformation, herpetophillia, rather bizarre bonding and are... oh I don't know, call them vaguely non-consensual:) The story isn't copyrighted or anything, just don't claim credit for writing it.

The guards looked absent-mindedly at the forest edge, idly watching during the fifth hour of their shift for movement in the forest. The village was far too small for regular crime, and the homestead hadn't been attacked by outside forces for decades. So in the meanwhile they were looking out for any wildlife of the expensive pelt or good meat variety. But at the moment, and for want of anything else more interesting to look at, they watched a hen-sized lizard waddle out of the undergrowth and walk past, ignoring them.

"I bet you ten he's going to go for the Crowley's vegetable patch." The other guard nodded.

"After some warmth I reckon," he replied, reaching into his pockets for cash. The lizard scampered past the vegetables and towards one of the houses dotting the village outskirts. As she heard the clink of money in exchange, she pondered who she would have won the bet for if both or neither had called her a he. She crept into the shadows of a house, stood on her hind legs and slipped out her tongue. After a while she crept to another dwelling and tasted the air again. She was in luck; the barely present scent of a human couple in love and making love could be smelled. After ten more minutes of tracking she found the source in a newly constructed hut, glowing with the warmth of a fire long dead in her thermal vision. Slipping in under the eaves of the roof, she dropped into the bedroom and looked at the two humans, huge in comparison to her, male and female blissfully locked together under the covers. The little creature sighed, smiled a little and pushed herself between the bedsheets to join them. Deep within her, she felt the male's scent start off bizarre biological processes. She carefully warmed herself on his naked body, waited for the chill of the outside air to be replaced with glorious warmth. She slowly, gently rested her underbelly upon him, waited for any subtle muscular twitches that would signify her touch was likely to waken him. When none came she hissed quietly and climbed him, like walking up a pleasant, fleshy wall. She crawled along his rising and falling chest, onto his soft belly, and moved her hind legs over his navel. Her tail twitched, her body heaved oddly, and she tried not to move as she felt something tug inside her womb, contractions pulling a soft object towards her cloaca. Her sex opened slowly and she hissed to the feel of a syrupy liquid free itself from her. Soon her cloaca opened even wider, and a whitish orb emerged from the scaly hatch. She looked between her legs to the soft object she was depositing into his belly button, the pain making her wince. Her egg carried no life inside it, but it's intention was still to reproduce her species. She wished she would be around to watch the fun, but her own mate was waiting for her back in the forest, a burrow as warm as this, his heat assured when he hears of the success of her visit to the humans.

Claudia sighed with pleasure as she was awoken by her intended husband's hands across her chest, his body sliding over hers. Judging by what she felt at her thighs, he was highly aroused. She reached her hand down, stroked his erection, moved it carefully between her own legs and smiled wantonly at him. Without a word he grasped her and thrust down on her. Claudia squealed with ecstasy as he pushed her buttocks into her mattress, withdrew and took her again. As the humping grew in urgency she looked down her writhing body, between her shaking breasts to see her beloved's penis enter her. Her fiancee's belly-button was filled with a something smooth. Claudia giggled with surprise, and wondered if he put it there to give her the chance to lick it out. Then her sight was drowned out as her beloved thrust his body downwards hard. As Claudia screamed with lust, she realized he hadn't pulled himself back up again. Then she felt him firmly rubbing his belly against her. He looked into her eyes.

"Ohhh, I don't.. know why thisss, feels so good, but it does!" he said with passion. Claudia howled with unfulfillment. As her slit calmed down, his cock remained anchored deep within her, unstirring but still firm and unspent. Slowly he started to gyrate his stomach against hers, and the nub in his button slid against Claudia's trembling belly strangely, bringing a cool tingling sensation to her skin. She realized he was carefully sliding his belly button over hers, and she giggled again, at this strange game. As the bump slid directly over her belly button, the man grunted with triumph and became still. Somehow, the little orb started to move, to beat like a heart. Claudia gasped, unsure, and looked into the reassuring face of her intended. To her worried surprise, it seemed to deposit something warm and sticky inside the girl's navel. The man suddenly clutched Claudia tightly, as every muscle in his body tensed. "Ahhh, my stomach! Something's squirting something into me!" he exclaimed quickly. Then an expression of pleasure filled his panicked face.

"Ohhh, it feels so good! Ohhh yesss, it's good!" He renewed his lovemaking with passion. Claudia felt her body ripple as he pushed her against the mattress. He was utterly consumed with passion, but she felt a little alarmed at the strange happening, unable to find out what was happening while she was trapped under him man. Her tummy felt weird, but soon she started to lose her mind to the explosive feeling between her thighs. But then a glance between their bodies turned her sudden attention to her own navel. Inside, a seed was gummed in tight. It swelled visibly, expanding a little more to fill, then slightly stretch her pit. She couldn't think straight, was still getting lost in the throes of sex, and now her man seemed to be moving in strange ways against her. His muscles spasmed slightly, and warped in exquisite ways. But he smiled widely.

"I feel, ohhh, ohhh, so strange! But, I feel, feel, wonderful!" Every time his strong torso pressed against Claudia's breasts, she felt his egg touch what was now her own. And the man's smooth skin started to feel different, seemed to become dimpled everywhere it slid against Claudia's milky flesh. She looked up at a face showing complete bliss as it started to lengthen, his cheeks, nose and jaw growing forwards. The fine bumps on every part of his skin became visible, and the flesh around them segmented, and started to overlap. Claudia rubbed her hands up and down her lovers back with horrified curiosity, as she felt and saw her lover's strong body become covered with fine scales. But his belly remained wonderfully soft against her prone body, even as it reshaped, lost it's definition to become the silky smooth underbelly of a lizard. And his deeply embedded penis, rigid and pulsing, altered shape inside her. Claudia shrieked with terror, as she looked upon the beast that was frenziedly bonking her, but she felt too horny, too weak to escape. Her besieged principles told her to shift from underneath this monster, run naked into the streets. She looked into his increasingly sleek and bestial face, saw the familiar ecstatic look of her boyfriend stretch into the primordial, toothsome smile of a reptile. But she rode on, promising herself she would be able to get away before he lost all his humanity, pull him out before things went too far. Claudia groaned as her naked flesh felt his bones and muscles slowly, tenderly reshape. Against her most intimate parts, she felt his thighs widen, his legs redesign so they came from the sides of his body. But in their place, behind his thrashing penis, his body sprouted past his pelvis. She looked in this depraved area and saw a thick, muscled tail sliding slowly from his reshaping buttocks. But his animal manhood, vigorously violating her, caught the woman's attention now. It pierced her fleshy depths again and again, a thicker, more solid member than before. She felt a second shaft press against the base of her genitals, as it grew from his first member and expanded her passageways. Claudia recognised the breed of lizard he was becoming, as patters developed along his flanks. And if she didn't escape, she knew what would happen. But her thoughts were disrupted by the intensifying feeling coming from her privates. She wasn't being sexed by a humans penis anymore. This was a more specialised organ. The penis became knobbly like a tree branch, and each knot forced itself against her vaginal walls with incredible, utterly stimulating pressure. Claudia couldn't resist the wild waves of pleasure as they erupted from her loins and threw her whole body into utter depraved rapture. Her orgasm continued, even increased and peaked for an inestimable time. It was beyond anything she could bear, had she the choice. And still the amazing animal rutted with her. Claudia felt her lovers feet grew curved claws that tenderly laid against her toes. As the creatures body transformed, so did his way of making love. Claudia felt the creature come slowly down onto her chest, his scaly underbelly laying easily on her exhausted, exposed body. His legs remained pinned to her own and his cock remained buried deep, but now he used the muscles in his hips to vibrate his whole body against the poor woman. She gasped deeply and rested her hands on his legs, feeling the long tail with her fingertips. His arms and legs visibly shrank and bent in strange directions at new joints, as they became the four legs of a crawling lizard, and still Claudia didn't escape from him. She opened her legs wide and kicked the air with fevorous ecstasy, and her male dropped his tail between her thighs to stop her closing them again. As Claudia felt her liquids pour and her groin ready for another tremendous orgasm, she turned her head this way and that. A nearby mirror showed the ecstatic woman the spectacle of a green iguana, on a human girls belly, rutting with her. And on her chest, the creature started to hiss steadily as his vibrations became erratic thrusts. Claudia knew the beast was going to come inside her and she felt tears in her eyes as she knew she hadn't the willpower or wish to escape the mating now. The waves of orgasm assaulted her mind, turned her sweating body on to every scale on the tender creatures strong body. Then he gave a triumphant roar as he rammed his solid penis deep into the screaming girls slick depths and spilled thick, green liquid inside. Claudia bucked and shrieked as she felt his stream fill her wanting loins, though she dreaded what was next. The animal tensed strongly as his penis widened, the second shaft of his penis opening wide, exposing his insides to hers. He forced her deep into the bed with his loins, and he shivered as he shot something fleshy and solid through the second shaft and between Claudia's lips. It sank deep, propelled by a flood of green fluid, and nestled too far up her for any hope of removal. The rutting was a success, thought the woman, as the lizard extended a long red tongue and tenderly licked Claudia's sweating brow. And for a moment, she felt like an animal, but a perfect, content animal. She remained underneath her male even while her passion was augmented with hot humiliation and embarrassment. She stroked the new spines on her intended's back, certain that he was totally reptilian when he fertilised her. In her depths, she could easily feel the fruits of the lizards labour, the fleshy impregnation his species used to fertilise females. It bulged against her vaginal passage and was swelling every second. It grew to an egg-size inside her, filling her passage with itself, and released thick veins which crept sensitively up the tubes inside her loins. Claudia always secretly wondered what it would feel like to be invaded in such a way, the way females of this species were taken by nature. It felt strangely soothing, except when the little tendrils found themselves blocked by her contracting muscles. Then they tickled mercilessly, and their host squealed with laughter, and she couldn't help relaxing her loins. The tickling occurred deeper and deeper, reaching her cervix, slipping against it, prizing it open and the little veins thrust their way into her womb, and sprouted rootlike arteries into the liquid cavity. The foreign organ emitted a pleasant pheromonal smell which already caressed the girl's senses. She knew she would smell like this forever, and every human would know she was the lay of this beast. She groaned and brought a delicate hand to her genitals, just to feel the join, just to be completely sure the mating hadn't been completed. Her hand slid against the beasts scaly groin and strange shaft. She tickled his intimates, and hoped it wouldn't make him horny again. But as she hoped, as she squealed with shame and reawakening arousal, he tenderly pulled his lizard penis out of her. Claudia slid her fingers deep into her slit, glad to feel familiar objects inside her, and hoping against hope... But sure enough, there was a tingling sensation between her pussy lips and passage, and the secretions from the lumps in the lizards manhood caused her flesh inside to swell. Now her vagina was closed to the intrusions of any other man. And that wasn't the worst. The reptile slowly dismounted and laid on his back so that Claudia could see as well as feel the thick, smooth tube running from him into her tight slit. It was a translucent pink in colour, and extended from the underside of his strangely shaped, relaxed willy, just below the opening of his penis. Claudia started to feel liquids pumping regularly through the tube, running from his body, between her legs and into her pussy. Oh the shame! This was his sperm, along with other nourishing liquids to keep her body in peak condition to bear offspring. The liquid spilled thickly, directly through the impregnation into her belly. The smooth liquids made her feel lightheaded, but also strangely awake and healthy. After many minutes of bliss, Claudia began to get used to the pumping sensation and tried to think about what happened next. The lizard crawled onto his belly and scrambled to the floor. Claudia felt the thin tube grow taught and tug at the walls of her captured privates. She wept slightly as the fluids brought strange new emotions flooding into her mammalian body. She remembered seeing female iguanas perched on top of the larger males backs, as the male crawled off to look for a lair. And she realized he wanted her to do the same. It would be her first voluntary bestial action. But the link fed her wonderful mothering emotions, awakening the urges to go forth and multiply. And her human curiosity was aroused. She had already felt things no other human would experience! She looked at the translucent tube running between her most vulnerable parts and her lizard companion, felt her full privates being tugged towards her mate as he filled her with goodness. But she couldn't leave her human world totally behind. Claudia reached to the ground and plucked her bra from where it was discarded. She strapped it on, and felt just a little better for not being animal-naked, though her mated vagina was revealed for the world to see. Then she approached the lizard voluntarily, sighing deeply as the ropelike tube relaxed it's wanton pull. Claudia straddled her mate, squatting down until her loins rubbed against the flexible spines on the middle of his back. It excited her front and vagina so much, she almost gladly laid her stomach on the beast. He growled soothingly, sending subtle vibrations into the quivering human, as she let her breasts caress the scaly back, near his forelegs. She fully laid down, resting her chin on his neck and her feet on the top of his hind legs. Though now bearing her full weight, the lizard purposefully crawled forwards and out of the door, into the deserted night streets. The forest nearby called to both animals.

Claudia felt her mind change slowly during the ride, felt herself accept this bizarre thing more and more. An hour after they left the village, she felt the liquids pumping into her become more agitated, and the smell that marked her as being mated intensified. The chemicals he pumped into her made her feel horny, though the images that filled her mind were of crawling, slithering scales rather than anticipation for the contact of human flesh. As she discreetly rubbed her crotch against the flesh of her mate, he stopped and shed her from his back. Claudia felt her strange contracted pussy grow more loose as she anticipated the coming bonding session, as she saw her mate climb onto her own back. Then they rutted together, and become lost in rampant ecstasy. With each thrust his scaly penis sucked the warm tube between them up into his body, and the girl felt a closeness and intimacy impossible with humans. As he ejaculated his green fluid into her genitals, they hissed together with fulfillment. The fluids were just to signify the passions conclusion. Claudia knew that the real seed was entering her directly and constantly. After they relaxed, she got back on top of him and the journey continued. Every so often they visited the warm lakes and bathed thoroughly, and played games in the water. During these times of fun, Claudia could sense the fiancee she knew so well in the animal. It was the way he acted. But these were the acts of a lizard and his nature. Now she thought about it, it was the lizard in him she knew so well. He had always acted somehow like an animal. Maybe that was why she fell in love with him. His reptile side.

As the journey continued, the two spied a female iguana. Claudia's mate followed her and she became receptive to his advances. The woman groaned as she felt the liquids of arousal pour into her body, but the male didn't shed her from his back. The female lizard twitched her tail and hissed lightly. Claudia thought she should be feeling jealous, but all this seemed to be so natural. And the bond she had with him was more than he could have for her anyway. Even though, the lizard looked round at Claudia. But she smiled and stroked his scaly back, nodding. As she dismounted, the male nudged her meaningfully towards the female reptile. Feeling the chemical lust pumping into her, Claudia realized he wanted her to join in. She smiled with wantonness, and crawled to the expectant female. Her scent was of leaves and the forest floor, not the scent Claudia herself had, the scent of a successful mating. The little beast was a virgin. The creature looked at the human and hissed in a friendly fashion. Claudia gently placed the female upon her spiny back, now relishing the touch of scales against her fingers. The females tail swished with excitement, as Claudia lay her back carefully on the animals soft underbelly. The beasts belly felt good against her rump, and her softly breathing neck sent regular, soothing sounds into Claudia's ears. Both females sexes lay close to each other, one human, the other reptilian. The male crawled slowly on top of Claudia, and she shivered with anticipation. The silky underside on his head slid between her legs, up her belly and between her heaving breasts. And his dangling penis touched her leg, then thigh and eventually rested against the scaly females genitalia. The human gasped with lust and poor patience as the waiting, scaly vagina was pierced. As the creature Claudia laid upon was slowly fulfilled, the juices of want continued to pour into her own vagina. But soon, she felt the link with her lover go taught with every thrust. The disgraceful acts were causing the tube to retract. This time of course, the reeling-in couldn't be completed unless the iguana withdrew and plunged into Claudia instead! The girl sat there helpless as the tight umbilical mercilessly pumped her with raw lust. She balled her fists and closed her eyes tightly, but her body was futile to stop it from building more and more! But then, the egg-like impregnation moved inside her, as the line threatened to tug it out. It's determined attempts to hold on caused every inch of her intimates to be stroked and gripped and pulled in the most strange but utterly rapturous way. This served to fulfill her sexual frenzy as much as his manhood, and she roared her depraved screams into the night. As the female thrusted up against the girls back, Claudia became squeezed mightily against her mates strong pale chest. Both animals gripped her sides, both wrapped their tails around her, and the human loved every second of their cuddling, heaving hugs. The desperate writhing climaxed as the female lizard squealed with reptilian orgasm and Claudia's buttocks and thighs were coated with the creatures love-fluids. Before the girl even realized what was happening, the male withdrew and forced himself between her pussy flaps. Claudia orgasmed immediately with the surprise and prior stimulation, but the male continued his ceaseless, tireless bonking, as Claudia's vagina vigorously pumped forth liquids. At last, he climaxed too and splashed green desire on the rumps of both girls. The creatures lay there, utterly exhausted, and caressed each other playfully. When the time finally came to leave, Claudia admired the female, as she wandered into the undergrowth. She looked beautiful, her sleek form touched with the fluids of humanity as well as reptile-kind. Claudia wondered how much her thoughts resembled her old, human ones. This new life was changing her personality in the most strange, frightening and wonderful ways.

By Hedonism.