Jennifer and Carole are not based on any real-life personas, and Dracon and Hedonism are MUCK characters. Extra thanks to Soaranth for some helpful details. This story contains scenes of consensual sex between human and reptilian characters, transformation and voraphilia (painless, deathless, includes digesting).


Fictional Characters

by Hedonism

I knelt on my chair, my legs tucked under me and beneath my dress as I took off my glasses, the computer unfocusing in front of me. The font was large enough for me to see anyway. I relaxed into the chair.

*msummon dracon* I typed. The computer responded: #Dracon has arrived.#

After a few seconds, #Dracon says, "You really wish for some fun, Hedonism?"# appeared on my screen

*say Oh yes, indeed, nicedragon! Have something planned? Anything you would like to inflict upon me?* I responded.

The computer came back with what Dracon's player would see on his screen: #You say, "Oh yes, indeed, nicedragon! Have something planned? Anything you would like to inflict upon me?"

Dracon's alt was a dragon twelve foot long from buttocks to nostrils, I was a four foot tall little impish lizard. There was quite a variety of things he could inflict upon me. Imagining him towering over me was pleasurable in itself. Size as foreplay, an odd idea now I thought about it. My roommate, Carole, was out seeing her boyfriend, so I had the phone line to myself for the next few hours and probably all night. Monday and the lecture during it was a pleasant weekend away. I pulled my brown hair back and dangled it to one side and grinned much as I imagined my on-screen persona to.

#Dracon steps closer to you. "Beautiful creature, beautiful animal..."#

*: murrs happily, the gentle hissing of the serpents that were my hair. I steps towards you.*

#Hedonism murrs happily, the gentle hissing of the serpents that were my hair. I steps towards you.#

#Dracon steps backwards smoothly. "Though I notice you're in your human form."#

Oh. I typed the command to look at my alt, Hedonism. I was in my normal reptile form, covered in my black satin cloak.

*say Nopenope, I'm scaly from head to f

Dracon had continued. I stopped typing and read.

#Dracon says, "Though that is beautiful enough. Glossy brown hair, nice skin, an interesting position, kneeling down on a chair. Still, your room is cold..."#

I shivered, and almost started to look around. No, silliness. I was in England, Dracon was a Canadian scaly. The room didn't seem to be cold anymore.

*say I'm sorry?*

#You say, "Nopenope, I'm scaly from head to fsay I'm sorry?#

I grinned slightly, despite my nervousness. I made that mistake a lot.

#Dracon says, "But I don't think the pink sweater and grey pleated dress is really you."#

#Dracon says, "Oh, you're shaking. I'm sorry, Hedonism. I notice your scent is rising. Human scent."#

I looked out of the window, scared. Somehow he was looking at me. I tried not to let the voyeurism turn me on, and failed. It almost made the lewd act he was pulling acceptable. Still... I smiled just a little.

*say It's not a sweater. It's a cardigan.*

#You say, "It's not a sweater. It's a cardigan."#

#Dracon says, "Oh, I could only see the back. Turn around, Hedonism, so I won't make the mistake again... :)"#

I gulped and slowly turned the chair. I didn't want to feel an idiot if he was watching, but I desperately needed to know how he could see me. My room was large; I and Carole got lucky with our choice of student lodging. And this was just as well, because now there was a twelve foot long dragon in it, crushing my bed. He was covered with perfect, gloss silver skin, which reflected like a pool of mercury. Upon his underbelly was a distorted reflection of my look of utter, mindless shock. His body shape was like that of a classic western dragon, though his muscles were far superior than the fat things usually depicted. His head was crowned with two long, smooth horns, pointed backwards like a ram's. His gnarled snout snaked forward, filled with perfectly aligned, sharp teeth and two smaller horns mounted just under his lower jaw like graceful catfish tendrils. I quailed back in the chair, then slipped behind it, my eyes fixed alternately upon his head and my own reflection. He blew gently upon me and I whimpered, though not entirely with fear. One claw was raised lazily in the air, where it typed something into a hazy keyboard that floated at waist level before he lifted his vicious talon from it, and it collapsed into curling smoke.

#Dracon has disconnected.# said my screen. I barely noticed. Dracon stood up on all fours, stretched slowly until his tail curled lithely against the wall, and his horns scraped chips off the ceiling. I couldn't believe how frightened I was, far less believe what I was seeing. My shaking fingers found my glasses and I got them on, on the fourth try.

"I'm afraid I don't know your real name," he said, with a voice that was gentle yet firm, rock solid and Canadian. I found my gaze traveling down from his lips to his chest, then to between his hind legs, each the size of my body. A thick, muscular undercarriage was there, a bulge that stood out from the rest of his sleek body. I was turned on through my terror. He followed my gaze downwards, his flexible head doubling over.

"It's... It's Jennifer," I said, very quietly. Dracon's draconic head came back up again.

"It used to be. Come here, Hedonism," he replied, smiling. I slowly stepped forwards. He pulled back onto his haunches into a sitting pose, his thick tail curling behind him, his thighs touching the ground. As his height increased his head slid across the ceiling. His thick, sparkling silver growth mid-groin was swelling slightly. He murrrrred softly, and craned his head forwards again.

"Oh God, what's _that_ doing?!" I squealed.

"You know exactly what it's doing, Hedonism. And by your scent you approve of this..." The immense dragon rose up a little more. His underbelly brushed against the whole of my front, his swelling crotch ran heavily against my stomach. In this position his forelegs resembled human arms. His claws lowered to my head, and he stroked my hair as I squealed with fright. I couldn't back away from him, not away from my fantasies, standing before me!

He reached his forelegs around my back and pressed me very firmly against his beautiful silver skin. My face touched the reptiles' chest, and I felt my boobs and tummy pressed against his underbelly. He chuckled lightly, making his body shake lightly. I loved every second I touched his strange skin.

"Now, Hedonism."

"Y... ess?"

"And What shall I do with you?"

"A, anything..." I managed to say. He looked deep into my eyes, the black pupils tighteing into sharp slits in his liquid orbs. He exuded domination.

"Everything..." he replied. This felt so good, so sexual, giving myself to this powerful reptile. He smiled. He turned my around, hugged my back. I saw his arms coil around and touch my tummy. His underbelly ran along my spine, and he hissed gently. I never felt so devoted to anyone.

"When I request, you will come to me, hug me, massage me." My lips shook a little as I said, "Yes, I will."

"And you will kiss me," he continued, smiling slowly, letting his long wet tongue cascade out. I nodded, slowly, dumbly. My heart thumped wildly against my breast. The reptile's tail slid up my leg a little.

"And you will become naked for me, open your legs, make yourself ready..." he said slowly, as he craned his snout over my shoulder and looked down with pleasure at the double-bulge of my breasts. I started to shake.

"N, n, no, I can't go that far!" I quavered. But I didn't want to walk away, feared to.

"And then you will become egg-heavy. Carry our children. Squat down and lay for me..." he continued, ignoring my outburst as he spread his claws on my abdomen, gently snapped the buttons on the cardigan and pressed the fabric of the t-shirt underneath against my belly very firmly. I looked down at the trim area, through the cardigan. He laughed slightly and let go of my tummy. I felt aroused beyond measure at his touch. But he was asking me to live the perverse thoughts that filled my mind.

"I can't!" I squealed barrenly, with despair.

Dracon slowly took hold of my cardigan and pulled it away. His claw returned and gripped my dress. He pulled it downwards, and the garment went taught, slowly tore at my shoulders. The rip widened and my bare shoulders showed through. My cleavage plunged, and I knew I was going to lose the one thing that covered my breasts and even more modest areas. As I writhed about, unable to stop being stripped, I felt the top of the dress burst open, and the tatters slid down my breasts until a few inches of cleavage were revealed.

Then he let go, and waited, still close. His breath flowed softly over me as he exhaled. I blushed with deep shame as I stood there, waiting for him to strip me.

"You're waiting for me to do something. You're expecting me to take off my clothes, or beg you to," I said, trying to sound accusing. He reached up with an idle hand and stroked my head, sliding down my hair, slowly.

"I won't," I muttered. Then closed my eyes, and shivered. Finally I breathed in gently, and brought my hands to the hem of my skirt. I pulled it up, over my thighs, over my crotch, up to my belly. And relaxed against the dragon, felt his pouch-like crotch parting against my hips, and something start to emerge... Even I could smell my arousal now, the scent streaming off my wet loins as they rubbed gently against him.

"Some might call that begging," he chuckled, and reached to the skirt again. He gripped it next to my own hands, tiny in comparison to his claws, and pulled until it grew tight around my breasts, squeezing them against my body, until the fabric suddenly tore away and my plentiful breasts bobbed back, naked. I gasped, and I saw my exitement caused their red tips to erect proudly. He pulled at the skirt now, and my lightly freckled tummy was revealed, then so were my wide hips and the tops of my thighs. The reptile smiled with admiration at me, and there was no way I could blush any more intensely. The dragon gave the garment one last tug, and my bare hips were uncovered, then crotch. My brown thatch carefully hid my femininity. It glinted, moisture present on my pubic hair from my own thrill and the liquid from his own opening crotch. All I had left on were my fine thigh-length stockings. The dragon god growled once again, breathed in deeply, and placed a dextrous foreclaw on my thigh. I paled as I felt the cool, intimate touch. Then his gentle claws hooked my stockings, and he tugged them off my feet. His fingers rustled against my sensitive thatch as he smiled indulgently. And now I was as naked as the dragon himself. I quailed slightly as Dracon stroked along my spine, to my rump. Then he roughly pushed me backwards into my chair. I flopped into it, and he surged forwards, ran his head up to my breasts. I looked down to see his huge mouth open and consume a breast, covering it in his lips and soaking it with moisture. As he started to suckle I arched my back and pushed forwards. His suckle started to get harder and harder, until my aching tit was pulled far into his maw and his multitude of fangs pressed into the peachy flesh next to my chest.

"Ready yourself to be mated with, Hedonism," he hissed, his words running from around my reddening breast. I nodded with a drawn out, shuddering sigh and gripped his neck gently. I put the weight on my legs, and kicked away the chair. I humbly slipped to the floor, my naked buttocks pressing into the carpet, and opened my legs shamelessly, revealing the inner, hungry looking depths of my cunny. I was beyond ever being able to disobey Dracon. He supped harder at my teet, his unseen tongue running over it roughly. I lay back, my arms supporting me on the ground, and braced myself. The reptile stepped forwards over my body, straddled me, and crouched down. As his legs opened, his thick, ruby red manhood slipped free of the glinting, wet silver groinal pouch. It had to be over seven centimeters thick, and just kept coming from his loins, longer and longer. His foreclaws thumped down either side of my head, his all-fours position reminding me very clearly of what an animal he was.

I lost my nerve as I saw the size of his cock and tried to pull away my hips, but the head of his penis ran forwards and pressed against my vagina, and slowly delved in. The monster cock forced my labia far apart as I shrieked and stopped resisting, felt it slipping slowly in. It hurt a lot, but should have hurt much more! My vagina was bullied wider and wider open as more of him slid deep, my labia pulled into my cunt with it. My vaginal opening was quickly dilated the full seven centimeters, and I felt the muscles inside force onwards, opening the passages inside. I couldn't close my legs if I tried, wondered if I ever would be able to again. Its thickness and length became evident as a large bulge that appeared in my abdomen, the whole area deeply red and aching madly. His penis rubbed against my cervix, then pushed past it fluidly, and the pain increased around this hot area. I watched and felt his shaft infiltrate my womb. I watched the hill in my abdomen lengthen insidiously up my belly and to the base of my ribs. Dracon grinned softly, nuzzled my neck as I was impaled on his cock. He made a sibilant, deep rumble, took his mouth from my breast and licked my neck.

"Oooohhhhhhmmmm yes, feel good..." He held my chest with a claw, using the other to support him, and dragged me harder still onto him.

I shrieked and looked down my elastic body. It surely couldn't take this much punishment, oh god, the pleasure of it!

He slowly lifted up, and I shrieked again as his shaft pressed harder still into my belly and crotch. I tried to grip his body with my hands and legs, but my limbs slipped off his smooth silvery hide. I realised he was lifting me up by his cock alone! Just as I thought I would burst my rump left the floor. Followed by my legs, then back. He was succeeding.

Dracon straightened his back and went from four legs to a kneeling position. I futilely scrabbled to hold his body, take some of the pressure of holding me aloft from my genitals but my fingers kept coming free. He was supporting my body solely from his penis! I dangled, suspended from him, unable to do anything but writhe.

The floor dropped further away as he stood up on his hind legs. He looked down at my prone, impaled body and grinned. He walked slowly across the room, each jogged movement of his steps causing his cock, pressed against the roof of my womb, to move in me.

"Ohhhgod," I murmured with helpless pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmm, so good, you on me like this," he muttered back softly, his eyes half closed, his mouth smiling with contented pleasure. His claws ran to my back and hoisted my chest against his own. I couldn't help but lick the peck muscles on his underbelly, and he kissed me affectionately. Then he let me go again and I shrieked as I fell backwards, the tugging sensation on my crotch increasing. I bobbed against him, my cunt stretching as I was pulled down. Dracon grunted softly with pleasure, then I felt the length of his draconic shaft pulse and the tip flare, as he streamed pre-cum into me. The watery white substance spilled profusely into my womb, ran out of my painful cervix, and dripped out of my vagina to delve down my thighs. I started to pant with heat, with the presence of this generous shaft in me.

"You enjoy being down there, hanging from me," he grinned. I managed to nod, as I gasped. It felt not only good, but proper, right. I was feeling as slutty as I always wanted to be.

I felt his fingers caressing two knots in my shoulder blades, unfamiliar things. I looked backwards futilely, then reached my fingers behind my back, and my fingertips just reached the little bulges. While I wriggled upon his manhood, I started to feel the lumps trapped under my skin move. I felt similar movement from just above my buttocks. I had made up enough transformation stories to figure out what was happening to me, and I whimpered. The movements came from my fingers now and I brought them in front of my face. They twitched and shook, as Dracon smiled evilly. Their slender lengths grew a little longer between each joint. I flopped against Dracon as my legs shifted and bulged, started to grow sideways a little from the hips, and reveal my vagina more. I looked down and realised they looked more reptilian in build now, suited for a creature that crawls on its belly, legs permanently spread. Dracon grasped them as they transformed and wrapped tham around his sides.

I could now feel myself shrinking against Dracon's skin. But the bumps in my shoulder blades were swelling larger. Suddenly they erupted out, twin structures of flesh bursting through my back before spreading into glorious, terrifying sail-like wings. I looked backwards at them and screamed like I was in a horror film. My new wings twitched and fanned against me, while they unrolled and grew larger and larger. They were covered in elegant little overlapping green scales. My tailbone developed, pressed against the skin in my ass until it reached out and burst free, encased in bizarre flesh. I looked around for the next change in me, then settled my gaze at my own nose as it grew forwards into my field of vision as a snout. I whimpered, and extended my long fingers to my face.

I heard a sinister hissing noise above me. My scalp wriggled, and I knew exactly why. I reached up with my lengthening fingers and gripped my hair, them watched it all come off as if it were a wig. I dropped my old scalp and reached for my head again. And felt nuzzling reptilian mouths there, which nursed against my fingertips. More horrible still, I could feel the mouths' sensations, I could feel my fingers against their - my tongues, past my lips! I had designed Hedonism to have snakes for hair. And snakes were now growing from my scalp, semi-independant creatures that I could feel growing longer and longer until they hung down to my hips, wriggling over and against each other. I could feel my new mouths slipping forth their tongues, tasting the air the creatures drew in. I flopped backwards, wishing I could faint like those damsels in distress, instead of feel my body turning reptilian. My vision started to blur, even though I was wearing my glasses.

"Dracon! Please, don't change me into something that can't see!" I wailed.

Dracon chuckled softly and slid his claws to my head. He hooked my glasses, pulled them away and crushed them in his fist as though they were the delicate wrapper of some sweet treat.

I now had absolutely perfect vision.

"They're not the right prescription for you anymore."

He took my changing body into his claws, and gripped my back and buttocks. He pulled me off his cock slowly then thrust me back down firmly. I felt the shrill sensation of his manhood moving in and out amongst the feeling of altering muscles and form. I groaned throatily as he started to take me. The dragon bit down on my wet nipple and pulled away again, and to my horror he pulled away the nipple and a patch of skin around it. Underneath were light green plates, a snake's underbelly scutes. The area split and my full, buxom green breasts popped out of the human skin I realised was now too small to keep them in. I caught my gaze of pleasure in the mirror of Dracon's reflective scales, smiled a little at my reptilian features shaping my expressions like a puppet. The dragon licked the skin into his mouth and swallowed it, leaned forwards again and slipped his tongue between old skin and new on my other straining, enlarging breast. I shrieked, this time with the utterly intimate feeling, and the new sensation of his tongue on my scales, running over the moist flesh and firm nipple. He extended a claw under the flesh and gently slit down my tummy and to my crotch. I pulled the resulting slit wide open, and pulled myself out of it, feeling my old skin fall away from all over me, to a new, wonderous feeling of naked vulnerability. With my skin went any resemblance I ever had to a human. I was now a reptile being mated by a reptile.

My tail continued to pull from my body and I twisted it around Dracon's right legs. I looked at myself with amazement and arousal. I was becoming was a real creature, born of more thought and anatomical knowledge of reptiles than I ever had.

Soon the increassing pleasure of our rutting robbed me of any ability to sense my changing body. Except the movements made by shifting, transforming muscles inside my vagina, pulsing, changing. My vagina changed into a hybrid of a human cunt and a lizard's cloaca. Dracon roared and shifted his shaft inside my... my vent, posessively. I undulated on his cock, my muscles now relaxing, straining and moving by themselves. While I was aroused the shifting would never stop, would massage Dracon inside me until orgasm.

"Good girl. Oh, yesss, good girl..."

The thrill of this perverse imprisonment was insane. I felt like my whole purpose was just to hang off his cock and satisfy him. Dracon shivered as his pre-cum continued to spill into me, by now soaking all of my scaly thighs and tail. He growled and licked my neck and rubbed my face to his, loving to look down at me like this. Each time he pulled me up his cock slipped half way out of my fleshy vent, then slid back into me. I thought I was experiencing orgasm already but I could still feel a biting need pull me towards an even higher peak. My womb bulged slightly from the pre-cum from him.

"Ohyespleasse!" I whimpered, happy to shame myself for him. "I want to leak your cum for hours..."

His cock grew a little longer, and pressed even harder against the roof of my womb.

"Oh, yess, mate. You will..."

My slit rubbed wetly against his shaft, closed desperately around every vein and valley, suckled him for his sperm. I felt my peak approach but still not come. Then I felt Dracon clutch me tightly and close his legs around my tiny body. His cock pulsed and expanded in me. As I realised he was about to come in me I orgasmed, my body made to only climax when my mate does. He exploded deep into my body, hot, heavy, violent jets pumping into my womb, forcing the old, thinner pre-cum to jet out from between our legs. His roar enveloped me, combined with my shriek of climax. We were both out of control, our orgasms simply not stopping. I was now a lizard, I was being fucked by a dragon!

Dracon brought his mouth to mine as he moaned with pleasure. He had the look of a true, mindless animal now. His maw slid over my snout gently. Then he opened his jaws wider and moved his head further over mine, over my face and slowly down my neck. I opened my eyes and looked down his wet throat. In mid-orgasm, I barely registered he was swallowing my head, and I didn't care, just loved the feeling of his throat muscles over my face.

I felt his cum continue to pump freely into me, force me to accept it, feel it drip down my scaly legs. Then as our orgasms started to subside I slowly realised what he was doing. His claws gripped my wet hips and slowly pulled me into him. He murred around me as I travelled down his very open and warm inviting throat. His lips closed over my breasts and he mouthed around them gently, coaxing the domes in. He bent over so he could keep me impaled on him while he swallowed. I became nervous, and my muscles tensed. Then I relaxed.

Oh, dear, I thought. I have a new purpose. I gave him fun; now I give him nourishment.

...And I wanted it to happen. I wanted him to be completely pleased with me.

My flesh was his. To do with what he wished.

"Mmmm, You were a good mate... You taste delicious, I couldn't just rut you. And the amount of liquids I have lost, I need to replace. Thank you for the meal..." I heard him speaking clearly, despite my presence in his mouth.

He shivered and rubbed his belly. I nodded and felt the thrill, relaxed so his throat muscles could manipulate me down it. The convulsions made me ride his cock again, and I felt it stiffen inside me. We made wet little crotch-noises.

I expelled the last gasp of air I had, as my new body transformed under a power that was now mine. My oxygen now came from the copious saliva around me, absorbed through my scaly skin. My butt rose and and fell around the two foot length of his cock, as my shoulders stretched his neck around them. My face escaped the tight throat and entered the looser confines of his huge stomach. The acid enveloped my snout but didn't sting. It was nice and warm, felt thick as his cum. I reached out and stroked along the walls of his belly.

"Pleassse digesst me, make my flesh yours, make me a part of your perfect body forever..." I whimpered as I felt the sex increasing.

Dracon groaned softly as his lips reached my crotch. He lifted his head upwards and slowly pulled me off his cock until it slipped free. My slit didn't close behind, hanging slightly open as he tilted back and swallowed my hips in one gulp, my knees in the second, my toes and tail in the third. My tail was the last to slide down his gullet and I was completely released into the warm space of his tummy. I felt him thrust his hips randily into the air.

"I miss you keeping my cock warm, but you fill my belly well."

He patted his belly, and curled around, to take his shaft into his mouth. I felt him convulse as he swallowed at it to finish off the pleasure I had started. Turned on, and with a delightful feeling of helplessness, I thrust my fingers into my own cloaca to explore and masterbate myself. As the stomach juices entered it, I felt oddly proud at how much more open it was. As my own orgasm blew over me, Dracon shuddered all around me and I watched his warm gushing semen splash down his throat and over my body. My form started to melt, and I slowly came apart, dissolved into his stomach fluids and the cum. I moved my limbs and caressed the acid into my holes opening up in my flesh. My fate was sealed. I was going to flow into his veins and fill his body with my own nutrients. My body felt intensely warm as my internal organs oozed from my cunt and mouth, and I felt myself come apart into a thick soup.

"Thank you for the meal," he said, shivering as he licked himself clean and lay back on my bed, rubbing his belly.

Somehow I managed to say "You did right in swallowing me. I'm your rightful prey."

Dracon shivers and murrrred in a sort of sadness.

"I'm still sorry I had to do that to you, but I need to feed, and that compulsion was stronger..."

Then he giggled softly.

"You did know I was going to bring you back, love..."

"Yessssss..." I burbled as body became unable to house my soul any longer, and I started to escape it. I had no mouth but I grinned anyway.

Dracon took a glass of water from the nearby cabinet, and poured its contents into the palm of his claw. I watched from inside his belly, able to comprehend without actually needing to see. His body glowed softly, and I felt a huge, formless power blossom from inside him. A tiny rivulet of power ran from this uncomprehendingly massive source, ran down the arteries in his foreleg and poured into the water. He dabbed a claw in a pool of liquid on the floor, a sign of the pleasure he had caused me, and added a droplet of that too. I felt myself getting tugged out of his tummy, and through his blood supply into the potion nestled in his claw. There was a moment of fearful uncertainty and helplessness, then suddenly I was a tiny, wriggling lizard, and his gnarled palm surrounded me on all sides. He grinned down at me, and I smiled with relief.

"How do you feel, mate?"

I looked over myself. Although I was tiny, I was the lizard I had been before he had swallowed me alive. Only now I was covered in silver scales, each little chip as reflective as his skin. And I was completely clean.

Well, brand new I suppose.

But to my relief I could still feel his draconic seed, still lodged deep within me.

"Now you have more secrets to keep, Hedonism. You know what I have inside me, the power of a god. Do not tell anyone that I can wield such as this, even other dragons,"

"There are other dragons around?!"

"You've spoken to plenty. Dragons playing at humans posing as dragons online. I don't want my friends bowing down to me... " He kissed me softly, his huge mouth pursing the top of my head. My snakes hissed shrilly and pressed themselves against his snout. I grinned and stood up awkwardly in his grasp, then bowed down to him, posing my scaly butt, flicking my tail. "I rather like the idea of worshipping you..."

I shrieked and giggled helplessly as his immense tongue darted out and ran between my legs, pulling them apart and forcing myself to sit down on it.

"Fine, tasty female."

I slid myself over the tongue slowly, my front covered by his saliva.

"Now to think of some fun worshipping rites, my god..."

Dracon nodded, and smiled. He sat back in my bed, and I watched the pools of pleasure on the floor evaporate away. He glanced over to my PC, and it disconnected from the dial-up telephone network and shut down. Finally he rested me against his chest like a teddy bear. I licked him gently as he fell into a deep sleep. As soon as he lost consciousness, so did I.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke. Almost instantly I looked down at myself. Yes, I was naked, and, oh thank god, I was a lizard woman. My body was still covered in beautiful silver scales. I opened and closed my delicate hands/foreclaws. My fingers no longer had nails, but ended in fleshy suction cups similar to the feet of wall crawling lizards. I was normal sized again, stretched from pillow to... well, half way down the bed. The Hedonism me was only four foot tall, not including my tail, which I twitched reassuringly. I rubbed my belly and hissed softly with surprise. I looked very pregnant, my stomach bulging, my breasts swollen, tender and full-looking. But I was alone in here.

Dracon suddenly pulled the covers off me and surged over my reptilian form. He loomed over me, smiling, hissing, and lay on me. I squeezed against his underbelly and wriggled with surprise and pleasure.

"Please stick yourself to my underside, Hedonism. I wish to take you somewhere."

I worked out what he meant, then obeyed him, bringing up my hands and feet. I stretched myself around his huge body as much as possible, opening my arms and legs wide, and giggled at the feeling of the suckers in my fingers and toes adhering to his silver body. I tugged them backwards and noted they bond was strong enough to keep me on him. He lifted himself and me, and I felt myself lose contact with the bed. The odd sense of helplessness sent a familiar thrill through me.

The sound of movement made me look to my right. I looked to one side and saw my roomromate, waking up. I just watched her, horrorstruck.

"Morning, Jennifer," she said tiredly to me.

"Umm, morning. I don't suppose I could persuade you that this is all a dream?

"Not really. Dracon here explained it all to me. I'm completely in his power and my conscious mind isn't going to remember anything about this," she said breezily. "If you don't mind, I'll get out of bed after you've both gone." She continued, blushing.

"You're not scared of this?" I asked. Fine for _her_ not to think she was dreaming.

"Well, normally I'd be pretty terrified. The sense of normality crashing down and soforth. You know how it'd be. But my state of mind has been edited by Dracon as well as my thoughts, apparently."

Dracon nodded in agreement. He stood up on his hind legs, and I felt myself pull into a vertical position, spreadeagled to his chest. My crotch ground against the bulge between his legs, and I couldn't help rattling in my throat, softly. I felt Dracon's hand stroke down my back gently. I wound my tail around his, and pressed my cloaca against his genital pouch. Unlike his bits, mine couldn't hide themselves.

"So what are you going to tell Jennifer's parents and friends if they want to know where she's gone?" he asked. His pouch started to open and I gasped softly as his erection slid invisibly and casually into me.

"Eloping for the weekend with your boyfriend," replied Carole. It struck me that I'd never heard her sound this calm the whole time I knew her. "It took me a while to think out the details, but you _were_ quite loud during the night, so I had plenty of time to think," she said, glaring but grinning. I wondered when she came in. I suppose it could have been any time. I was pretty preoccupied.

"And after the weekend, you will also believe this to be true, Carole," said Dracon.

"Fine. Though this is pretty cool. I don't suppose you could let me find out eventually?"

"I'll see what I can do," he grinned. By now his erection was full inside me. From the outside it wasn't apparent. Except where a solitary trail of lubrication ran free and slipped down my tail. I twitched on the dragon, as Carole leered comically.

"W, where are we going, Dracon?" I asked.

"To a place that's impossible to describe properly, except by its name- the shared reality."

I shifted uneasily under Dracon.

"I don't understand..."

"Shared reality. Mucks, MUD's, Quake clones, all shared realities. There's a place where they all join, and I'm taking you to it. We're going into a place powered and shaped by thoughts and circuitry."


"Silly, Hedonism, I'm not giving you a choice!" grinned Dracon, as we started to dissapear.

"You and I have a few friends there, and you'll get the chance to meet them properly."

Carole waved and started to get out of bed, as we evaporated into smoke. I whimpered and closed my eyes tightly.

"How long will it take?" I asked, shivering.

"We're already there, my mate."

I opened my eyes.

The End

Written by hedonism, edited by Draconicus