Beauty, By Hedonism

This story contains scenes of consensual and fairly nonconsensual sex between humans and reptiles, transformation, birthing and a sexual act which I'm fairly sure doesn't have an official name :).

The Background:

Lady Danielle slowly slid to the bedroom floor, grimacing as she heard her dress tear up the back a little from the window hinge. Her obsession lay upon the bed in the darkness, his chest rising and falling gently under the sheets. Others had slipped in from outside - his window was always open to let in his pets - a lizard the size of a child was curled up next to the fire, snoring gently, and a snake writhed in it's sleep. Danielle treaded lightly, slipped away from them as quickly as she dared, then reached into the cloth bag at her waist. She had no idea of magic - until she found out James was a warlock she had been just as afraid of it as any peasant - so she looked at the sprinkle of scales in her hand with worry. They were from the belly of a cuckoo imp, proper name Carnomorphus, and swallowing them would make her the most beautiful woman in the eyes of the next man to look at her. Supposedly. According to rumour, and the lizard that actually plucked them off itself before giving them to her. So she closed her eyes tightly and brought her hand to her mouth. Each one slid down her throat smoothly. She waited for something to happen, apart from the rather odd aftertaste to fade.

"What are you doing here, Danielle?" The woman jumped and looked back at the bed, where James had sat up. He was smiling welcomingly, possibly had already guessed for himself.

"I, I must talk to you..." she said, and slowly slipped forward. It could have been the shock, but at the pit of her stomach came a soft, swirling feeling. James' smile widened.

"Are you sure you want to talk?" he asked softly. Danielle smiled back with relief and swept to his bed. They embraced tightly, their lips slipped together and Danielle shook with utter desire. She barely moved during the tight, excited kiss, as the warlock slipped his hands from her hair to her shoulders to her rump. Her eyes widened with pleasure as his fingers brushed against tender nerves in her spine, and he responded by stroking the area more firmly. His fingers burrowed into the back of her dress. With considerable resistance James pulled away his lips.

"You're the most beautiful prowler I've ever seen, Danielle..." Danielle pulled her bottom a little harder against his fingers, as they nimbly started to hitch up her skirt. Oddly, she felt something down there move against his fingers independently, a little patch of skin twitching.

"Do I look different to you?" she whispered. He looked her up and down, smiling deliciously.

"You're not wearing make-up tonight."

"I didn't expect to need any. And never again. I ate a cuckoo imp's scales..." She slouched a little. It seemed to be getting hard to stay bolt upright. Her skin itched against her clothes. And James' smile lessened in thought. But then he gasped and stroked her spine.

"You toyed with magic for me?" He beamed and slipped his fingers along her body.

"I would love to see you change..." he said, blushing a little at his forwardness. Danielle figured out what he meant, and giggled. She pulled her dress over her body, revealing her pink flesh in the dim firelight.

"Then I'll love to be your subject for observation..." She reached her arms behind her back, wincing slightly as she found difficulty in moving her arms so far backwards. Her bra slipped free, and her mammarys dipped and bobbed on her chest. James's fingers twitched, his smile became distant and dreamlike. Proud of the attention, only slightly shyly, Danielle slinked out of her slip and stood before him naked. She tried to stand up straight, but to her surprise she started to slouch more. She turned around slowly, beaming to her lover, and heard him gasp. But there was horror in his voice, and she looked up into a concerned face. She looked down at what he was looking at, and saw from her buttocks a tiny growth at the base of her spine, which moved by itself. She shrieked and touched the area, felt it grow slowly out of her. As she started to stoop, she wailed to James.

"What's happening to me?" she cried, her voice breaking up hoarsely, a slight sibilation attaching itself to every word. James looked around wildly. Then he grimaced.

"The scales. What does the rumour say?" He slipped forwards, cradled Danielle's naked body. She shied away, then collapsed into his arms sobbing. Her skin was dry now, bobbling slightly, the touch smoother.

"I... I will turn into the most... most beautiful woman in the eyes of the first man to look at me..."

"No. You... you will turn into the most beautiful woman the first - male - to look at you sees... Danielle, the word is, male..." He cast his eyes to the huddled shape next to the fire. The reptile was looking at them, eyes reflecting the firelight.

"M, maidens have eaten them by the lakeside ad turned into fishes. Under the open sky two have turned into birds. And spiders..." He stopped as he felt Danielle, sobbing, slip out of his arms and fall to her hands and knees. She looked despairingly at her lover, standing over her naked body as she lost her humanity. From her buttocks slipped a long tail, which touched the ground firmly and slid along it until it became longer than her body. Her skin grew thick, dry and scaly, as underneath her muscles swelled and altered, moving visibly.

"James, I'm turning into a monster! Help me!" she hissed. Her voice was barely legible now, as it was lost through her animal vocal cords and lengthening snout. She looked at her scaly fingers as they lengthened and grew curved claws. Her breasts, dragging against the ground, pulled upwards into her chest, became smooth underbelly muscle. Her arms and legs opened wide to remain at the sides of her body, as she flexed them and they bent in new places, and her whole underside touched the floor. Her screams became bizarre barking growls. She reared up, her body swaying as she grasped James' chest and his arms closed around her scaly upper body.

"Don't worry little Danielle..." he stroked her head, to her embarrassment. "It'll be days before the power of the scales truly leave you. And while it remains, we must both think of you as a human, and you must do human things. And I must make sure I'm the only male to see you. You'll become a human soon, I promise you..." He stroked her tenderly as the transformations slowed and stopped, leaving her a female of the species of the lizard on the floor, the creature's eyes unblinkingly upon her still.

Danielle had an interesting tea that night. She laid on the floor while James fed her fried pork slabs with a long fork. They tasted strange but quite exquisite. She realised her taste buds were probably different now, enjoying the same pallet in wonderful new ways. She loved gulping the sandwich sized pieces down whole, and feeling them slide through her reshaped throat into her hungry belly, while James gently massaged her scaly neck to aid her swallowing. Each piece went down, followed by his firm fingers on her throat, and she shivered to feel his careful touch. Her scales were surprisingly sensitive, especially her underbelly, and the way he slid his warm fingers under her scales felt like his fingertips were entering her skin. Then when James cut a particularly large slab in half, she noticed that the insides were raw! Danielle retreated a little as her host offered the red slab on a fork. She turned her head this way and that as he tried to convince her to eat, and stuck out her tongue at him, rudely. James sighed.

"You're a carnivore now. You must fresh, raw meat. Look, it's harmless." With that, he popped the piece into his mouth, chewed it blissfully, and swallowed. Danielle's eyes widened with belly churning surprise. She swallowed the next piece barely without noticing, as she stared at James. But soon she caught herself enjoying the taste again, even as she chewed.

"Right, girl. I'm going to go to bed. Don't worry, it won't be too long before you turn back. Sleep next to the fire, so you're blood doesn't chill." he whispered lovingly, as he stroked her underbelly. Danielle felt a sudden twinge of arousal at his intimate touch. She looked around at the fire, where before he shooed them out of the room, the other creatures laid. She shuddered a little. This was too animalistic, just curling up on the floor. And James was starting to treat her like the lizard she now was! She ignored the hint of appeal this had to a tiny part of her mind that was bored of being a Lady, and crawled onto the bed, between the covers and shut her eyes symbolically. James gasped and shifted uncertainly.

"Well! I suppose you're more used to sleeping in a bed. It's hard not to think of you as a pet, sorry!" he chuckled lightly. Danielle's heart leapt as she realised she might just be sleeping next to her dream. And joy of joys, he smiled a little, and sat down next to her. She dearly wished she could wrap her arms, or forelegs around him, and continue their rudely interrupted kiss. Just for the moment, it was as if everything was going to plan, the way she hoped back at the start of all this when she ate those dreadful scales. Danielle opened one slit-pupilled eye as James extinguished the candles, leaving everything glowing warmly with just the firelight again. Then he got undressed. Danielle thrilled to see him peel his clothes off. He had a strong, solid chest, and manly arms. As he casually slipped out of his leggings the girl gasped with wonder - she'd never seen the man without pants on before. She felt her body fill with frustration and her arousal heightened a changed into a type of animal feeling she never experienced before. Seeing this beautiful body and having no way to enjoy it made her wriggle a little with impotence. And the new feelings were so much stronger than her old lusts, and like her tastebuds they gave off new sensations. She felt her body do strange things, as if in anticipation of this unlikely union. Her tail raised just a little, her heart thumped it's unfamiliar beat faster. Then he slid between the sheets, just in one undergarment, and Danielle felt utterly inflamed with feeling. He stroked her back with those large, brawny arms, somehow soothing and arousing her passions at the same time. She knew her body must feel really cold in comparison to his, and she sighed a little. James' face, just visible, broke into a strange smile.

"You sounded so human then, Danielle. I hope you're not too sad." Danielle smiled widely, bringing the corners of her mouth upwards as he slid across the bed and wrapped his arms around her, pressed his human skin against her scaly side. Danielle felt a new wave of passion stream from his touch and assault her body. His touch was reserved of course, but she hoped he could feel her racing heart, sense her shivering. She extended her claws to his chest, and gently rubbed what would have been her fingers along his belly. She slowly moved her tail between her legs to slightly touch his knee. Now he gasped, and Danielle started to worry.

"There is something about you, my lizard. You're actually making me think... How can I go to sleep like this?" He reached up and lit the bedside candles. Then he removed the covers and looked at his lithe little reptilian bedmate, still snuggled down comfortably, and looking up at him. He looked unsure, and his fingers strayed close to her. Then he cautiously stroked her snout, and Danielle felt a strange urge to bite him. But she easily fought it back, and James grew more confident. He slowly brought his head down to hers and kissed her between the eyes.

"There's nothing wrong here..." he said to himself, as he kissed for a little longer, and stroked her throat in ways that caused the creature woman to swallow gently. Under the bedsheets, Danielle's tail thrashed with happiness, and she placed a four fingered, handlike claw on his chest again. Soon he was kissing her long, scaly mouth. Danielle took the plunge and turned over onto her back. Then she stroked his chest and stomach tenderly, and wished she could see further down. James' fingers absently started to rub her smooth upper underbelly, where breasts once proudly bulged. Danielle slowly brought her black tongue to the humans lips, and felt him quiver as she slowly slithered into his unprotesting mouth. So many new experiences! His fingers strayed down to the segmented plates on her belly. Slowly, so slowly, he used his other hand hold her thick, wriggling tail. he looked down at Danielle's reptilian body as it was exposed. On her back she looked just a little like the lady she was, with a sinuous body, long legs and slight hips. The breed of reptile she had become resembled humans in certain ways. He looked at the expanse of beautiful, slender flesh and groaned with wantonness as he slowly took hold of his pants.

"I need to do this. I don't care if I am punished by the gods of man or animals. You are so beautiful!" Danielle hissed with anticipation, as she touched her tail to his groin, where his pants bulged strongly, It felt like using a limb she had since birth for the very first time, and it sent wonderful messages to her sex-clouded mind. Then he slid out of his pants, and her tail came into contact with his boldly erect penis. She felt uncertain for a moment, but she continued to crave his closeness, his warm human flesh. Standing naked as she, James hesitated for a while, as he thought of what bestiality he was about to commit. But then he crawled over the girls animal form like he himself was a lizard. She writhed with want as her belly came in contact with his face. Then she felt her belly become moist with the touch of his tongue. As her tail swished, it touched his strong penis, as it hung down between his legs and pointed at her loins. One rugged hand stroked this strange area carefully, touching her thighs second, as Danielle realised all her passion was originating from this magic spot. His fingers probed around the scales that covered her loins, like he was searching for a way to slide under them.

"Your special scales have never been pushed apart. You have never been mated with before. I will have the honour of being the first creature to enter you." Danielle sighed to him, and rubbed her smooth scaly hind legs along his muscled arms. He smiled a little, then gripped her green thighs with his hands and slowly but firmly pushed them wide apart and up, further than a human could move her legs. She felt this action trigger the strangest movement in her loins, then an elated feeling of openness as her protective scales parted to reveal something she couldn't see from the position she lay. She trustfully watched him creep further up her body, replacing his grip on her thighs with the press of his shins. James' gentle face filled her view as she felt his groin slide up her tail until his penis softly touched it's base, then bobbed against her side before rising over her thighs to where the wonderful opening was. He hugged her passionately while his squatting legs ensured she remained wide open, and his whole soft length now squeezed her into the mattress. James looked into the lizardine face of his lover, admired her polished green scaly snout, her glinting animal eyes, her idly flicking tongue. His eyes were filled with passion as he looked deep into Danielle's own. She wrapped her forelegs around his sturdy back, and hissed gently. She couldn't believe she was going to be mated in this way! He hesitated for a second before lifting a hand to where his penis hung, and lightly touched the soft scales between her legs.

"Now we shall start, Danielle," he breathed, as his hips rose and the

imp felt desire flood from her awaiting loins. Then he shifted his body a little, smiled and thrust down, his solid manhood sliding smoothly between the plates and deep into the creatures body. She groaned deeply as her rump sank into the bed, and her hidden vagina sent ecstasy through her body. It was better than she imagined, and it had only just started. He withdrew a little, his shaft rubbing against her snug walls, and thrust again.

"Oh Danielle, you're loins, are, ohh, soo cool." she gasped to the feel of this hot flesh inside her untouched body, and hissed her pleasure to her mate. She brought her tail between his legs and onto his rump, and writhed as he started to bonk her faster. His bottom rose and fell, his groin stroked her intimate thighs, his balls ran against her tailbase. She rocked against the bed, her scaly body moving up and down as James took her. The warlock growled like an animal, his larger body squeezing her into the matress. Soon they started to hiss and growl, as their minds clouded with lust and the need to rut took over. He growled and gripped her hard as he came, flooding her deep inside with his sperm. They snarled together, unwilling to let their minds return to normal humanity, and continued to mate madly for as long as they could, the bedsheets soaking up their fluids. Finally, James gasped with exhaustion and pulled himself out.

"That was...." she could see how clouded his mind was in his eyes. She growled, legs weaving around him as she sought to get back underneath his body. Her mind reeled with animal emotion, basking in primal nonthought.

"Danielle, Danielle! Please, think human..." she shivered as his words hit home and she remembered her only way of becoming human again. She nodded slowly, and James smiled, kissing her on the lips. Then she looked down at her body, flexible neck easily craning around. Something didn't feel right. Her scales felt too small around the area, a feeling like hunger then intense fulfillment rippled through. Then it started to swell slowly, and she barked with horror. James watched her become more and more gravid, her scales changing colour subtly, the scales around her slit developing deep red freckles. He closed his eyes and shook his head wildly.

"Ohnooooo, please! I'm doing this to you! I can't stop the thoughts!" He felt a claw lightly push a hand away from an eye, and the concerned, soulful look from Danielle, as her body suddenly showed all the signs of deep pregnancy.

"I... I looked at you, a female Grenlake lizard. You're... a very rare species. I always wanted to... breed babies of you're species." He wiped his eyes, swallowed the choking feeling. "It's my fault, I just looked at you, sort of wished you were pregnant, thought how beautiful you'd look, and the scales..." He closed his eyes again, not bearing to find out what expression she was bearing. And now there was a new problem, more to do with her being a Grenlake than due to the scales. He realised She would have to be kept away from all females now as well as all males...

Danielle looked at her body, clad in a child's ballgown, as she took some lipstick and looked at her scaly lips with interest. It was her attempt to become human in thought and hopefully even more in body. She wanted to surprise James with her looks. Either he would marvel at her pretty dress, or would giggle at her, a creature donning clothes like a child attempting to dress as her mum. Either way she would please him, make him laugh in that sweet way. Then she looked at, then touched her underbelly. It was quite plump, and strained against her dress, looking quite obscene from a children's dress. Her fingers raised and slid against a proud set of breasts. They had grown overnight, testament that she was slowly turning back. They filled out the dress wonderfully. Her whole body had became subtly more human, not immediately obvious until she stood upright, as she did now. It felt good to be able to wear clothes again, she tried to convince herself.

Anne looked through the tiny crack of the doorway at the small reptilian form squatting on a chair and looking at a mirror as she applied lipstick. She was breathing heavily, anticipating an attempt to grab the creature. The imp wore a pretty dress, a ballgown type like her own, but many sizes smaller. Her shape was a lot like a little girls, but for the graceful tail that protruded from under her dress and totally reptilian head atop a slender neck. And those three toed, clawed feet that could never fit in the dainty shoes that accompanied dresses like that. Although she was somewhat more human than the any normal Grenlake, the species was undeniable. James had told her to stay away from the room, and she had to be the reason why. Grenlakes made powerful and useful familiars for warlocks like James and witches like she, and he obviously didn't want to share this creature with her. But the creature was so close, and she wasn't greedy - just to experience the strange powers for a little while... She tensed herself, and grinned widely. Suddenly she yanked the door open and pounced in. Danielle turned her head and squealed with surprise as she saw the lady in waiting looming, and she leapt off the chair. Belle managed to grab the hem of the beasts skirt and both fell over. The wriggling reptile landed on her back and thrashed about, barking and wailing in a rather sweet, almost human way. The girl gasped at her surprisingly feminine, though definitely reptilian, face, and at the now more visible bulging, lightly scaled cleavage. Anne loomed over the lizard for a second then descended, pinning her knees between Danielle's sides and falling to all fours so she could grab the reptile's skirt. Danielle's face was now between her feet, buried under folds of ballgown skirt. The beast's little clawed feet and tail waved about near her face. Alice smiled strangely as the creature's tail brushed her cheek. Suddenly there was a tear of fabric as the reptile's shoulders squirmed through the bust area of her dress. Anne gasped in surprise as the animal's feet disappeared up the skirt. She hitched up her skirt to see the creature emerge from her trapped, ruptured dress like a butterfly escaping it's cocoon. Her breasts were uncovered now, and wobbled tenderly from her little, nubile form. The nipples were light green, large. Slowly the rest of her squirmed forth. Her limbs were thin and graceful. Her body flexed easily, like a serpents coils. Her belly was podgy but tight, heavily pregnant. Her bottom was nicely rounded and led to animal thighs and her long tail. Anne's eyes open with horror as she realised the danger she was in, a female so near a pregnant Grenlake. She stood up straight and turned around at the reptile, now standing there and smiling slightly. Anne stammered, stepped backwards hastily, as the naked lizard slowly squatted down and crept forwards. Danielle felt her tummy lurch oddly, her thighs become moist, a stream of pleasure and hunger bore into her crotch. She fought it while she fought this strange lady in waiting, but finally she gave in willingly to the feeling, felt her humanity fall aside. She suddenly bolted forwards and scampered under Anne's dress! The lady in waiting squealed with amazement as her skirts shivered, then a lump appeared at her belly. She felt two hands grasp her chest and haul the scaly body upwards. She clutched the large bump that clung lovingly to her body. Danielle's nude, reptilian body was braced against her own. She could feel the beast breathing against her breasts, feel her chest expand against her belly. The reptile's own potbelly, swelled against her waist.

Suddenly, Danielle felt the tremendous instinctual pleasure multiply. She rubbed her plentiful, scaly breasts, and sighed luxuriously as a cloud of scent blossomed from her to envelope Alice. Alice's eyes fluttered as her whole body relaxed utterly, flopped backwards onto the bed. She looked dreamily, tentatively into the eyes of the reptile. Danielle breathed in deeply as her own scent played with her emotions. She ran a delicate but sharp clawed finger along the humans chest, and hooked it on her black, lacy bra. Her hind claws anchored on her woman's panties. Then she tensed a little and the girls gasped as out of Alice's dress tumbled her underwear, cut in two. The imp smiled widely out of the woman's cleavage as she brazenly stroked Alice's breasts, which to her shame, had nipples as erect as the lizards own felt, against her belly. Alice tried to cringe as the scaly fingers gently tapped around her pouting vagina, and twisted about her black pubic hair. Then the creature slowly flexed against the human. She quaked with fear as she felt every scale rub against her pale skin, then felt the beasts heart beat against her own. The reptile tightly clutched the woman, then she made a rattling hiss as she slipped her loins directly over the human's vagina. The animal started to writhe and gyrate, and her heart beat seemed to become louder, and force the humans to beat in time. Slowly, the reptile's crotch started to squirm, then open gently, forcing the humans open with it. Alice squealed helplessly as she felt the beasts warm insides about her genitals, then gasp as the reptilian vagina started to suckle upon her own. It pulled juices of desire from the humans arousing body, then fed in thick liquids of it's own. The reptile breathed in and out sharply, and her sweet breath played with the humans hair as her body convulsed and both creatures entered ecstasy. At last Alice muttered a scream of orgasm, but her body's juices didn't pour. Instead, the lizard squealed and thrust herself hard, and her twitching vagina spurted a soft round object deep into the humans cunt. As Anne writhed with revulsion and pleasure the beast pumped another little globe in, then another, and another. Each heartbeat caused the creature to push another thing in to her sweat soaked body. The little objects were pulled up her vaginal canal deeper and deeper until they pressed tightly against her cervix, insidiously pulled their way through and into her womb, and nestled there. The lizard slowly broke off her contact, and a sudden fountain of juices squirted from both their slits and coated their skins with warm liquids. Danielle murred and stroked the human like she was an animal, brushing a claw over her now bulging belly and playing gently with her womanhood. She found herself looking forwards to the future, towards waking up and getting out of bed to prowl the house naked, no longer concerning herself with having to get into clothes. She started to entertain thoughts of where she'd have to lay her next clutch of eggs, if James would let her do this to more humans or if he had female pets. She let the human fall into a deep sleep and waited on the bed for her mate to return home.

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