Petter, by Hedonism


“I am to be the official... what?” asked Teal.


“The official petter,” repeated Baron Wescot. the end of his long tail twitching.


Teal looked at the little lizardman who had just employed her. He looked back (and up) at her from his throne, which, despite being stood upon a pedestal, still made his eyelevel only at the human’s chest. The creature, like most gremlins, looked like a cute green gecko with a short, froggy snout and a wide neck frill. He was barely two foot tall.


“What does that entail?” asked Teal. As an exceptionally beautiful, well-mannered but uneducated woman, she fit naturally into the handmaiden role, though her clothes were more blatantly haremlike. She was thrilled to be employed by a reptile.


To Teal’s surprise, the creature leapt off his throne and landed atop her chest. He pushed his tail between her cleavage and into her blouse. The human giggled softly at the ruler’s affectionate embrace. She slowly stroked his little body, hands sliding down his scaly, diamond-patterned spine.


He hissed liltingly. “You’re a natural petter, I see.”


“Ahh,” replied Teal, daring an informal chuckle as she felt him wriggle gently against her soft skin. She just couldn’t treat him like a master.


“You are to... hhhmmmmhhhh... Carry me around. As a human servant, you are a symbol of status to our kind.”


Teal noded silently. Gremlins were usually servants of humans, or household pests, or both. That made sense.


“I’ve always wanted a pet gremlin,” she said teasingly. Politeness was hard towards a creature like the baron. He chuckled and sighed softly.


They snuggled together lovingly, Teal laying backwards upon the human-sized bed that was indulgently large for a gremlin.


The baron of gremlins twitched gently. He couldn’t help himself. Teal’s increasing scent of arousal was getting to him. He felt his groinal scales tug aside.


Heh, you’re getting hard, thought the human as she felt something at Wescot’s crotch pressing into her. He must like being a pet.


The creature gently licked Teal’s shoulder. As he was getting naked, so to speak, she reciprocated and desperately, eagerly, expertly disrobed herself. He looked into her eyes placidly as she did so.


“Well,” she said with an intense blush that consumed her body. “Gremlins turn me on.”


He laughed back and poked her with his erection. “They turn me on as well.”


“And humans?”


He didn’t reply, just smiled lazily as Teal pulled him away from her gently, held him at arm’s length, hands clutching his tummy and chest. He looked embarrassed as she gazed at his penis, the size of a man’s finger, pale green, pointing at her. She started to bring him back again, noticed how his tail was waving frantically.


She put the green finger to her lips and blew upon it. The gremlin shuddered and reached out with arms and legs. Teal blushed even more as she finally let go of the creature enough to let him climb onto her face. She opened her mouth against his lizard manhood and let it slip into her mouth.


The gremlin bobbed gently against the petter’s face, hands clutching her hair, feet around her shoulders in a reverse piggyback. They snuggled together like this, both grunting bestially, Teal suckling noisily and loving the indulgent sounds as they reached her ears.


The gremlin shuddered and ground his softly scaled body against the girl, humping into her mouth quicker and quicker until with a cute yelp he lay motionless for a while then dropped into her naked lap. A strand of goo stretched from the human’s lips to his dripping manhood. Blushing sweetly, Teal swallowed the mouthful of sticky, salty lizardcum.


She grunted her satisfaction at the taste. It was not like a human’s. And it was genuinely pleasant.


“I’d love to be your petter,” Teal said after a few delicious moments. With a wipe of her chin, it was as if nothing had happened between them.


Wescot laughed.


“You clearly think I’d be your pet. Actually, it’s quite the opposite...”


The human shivered at a peculiar sensation in her stomach. She doubled over at the feeling as it spread to her soaked crotch. It was somewhere between pain and pleasure, it was some sort of manipulation of her flesh. The baron scrambled away from her pussy, his movement brushing away her wet pubic hairs and revealing the growth of bumpy scales.


Teal squealed as she watched and felt the scales cover her whole groin, and further changes grind her internal walls against each other right to the womb. She pulled herself into a squat as her cervix tugged open and a thick, heavy object convulsed out.


“You are to be my pet,” said Wescot as Teal instinctively pushed at the hefty object deep inside her, massaged it down her changed reproductive passage to the neck of her pussy. She wailed shrilly as her labia opened around a glistening, fist-sized speckled egg.


The girl screamed as if in anguish, but she fell deep into orgasm as the egg dropped from her appropriately lizardine privates onto the bed.


She looked down at the new arrival with surprise, gazed back at the gremlin that had transformed her.


“Now you look the part,” he said. “And should anyone doubt who’s the master, I only have to make you lay for me again.”


Teal panted and nodded listlessly to her new master. She stroked at the gremlin scales at her pussy, knew that he could complete the transformation at whim. Her training took over and she lay prostrate before him.


“What does my master wish of me?”


Wescot looked at her, smiled, then looked unsure. Then he shrugged and gave in. He flopped onto his back before her.


“You’ll... I suppose... You are to treat me like a pet. Just for now...”


By Hedonism