By Hedonism

This story contains transformations and consensual sex with reptiles. And maybe is too connected to religion for peopleís liking. It ainít particularly copyrighted, so hack it up into the bits you like at your pleasure. Just donít do anything unsociable like pretend you wrote it.

Claire, a 16 year old girl, has just moved to Jacobson, a small island off the coast of Scotland, by a family hoping to adopt her. There she finds a busy town, separate from the rest of the world and filled with a population modern in every way except their worship of an ancient pagan goddess.

Claire sat with her friends in the pews of the town church. It was a bizarre building, a place of God renovated for the worship of stranger, maybe older deities. The font had been replaced with a water-tank, containing a 30 foot long boa-constrictor. As with Christianity, the snake was the symbol of sin, but here he was used in baptism ceremonies. They believed that the snakes presence sucked the lustful thoughts from the babes so they wouldn't be interested in sex until adolescence set in and their bodies caught up with them. Claire couldn't understand how the parents trusted the animal not to bite their new-borns. Or how anyone could hold the snake as they whispered their sins to him, in a strange comparison to confessions. She used to despise the snake, it was a phobia of hers. Whenever her body filled with sexual longing unquenchable by anything else, she would stave the thoughts away by thinking of the animal. Claire knew her sexuality was becoming an increasing burden, one that she was sure no-one else suffered from even half as much. Now spring was upon the island, these feelings had tripled. She was sure she had the desire of five other women. No-one else was so bothered about it, and could work their way through the day without it on their minds. Claire was nearly overcome with lust almost all the time. She tried to stave off these thoughts by thinking about snakes, the creatures she feared the most. It worked wonderfully, as her out-of-control feelings caved in as she shuddered to the thought of the snake slithering against her as she joined the others in confessing her sins. And to her extra revulsion she knew these fears would be realised tomorrow. At last she was to be baptised into the faith, like the rest of the family she would be joining. And then she would have to hold the horrid thing.

That night Clare shared the bed of her friend, Clover. Her parents were the ones intending to adopt her. After tomorrow's ceremony, that is. Lying with her belly on the mattress, Clare wondered what bizarre dream she would experience tonight. All those thoughts of scaly things started off bizarre... nightmares? The first one occurred when she saw her first baptism. She was sitting down with her friends at Sophie's house talking about boys from different ethnic backgrounds, and who was the most attractive. Clare was a little wary of these chats, because they always hinted, sometimes even covered the subject of sex, and raised the overcoming wall of lust in her stomach. As her imagination started to act, she suddenly realised she was totally naked! Clare realised that when the girls came around she had unconcernedly slipped out of the bath, came downstairs and talked to them in the nude! She looked down at her breasts as they wobbled with her every motion, and felt the residue of water still clinging to her bare body. As she was about to leap to her feet and apologise, Sophie's parents entered the room and Claire nearly fainted with embarrassment. The girls changed their conversation to relationships between countries, or something. Sophie's mum walked to the couch with Clare on and daintily lifted the girl up like she was a small cat. Clare hissed as the petite woman's hands held her aloft by her bottom and legs, then sat down in her place and nestled the naked girl in her lap. Claire wriggled and writhed, but Sophie's mum's gentle hands carefully manipulated her body back into her lap, unconcerned about touching the girls bare buttocks, or belly, or breasts.

"Now don't be naughty, just calm down, there's a good girl." she said soothingly, as she stroked Clare's back. The child looked around as her body treacherously enjoyed the caress which started at her neck and ended over her buttocks. Everyone was acting perfectly natural. Then the dream ended as morning began. Later that day, Sophie's mum confessed to Claire that she was bisexual, and had strange thoughts for another mother, though the girl hadn't mentioned anything that would make her own up to these things. The mother confided in her such private thoughts, then just went away, happy she had told someone.

Strange dreams happened night after night. One time, she dreamt of being in the garden of Eden. She stood with Adam, who was delightfully naked. So was she, and this time Clare felt wonderful to be nude in this pure place. Adam held an apple, and looked it with wonder and trepidation. Claire sauntered up to his strong, naked body and gently took the fruit from him and threw it into the woods. Adam looked up in surprise. Clare slipped her arms around his back and wrapped a leg around his, before sliding her body over him. She felt the wonderful caress of his chest against her nipples. The man gasped.

"you don't tempt me with wisdom like your husband, you trap me with your slender form. Aren't you content with one male to satisfy you? You are making me..." Clare felt Adam's desire manifesting against her young body. But what he said made Claire suspicious.

"But I am Eve, you are the only man in the world!" Adam started to stroke Clare's thighs.

"You are the mate of the Serpent. I thought you came here to help him persuade me to eat the apple of knowledge. But you offer me sins the father never mentioned..." Clare suddenly felt cold, and shrieked. She looked down upon her body, and started to writhe uncontrollably. Her legs closed together and hooked around Adams thighs. To her amazement, they curled all the way around and started to encircle his legs again. She pulled her body around the first man's back somehow, and looked at his long hair, before her lengthening body wrapped all the way around to his front again, and she looked deep into his lust consumed eyes. Like a snake, she had coiled around him three times already, only her loins stayed where they were as the rest of her stretched and slithered. With a gasp she realised Adam's body was warmer than hers, and his body heat was arousing her, and his skin contrasted nicely against her green flesh. Though repulsed, she somehow felt turned on by her own sinuous body. As Adam gasped with lust and gently took hold of her waist as he prepared to enter her, Claire started to wish the man was as flexible and scaly as she. The horribly erotic thought dragged her from the dream, and she broke into a cold sweat, wondering what sort of an animal thought of such things.

It was the day of Claire's baptism. First there was school. Clover set off early, as Claire continued to finish her breakfast. As soon as the door closed behind Clover, her parents confessed their sins to her - that they made love any time no-one was looking, wherever they were. They were relieved they had told her, and not even embarrassed, unlike Claire. Later on at school, the teachers didn't mind whether she did any work or not. They didn't punish her for being late for lessons, didn't punish her for _anything_. This was wondrous, and scary, being allowed to do what she wanted. While everyone else worked hard at Geography, Claire stood up, wandered behind the teacher, even dared to leave the class. No-one missed her, though when she talked to people they were as friendly as ever. The most bizarre thing happened during Games - She hadn't brought any swimming costume along, but instead of telling her off the teacher told her to do it in her underwear, like a boy. Claire paled, but did as she was told. In front of boys and girls she walked to the pool-side in her bra and knickers. And on contact with the water, both became see-through. And just as in her dream, she was treated no different from anyone else, only this was too realistic to be a dream. As she walked around, her breasts proudly bulging forth, her nipples quite visible, conversations around her became strange and naughty. One boy, a tall, attractive type, said he was intending to organise a wild party in the woods, and invited Claire before anyone else. She blushed and said she would make up her mind later. After she got changed, she decided to leave the suddenly weird school early. Though teachers stayed at the exit gates, no-one challenged her as she nervously walked out, as if she had a special right to play truant. One of her regular tutors even smiled and waved to her.

The baptism never went ahead, much to Claire's relief, because the priest refused to conduct the ceremony. Claire was planning on fainting before having to reach for the beast anyway - because of fear, and because after days of linking snakes to sex to repulse the feelings, snakes were starting to remind her of sex. Clover's parents didn't seem to mind the cancelling; they hugged the girl warmly and took her home. Claire climbed upstairs and ran a bath for herself, then started to undress. As she slid out of her school pullover, she grunted with annoyance at the way the wool snagged on her skin. But as she started to undo her bra, she looked down with surprise. Her little skirt felt very loose around her waist, as if the girl had loosened the still-tight belt. She wriggled a little, and got a wonderful feeling of arousal as her skirt slowly rubbed against her sensitive loins, slipped down her waist, slid over her hips and flopped around her ankles. She looked at her lower half, now only covered by her stockings and knickers. Claire bent down and pulled her dress back on, but the fabric caught against her buttocks. Then she got the strangest feeling around her inner thighs, as her stockings started to slip, as if pulled by a lovers caress. Feeling flustered and a little aroused, Claire rubbed her fingers along her buttocks. When she stroked towards the floor, her skin was utterly smooth, like polished marble. Stroking upwards, tiny flakes on every inch of her skin protruded, caught gently on her inquisitive flesh. Her heart pulsed wildly as she felt strange emotions run scared inside her. But she tried to control of herself. She shimmied out of her knickers with a few flicks of her hips. Claire slowly, luxuriously got into her bubble bath. The water felt great against her naked skin. She felt the familiar, thirsting need for sexual contact, and slowly extended her fingers to the edge of her desperate vagina. Claire had tried to pleasure herself, like the other girls sometimes talked about. But it never worked even slightly. Like tickling yourself doesn't cause you to giggle, she thought, stirring her own body was futile. Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the bathroom door opening. Clovers mother walked in and nodded happily to Claire, who withdrew her fingers and jumped with shock at the woman's intrusion. Astounded, Claire watched Mrs. Dewapple slip out of her nightie, revealing a pretty, mature naked figure, and sit on the side of the bath. Mr. Dewapple climbed the stairs, totally naked, and entered the bathroom. He forced his wife's legs wide open, squatted and slid his body between her thighs. In front of Claire's shocked eyes, he pushed forwards and the couple both bucked with ecstacy as his penis slipped deep. As the couple started to grunt and groan with inflamed passion, the girl sat there with horrified fascination, watching them thrust against each other. Claire slid from the bathroom naked and discreetly as she could, and quickly got dressed upstairs. Their groans and grunts of passion were shameless, unconcerned about her hearing them.

That night, Claire told Clover about the strange events that day, even about her parents sudden, brazen sex. Clover was amazed, and reassuringly hugged the girl before helping her get undressed and into her nightie.

"It's not as if people don't see me," she added, thinking carefully. "It's as if they don't mind me being there, whatever they're doing. I bet I could go next door and walk through their house, and they wouldn't mind!" Clover smiled sneakily.

"What, in your nightie?"

"I could probably go through naked. And get into Mr. Robinson's bed, without Mrs. Robinson complaining, short of about the bedsheets." Clover giggled.

"And of course, there's always the bedroom of... Mike Robinson." Claire's friend got a pillow at high speed for that remark. After the ensuing battle, they called a truce and got into bed. Claire tried to shake off her confusion as she slid between the bedsheets. Her bed felt wonderful against her skin as she snuggled into the sheets. Clover turned the lights out and Claire heaved a sigh of relief that the odd day was over. She didn't feel sleepy, but the darkness and warm blankets comforted her, made her sigh with pleasure. She burrowed under the covers, laid on her belly and closed her eyes. And then something brushed against her leg. The girl felt her backbone go rigid with the surprise, then fear, as whatever it was also slid across her buttocks, and another... thing, groped under her back. It felt solid, sinuous, alive, and it's touch was cool and terrifying. Claire screamed and flailed in the darkness as she felt more and more of the writhing thing taking hold of her. Claire could hear Clover gasp, then grope for the light switch. The lights flicked on blindingly as Claire tore the sheets away. Nestled in her bed was the boa-constrictor from the church, wrapped around her prone body. His thirty foot long body covered the mattress like loose string, his head, larger even than a humans, looked up at her with slit-pupilled, wide eyes. As Clover screamed, the snake coiled himself around his victims nightie-covered belly, groin and breasts. Claire felt the animal's iron grasp start to constrict her whole body as his head swung around and hissed into the terrified girl's face. The look on his face betrayed a sort of hunger. Clover grabbed the coil around Claire's legs and tugged desperately at it, then suddenly screamed as his tail wrapped around her belly and pulled her to the floor. Then the creature started to speak, in a sibillating whisper.

"Do not worry, little females." Slowly, his coils relaxed from around the girl's chest, and started to slide along her body towards her legs and arms. Claire's screams were suddenly cut off by the animal's neck slipping over her mouth.

"You're screams are pointless. You're parents know what is going on tonight, and won't intervene. They're consumed in each others lust and love even now. Every scream you make only fuels their own passion. I have something to show you." He shifted his body again, freeing Claire's mouth, and placed his tail on her feet, then lifted her bare legs a few feet into the air. Claire's nightie slipped towards her thighs, left too much leg uncovered. She watched in shock as another coil hooked around her knees and gently pulled them down, in the opposite direction to how they bent. Though he used little force the girl felt her limbs flexing strangely as both legs bent like saplings. Claire squealed with amazement, and peculiar arousal. The snake relaxed his grip on her legs, which slowly and reluctantly regained their shape.

"You will be a she-snake by the end of this night. You will be a member of my species. Already you are giving forth the scent of a snake. Already you're bones are changing. I am here to help you transform, to reassure you that you will not be hurt." Claire covered her mouth with terror. Clover struggled from the males scaly grasp and fled to the door.

"Go no further or I'll reveal the confessions you made to me, human female," whispered the serpent. Clover stopped suddenly, blushed deeply and sat down on the floor. Claire went white with anger.

"How can you do this, snake? Keep me here. Blackmail Clover." The snake smiled cunningly, as he slowly writhed with his whole body against the girl.

"I am snake, the very essence of sin. Why not? But also you will be safer in here, with no-one else present. Changing flesh is vulnerable. And you will be safer still if I shed your restrictive human skin." With that, he coiled his neck about the girl's chest, pressing her breasts into her body, and pulled himself towards her feet. Claire watched with amazement as her shoulders strained against, then effortlessly slipped through the tight neck-line of her night-clothes. Her shoulders looked narrower than before, and as she struggled futilely, her arms seemed to be much more slender, even more ladylike, than before. Claire groaned as her bra slipped easily from her smooth breasts. As her nightie slipped down, her boobs slowly revealed themselves, proudly bulging forth. As they popped fully out, they jiggled together with the snakes movements. They looked even larger than before, in comparison to her thinner, more sinuous chest. As the night-dress uncovered her trim, faintly muscled belly, the boa let go of the nightie and pulled the woman into the air by her lower back, her belly now the highest part of her body. Claire grimaced, expecting pain, but her spine bent very easily. She gasped as her back and legs responded to gravity and curled into a U shape. Totally shocked, the girl slowly turned her upper body around, impossibly bending 180 degrees, to find her nose touching the ball of her feet. Again, she felt the amazing freedom of movement turned her on, filled her belly with longing. The feeling mixed with her fear as she saw her night-dress slip off her legs, taking her panties and bra with it. Now she was totally naked, and felt utterly vulnerable. The snake gently placed her back onto the bed, and she felt the rest of his coils lazily resting under her. Now the beast's touch was intimate, as he rested against her bare flesh. Claire saw the animal's attention was diverted towards Clover. The human slowly lifted her nightie, and pulled it over her head. Her lithe, beautiful body was now adorned only with white panty and knickers, her face showed clear arousal.

Clover walked gracefully to the bed, gingerly slid her hands between the serpents coils, then slowly parted them. As the snake looked on with curiosity, the human pushed her head through, and continued to push until her whole body was trapped deep within the shifting reptilian tail. He smiled wider and adjusted his muscled body, wrapping himself around her belly. His head rubbed tenderly against her neck.

"You willingly enter my coils?"

"You sound surprised. You know my sins. And I just want to be involved." she answered, hesitantly. She reached out and took hold of Claire's slender hand. The transforming girl's fingers were now attached to each other by webbed skin, and both girls looked at them with amazement. The snake relaxed his coils, adjusted the position of Claire so the females could embrace each other tightly. Claire gasped to the feel of the naked embrace, as Clover blushed a pleasant red colour.

"You're skin feels bumpy against me, Claire. Like the snakes scales," she said, as they hugged. Claire slowly broke the embrace and looked with a strange sense of dread at her body. Her smooth skin was now faintly glossy. On her peach breasts, she saw tiny bumps developing, slowly rising out of her flesh. They were also rising from her arms and around her thatch of blonde pubic hair. The serpent's head slithered easily over Claire's thigh, his scales sliding against her own developing scales in a way that felt pleasant and desirable. By instinct, and to her shame, the girl opened her thighs wide, as the reptile's mouth neared her vagina. The snake pursed his scaly mouth and blew out gently over her inflamed slit, and her pubic hair was scattered away. The he tenderly flicked his long tongue forth and lightly touched her intimate parts, causing Claire to groan with desire. He was turning her on deeply, and she was giving in to his gentle manner. But he was a snake! The reptile sibilated gently, and his tongue whispered against her clutching sex. Then he slowly started to insert it past her scaly flaps and into her transforming body. Claire let out a long, laboured groan and writhed with deep lust as she looked down her body and saw the snake's snout, nuzzling against her vagina and deeply probing her with his long tongue. She could feel the twin prongs exploring her insides, hear the slight scritching noise of the scales on his snout rubbing against the scales on her crotch. Slowly, she bent over and rested her belly on the sumptuous creature's forehead, and cradled his long neck between her soft breasts. She started to grunt with desire every time he flicked his tongue.

"I, I'm afraid, mmm, of my changes. Ohh, but, but your touch, ohhh, issss, helping," she whispered to the reptile, from his neck. For the first time she felt her vagina sing with ecstacy, caused by this reptile.

"Cl, Clover, p... pleassse hug me!" she cried. Clover crawled through the serpent body to her friend and reached over her arched back. Claire felt the girl's soft bra touch her back, then press into her as the rest of the human's body followed. Her arms reached round the transforming girl's scaly body and slid along her breasts, pushing them against the snakes muscled neck. To Claire's surprise and gratification, Clover sighed and started to fondle her green dappled breasts as she opened her legs and slid her panty-laden thighs against Claire's naked buttocks.

"Don't worry about a thing, Claire. You're only getting more beautiful every second," she whispered into the girl's hair. Claire smiled, and increased her grunting as the pleasure between her legs grew.

"Ohh, I'm beg... beginninng to like, ohh, thisss!" she hissed, as she stretched her tongue luxuriously forth. It was slick and midnight black, and reached a long way forward to touch the reptile's trunk. It now reached out from a tube in the bottom of her mouth, and Clover giggled with amazement to see it coming from between her friends lips.

"Oh my, ohhh, it's comming, oh my goshhh" Claire strained against the reptile's coils as she felt waves of pleasure splash over her scaly form. Clover played with the girl's hard nipples as the wonderful peak broke and catapulted her into deep ecstacy. She screamed out with wild passion brought forth by the nuzzling reptile at her waist. She peaked for a long time before flopping loosely against the strong serpent and gasping.

"Oh, dear... I've never done that before! I musst, have, another!"

"Goood, ssooo good. I can do much more." said the reptile, from Claire's loins, as he licked her thighs. "But firsst..." he adjusted his coils, and slid his tail around Clover's waist. She gasped with surprise as he lifted her into the air and dropped her, standing on the other side of the room.

"Now, Claire, I want you to go to Clover and embrace the little human." Clover giggled with glee as she stood, her legs slightly apart. Claire felt the reptile's once scary and confining, now reassuring, grip fall from her. She rotated her body and got slowly to her feet. She could now see her body in a mirror. Her head was now green and growing increasingly reptilian. Her nose had nearly disappeared into a face that had stretched forward a little. Her back and shoulders gleamed with patterned scales, while her front was now an underbelly with large bands of scales. Her legs were very slender but muscled, but they looked like they were two halves of one whole. They had lost all definition, including her knees. She wobbled upon feet that no longer seemed able to keep her up.

"Ohhh, no, I'm so, scared!" she quavered as she started to overbalance, and suddenly her legs curled gracefully under her. But she landed in the serpent's comforting coiled grasp. She looked up at the human standing before her, like a mistress looking down at her pet. Down here she looked more like a snake than ever. But her tummy felt right against the floor.

"Don't worry, Claire. Let your underbelly grip the floor. Haul yourself forward and from side to side. Your body is perfect for slithering now." The reptile looked reassuredly to her, and she dutifully placed her whole body on the carpet. With grace that amazed her, she shifted her prone body to the side and forwards again, and felt the bands on her underbelly catch on the floor. She straightened her upper body, and gasped in surprise as she slid forwards. The bend was carried to her hips, then down her legs, which flexed impossibly until the ripple escaped even the tips of her toes. She slithered forwards a little more, and hissed with happiness as she felt the floor brush against her nipples as she writhed.

"Gosh, I can do it! I can slither like a snake!" she exclaimed with glee. The serpent smiled happily at her and rubbed his throat against her black-patterned spine as Claire crawled to her friend's feet. Clover looked down at her, and grinned with anticipation. The snakegirl reached out her hands to haul herself up the woman's flesh, then she looked a them strangely as she put then to her sides. Before her very eyes, her limbs slowly fused into the scales at her sides, became absorbed into her increasingly thin and round body. She looked down at her legs, as she felt and saw them melt together, the scales interlocking.

"I think I know what to do!" hissed Claire, as she circled around the human, then rested her chin on her leg. Clover sighed as she felt the reptile girl curl around her legs and grip them gently, then slither forwards and upwards, getting more and more of her body with each thrust. Soon, her banded mammarys came up, then her smooth, lengthening belly, and attention drawing little vagina. Clover bit her lip and closed her eyes with arousal as she felt her friend crawl up her. Claire never felt so comfortable or so close to anyone in her life. The male nodded his head with satisfaction, and started to ooze forwards himself.

"Little Clover, are you sure you want to go any further? We are just animals driven by nature. You are a human, and will be doing this by consent." Claire felt a little dismayed by what the reptile said. But she did feel an unusual feeling of freedom, to be an animal unchallenged by human rules. And she had to admit her pleasure in obeying her new, shameless instincts. Clover smiled widely, and reached for her bra. She breathed in deeply, then removed it from her body, and let her plentiful boobs hang freely. Claire, her snoutlike face nearby, licked her lips. Then she stroked her panties, and gently pulled then down a little, just about revealing her crotch. She rubbed her moist, aroused thatch of blonde fur, obviously glad to be able to expose it to air.

"Please let me share you with Claire, wonderful serpent," breathed Clover, as Claire's scaly body coiled around her chest, then advanced up to her neck, the underbelly scales gripping her flesh wonderfully. Claire wound her highest coil around the humans pretty neck, and rubbed her snout against her cheek. The male reptile hissed long and hard, then smiled widely. He writhed up to them, reared his impressive head up and slipped forth his tongue. It wrapped around her thigh twice, and paused just an inch away from her urgent pussy. Then he wrapped the tip of his tail around the section of Claire's body which held her vagina, and moved it to Clover's bottom, so both their cunts were right next to each other. Claire and Clover held their breath with urgent anticipation. The snake looked directly at Clovers irresistible thighs, then threaded his scaly snout through the tight space between the human's knickers and her pussy. Clover squealed with passion as she felt him slither between her legs, his underbelly plates rubbing against her excited loins as he slithered further and further up. Human and reptilian female grunted with desire as they felt his masculine coils wrap securely around their bodies. Claire looked at herself in the mirror again. Her hair was now gone. Her face had finished it's transformation into a long snout, with little nostrils and flicking tongue. She opened her wide mouth and admired the look of her needle-like, menacing fangs in the mirror, along with her black, wide eyes. Her body was now about the snakes length, and as the last signs of humanity melded into her serpentine form she marvelled at her unmarred simplicity and beauty. She was now totally a snake. The male slithered higher and higher, until his midsection slid over Clovers knickers. Then he slowly, sensuously rubbed his underbelly against both girl's sensitive vaginas, and soon he hissed with passion. Claire felt an awakening at her sensitive genitals, as two lumps swelled from the male. They grew and grew, inflating from his underbelly and becoming rigid. She slipped her head down to look between Clover's legs and saw with wonder her mate's two penises, both green and studded with impressive lumpy scales. They writhed over the girl's pussy flaps, slowly teased them, then finally nosed their way in. Clover and Claire groaned simultaneously, as the knobbly tips of the hemipene sank further and further, and their flesh was opened wide by his thick, scaly shafts. He thrusted himself in to the hilt, anchored his loins against the writhing females, and suddenly slipped out again. Claire felt the pleasure make a welcome return, making her stomach twist with desire. Clover, embracing lust and trapped deep under the tangled coils of the snakes, lost her balance and flopped to the floor, but the male anticipated this, and his females were cushioned by his powerful tail. The reptile started to thrust into the girls with abandon, as they screamed and squealed with ecstacy. He hammered his manhood into their awaiting bodies repeatedly and insatiably. Claire wriggled and shook against the trapped human as she took his penis. The three looked like a mass of scaly and human flesh, squeezing, writhing and shifting against itself. As the male snake's wonderful climax approached, he started to fondle the girls tighter and more desperately than before. His reptilian shaft pulsed deep inside them, putting the girls into deep frenzy. Claire could feel him get ready to ejaculate, and it excited her beyond belief. With one final thrust he remained inside the females and just pushed further, harder still. Deep within the creatures sweat soaked bodies, the snake's hemipenes twitched, then suddenly spilled his sperm, quivering as his penis spasmed cool, sticky seed. His powerful, plentiful cum triggered both girls orgasms, and they gasped together as they took the seed in and spouted warm lubrication in return. All the creatures wallowed in their shared cloud of ecstacy, as Clover stroked both reptiles scaly backs in complete bliss. They remained deeply connected to each other while their orgasms slowly faded, and the beast's penises had stopped pulsing his cum. Claire hissed with happiness, though she felt a slight twinge of shame at this bestial thrill. This was the second time in her entire life she had experienced orgasm! She looked with wonder at her snake body, and at the bizarre but powerful and sensuous organ embedded in her transformed flesh, and inside her best friend. The male looked into Clovers eyes, and he slowly swayed against her, massaged her softly as he whispered softly. Clover's eyes flickered gently, and she quietly fainted against the reptile. The snake gently withdrew from both females and Claire gasped to the feel of her vagina slowly closing. He and Claire removed their coils from the sleeping girl, and the male placed her into bed and tucked her in.

"Why did you do that, snake?"

"We are both snakes, please notice. And I do it to conserve her dignity. And I need to have a talk to you." He smiled cunningly.

"But... but am I ever going to be human again?" Claire's voice would quaver if she had human lips. Instead she hissed softly.

"No... but you can take human form, or at least something slightly more beautiful than the human form. You will always be a snake." He gently slid his body over Claire's tangled form. She didn't move, but she did shiver a little.

"I've desired to mate with you since I first saw you in the church, first smelled your half mammal body. You were transforming, even then. You started to change the second Clovers parents cast the spell on you. They desired from you not another daughter, but a pet." Claire gasped slightly.

"What can I do about this? How do you know?"

"I know this because they confessed it to me. I know almost everyone's dark secrets this way. While they love you, they want you to be their familiar. In the morning they will put you in their terrarium downstairs, a prime specimen of snake." He smiled at Claire, who felt a strange shy pleasure at this.

"What can I do about this?"

"Come with me to the forests, and I will tell you more. Much more. They dared to turn you into a supernatural creature, and a supernatural creature you'll become. Maybe you'll teach them to regret what they did to you." Claire smiled sneakily, but then sighed a little.

"I'm beginning to like what they've done to me. I never felt sex before you touched me. I'd like to be a snake for a little longer, I think." The smile returned to her face.

"How much longer?" he asked. He saw Claire's gaze travel down his body until it rested upon his hard, firm hemipene. She breathed gently upon him, her soft breath emanating a scent of deep lust.

"Shall we see?"

"You are the most desirable snake, Claire, that I have ever met," he whispered, as he tangled himself in her, hissed gently as she moved by instinct against him, and they wrapped around each other like corkscrews. He teased her, rubbed himself against her reptilian body until he entered her with dual manhoods. Claire happily let go of her senses as the reptile started to hump her again.

By Hedonism