Kommarit squad - milestones


November 2000 :

  • The squad started playing SSCU Death star battle. The original members were Anticapitalist, infidelcastro, Kommari Marx and Simopaapeli.

  • Later that month Da maniac, Copper (II) sulphate, Pasha the communist, DarthNader and Torture.C joined.

    December 2000 :

  • Some of the players moved to SSCU Trench wars, CrvenBan, lil_kaos, Evangelion and Rerro joined.

  • Point leaders of SSCU Trench wars in avg (top 5) players with appr. 2,3 million (top 5) points.

  • First friendly duel match, victory vs. Flying dragon.

    January 2001:

  • Point leaders of SSCU Trench wars, "top gun" received with appr. 3,2 million (top 5) points and 5 million (total) points. [Picture]

  • Big bad bong, Celtic frost, fungus-boy, Galliao, Genstar, Pandaros and PB-Maxx joined.

  • First official league match, TWDL loss vs. Pallies.

  • First friendly base match, victory vs. Annux enterprises. [Picture]

    February 2001:

  • Arsen, FarB, Nunna and Soze joined, CrvenBan left.

  • First TWBL victory vs. Oo-TkO-oO. [Picture]

  • First TWDL victory vs. EliteWingz.

    March 2001:

  • Communist_nation, Kill me,or Die!, Leech, Mister_eggroll and Silver Pegasus joined, Arsen and lil_kaos left.

  • Achieved level 3 in the basing league. [Picture]
  • Achieved level 4 in the dueling league.

    April 2001:

  • ET113, GwenStefanisSexToy, Lessershade and Th3 Matrix joined, Anticapitalist, Da maniac and Copper (II) sulphate left.

  • Achieved level 4 in the javelin league.

  • Later that month the squad quit playing the leagues and also all its scheduled activity.

    June 2001:

  • Kemopetrol squad was started.

    Special thanks to Da Maniac for the pics...