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Kommarit squad, the hope of the proletariat in SSCU Trench Wars, was started back in november, 2000. The squad started first in Death star battle, but soon found a new home from Trench wars. Fought for the point leadership of TW with Cripples, and finally received a top gun in january, 2001, after leading the point chart for several weeks.

Kommarit entered the Trench wars leagues with variable success, eventually gained level 4 in the dueling league, level 3 in the basing league and level 4 in the javelin league.

Downhill started in march, 2001, when the squad lost some vital members. The squad struggled for a while, keeping all of its pyramid spots, but finally started to fade away as it lost more of its members.

The squad quit its scheduled activity in april, 2001.

League statistics:
TWDL : 2300 points (Highest lvl. 4)
TWBL : 2500 points (Highest lvl. 3)
TWJL : 700 points (Highest lvl. 4)

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