Welcome to The Den of Zephyrus Thalesin
I am the wind upon the sea
I am the wave upon the ocean
Iam the murmur of the strand
I am a stag of seven points
I am a bull of seven battles
I am a hawk upon the cliff
I am a ray from the sun
I am the fairest of flowers
I am a vailant wild boar
I am a salmon in the pool
I am a lake on the plain
I am the word of knowlage
I am the spoil-seeking spear of battle
I am the god that fashions fire in the head
Who but I spreads light in the asembly upon the mountain?
Who but I can tell the ages of the moon?
Who but I know where the sun rests?
On whom do the cattle of Tethra smile?
Who but I knows the resolution of battle,  the wind upon the sea
And the secrets of the unhewn dolmen arch?

   From the Leabhar Gabala, the "Book of Invasions." This recensions based upon the translations of Robert Graves (1952, R.A. MacAlster (1956), and Cross & Slover (1936)
I am Zephyrus Thalesin. I am the Black druid. I know the secrets of the void. I am the servant of the Lord of the woods and The Dark Goddess. I bend no knee to any man. My ways are my own, though I am druid by learning. . My enemies fear me, fools laugh at their own peril. My path will lead me to power and wealth. I know not when or how. Only in faith can I trust. In time the grand game shall commence already the players take their positions. We are but spectators to the great dance.  But what happens after the piper is paid? That is when the true works shall start.