Policy Page

General: Be courteous, friendly, and helpful to fellow guild members at all times. We may be evil and hoard to the Alliance but we are all in the same group in the Guild.

Professions: Help each other on professions. If you have some minerals, gemstones, herbs, random wonky items that can be used by one of the other guild members, that you do not need it for your own profession, then let them have it. When they can make the coolest items in the game they will remember you helped them and make you some which helps make the guild stronger without hitting the AH and wasting money.

Hand Me Downs: A very important policy in the Guild is that of hand me downs. When you finish adventuring and have a slew of items, offer the ones you can't use on the Guild channel a couple of times before disenchanting them or going straight to the AH. Then send them off to people who really need them. This strengthens the whole Guild and saves the whole Guild a lot of money especially in the long run. If everyone in the Guild does this everyone will have to go to the AH less and save a whole lot more money then they would have gained selling the items they end up giving away since items will pop up that they can use as well in this system. This really works; it has worked so far for this Guild and others.

Guild Rank Skeleton: This rank is the easiest to gain, it essentially can be gained by being active, setting your professions in your public guild note and creating an account on the forum.

Guild Rank - Ghoul: All of the above plus purchasing the guild tabard.

Guild Rank Above Ghoul: Any rank above Ghoul will be given out by officers in the guild as people demonstrate understanding and adherence to the Guild policies outlined here.

Quests: Help each other on quests. The more everyone goes out of their way to quest together or even to back up and help someone stuck on a quest, the more tightly knit the Guild will be. Everyone will have more fun in the long run and feel more a part of a group of friends who happen to be in a guild instead of a random bunch of people with no connections.

Instances: It is better if a bunch of the guild members go into an instance versus teaming up with strangers. All of the best items are in an instance and if you are in a group of strangers some jackass might roll on the perfect item for one of our guild members just to sell it in the AH despite cries that they can really use it.

Bank: The guild bank is available for loans (especially for mounts) to any member of the guild of rank Wight and higher. The amount of the loan will be determined by the officers based on Rank and Level (the trust and ability to pay back). All loans will be listed on the bank webpage so everyone in the Guild knows who owes what and to prevent any perception of misconduct.

Forums: Use the forums to organize questing, instances, and raids. It can be a very good tool for just about any Guild activity. Also be courteous, friendly, and helpful on the forums just as if it were in the game on channel or otherwise.