Introduction to the
Skywatcher Clan


    Those with closed minds, and hearts, who are unable or unwilling to see and accept what was purposely left out of the history books, will see only what they wish to see, ignore what they wish to ignore, and really shouldn't bother reading on.

        "The Order of the Skywatcher Clan is not a cult  nor a religion. It is an ancient people whose beliefs are of truth, honor, and peace. It is a tribe of native, and advanced, North American Indians who have survived these many thousands of years as a part of other tribes and in a small Nation that existed in Central Florida after a Spanish military expedition destroyed the tribal nation north of Apopka, Florida..

        It is my hopes, as the Skywatcher Tribal Chief to find the other members of the Skywatcher Clan and rebuild the tribe and Nation, have it recognized as a native tribe of North America, restore the lost history of my people, and acquire permanent lands to reestablish the Skywatcher Nation. To accomplish this, we have acquired a 501(c)(3) organization status and the art work contained within is for sale to help raise the funds required to meet these goals. Donations are greatly appreciated (these are now tax deductible). In return, the Skywatchers will offer courses such as caving, archaeology, astronomy, and arts & crafts under the DRAGON RANGERS program..

        The Skywatchers were made the living archives of a society's knowledge and wisdom over 12,500 years ago and sent out into the world, walking with the great dragons, to join with other tribes and guide humanity back towards the utopia it once had using that ancient knowledge and wisdom-- but only those who were worthy and those who seek such a life, otherwise, the Skywatchers could not interfere in the ways of other tribes or the 'government' of other societies.

        As you read about my people, some of our mythology, our sacred places, the ancient, advanced technologies, I hope you will keep in mind that all peoples have their own stories, but how remarkably similar they all are. All stories and mythologies have a basis in truth and those who wish to see the truth will see it. The Skywatcher presence is revealed in the stories of many tribes around the world not by name but by appearance, (shown in rock art and carvings) and in the very advanced structures, artifacts, astronomical alignments that are common in many ancient sites and by symbols of their legendary teachers and companions; the great Dragons. Skywatcher remains have been found; Kennewick, Warm Mineral Springs, Windover, Spirit Cave and documentaries made that show that the Skywatcher ancestors were here in the Americas first and were responsible for creating the arrowhead icon that is commonly used by Native Americans. Still, we are shunned by those who refuse to see the truth, those too set in their beliefs to allow for the truth.

        The Skywatchers were assigned to help guide humanity when asked, it is our very being to tell the truth, to be honorable, and to be what we are (carrying on the teachings gave to us by the great Dragons). The Skywatchers are different from all other humans, we see and hear what others ignore, we learn from history to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, we know how to balance man and nature. We are here to help and to remember our ancient homeland and heritage. We have walked among you all this time and have gone virtually unnoticed.
        We have always been here."

 John Martello
Skywatcher Chief
Order of the Skywatcher Clan

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