Are you a Skywatcher?

Might you be a descendant of the ancient Skywatcher people? This is a matter that is decided strictly by recognized members of the Skywatcher tribe, for only they have the authority and the ability to recognize other members and issue a verification certificate which is added to Skywatcher archives and copies sent to what ever 'authorities' require the information.


First, all the initial criteria must be met. Failure to meet a single criteria automatically disqualifies the petitioner from tribal membership.

1) The individual MUST NOT USE DRUGS, with the exception of that prescribed by a Healer.


3) The individual MUST NOT SMOKE ANY SUBSTANCE (including vaping) with the exception of that prescribed by a Healer.

4) The individual MUST NOT BE RELIGIOUS, in any way, shape or form.

5) The individual MUST NOT BE POLITICAL, in any way, shape or form.

6) The individual MUST NOT BE A CAPITALIST , in any way, shape or form.

7) The individual MUST NOT BE A GAMBLER.

8) The individual MUST LIVE WITH FIVE MILES of the present tribal headquarters or plan to relocate to within the area.

9) The individual MUST BE A SKYWATCHER DESCENDANT which may be confirmed only by the tribe.


If you wish an analysis by a Skywatcher, send a copy of these questions with your answers and email address to the contact link below only if you are serious in hearing a response and are serious about embracing that ancient heritage... also consider that unless you are serious about becoming a tribal member and embracing the laws, traditions and customs of the Skywatchers, you shouldn't even bother answering the questions. BE DETAILED, ACCURATE AND ABOVE ALL; HONEST.

I. What is your first and immediate reaction to your reading the information contained on this site?

II. What have you seen, both within and outside?

III. Are you treated in a less than ideal manner by others and for what reason?

IV. Do you manifest certain abilities on a regular basis?

V. Are you aware of your heritage and ancestry?


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