Amateurs P-T

??? None Benjie Pabulos
Bondage benjie_pabulos Snake benjie_pabulos2 Tentacle benjie_pabulos3
ZZZ None Sergio Paesc/o DiAmorim
Lez sergio_paes Implied sergio_paes2

Smack None paintmepurple13(Ebay id)
Nude paintmepurple13
Usenet None Joe Palanca
Nude xvampi
Smack Link Palcomix
Lez palcomix (full pic only at the paysite!)
ZZZ Link PandoraDemon
Beaver pandorademon

Smack Link PandoraCatfight
Lez pandoracatfight

Smack Link Parasite
Beaver parasite
Smack Link Patrick S
Nude patricks

ZZZ None Paulo(c/o DiAmorim)
Bondage paulo
Smack Link Christopher Pavick
Nude christopher_pavick
Smack Link Dr. Payne
XXX drpayne Nude drpayne2

Smack Link Ivan Payne
Nude ivan_payne

ZZZ Link Christophe Paynot
Nude Christophe_paynot

Smack Link PeacoatPython
Tentacles peacoatpython

Smack Link Peakaustria
Bondage peakaustria

Smack Link Joe Peck
XXX joe_peck
Smack Link Pell100
Nude pell100

Smack Link Penelope77
Implied penelope77

Smack Link Senor Perez
Nude senor_perez

Smack Link ThePerilsOfCheryl
Nude theperilsofcheryl

Smack None Brian K. Pennington
Nude bkp
Smack None Phairot
Nude phairot
Unknown None Pharaoh Lad
Nude Pharaoh Lad
Smack Link Black Pharaoh
Nude BlackPharaoh Nude BlackPharaoh2

??? None Paul Phillips
Tentacle paul_phillips

Smack Link Pinoytoons
Lez pinoytoons
Smack Link Pinups'n'Portraits
Nude pinups-n-portraits

ZZZ Link Pittman
Implied pittman Take that thing away :-)

Smack Link Pookieart
Nude pookieart

Smack Link Popcornbanzai
Implied popcornbanzai

Smack Link J. Powell
Nude j_powell

ZZZ None Nick Powell
Censored nick_powell
Smack Link Powerofsin
XXX powerofsin

Smack Link Zeyne Pozatalay
Bondage zeyne_pozatalay
Smack Link Roy Prince
Nude roy_prince

ZZZ Link Pumpkin Sinclair
XXX pumpkin_sinclair

Smack None Queen of Hearts
XXX queenofhearts

Smack Link r3nn75
Nude r3nn75 Nude r3nn75 Censored r3nn75

ZZZ Link Kevin Ragbir
Beaver kevin_ragbir (after J. Scott Campbell)

ZZZ None Rai(c/o DiAmorim)
Implied rai
Smack Link Raidamantes
Lez raidamantes

ZZZ None Ralf
Implied ralf

Smack None Steve Ramer
Lez steve_ramer

ZZZ Link Ranx
Lez ranx (Can you identify them otha babe?)

Smack Link Raoshock
Implied raoshock

Smack Link Rapfiennes
Necro rapfiennes Necro rapfiennes2 Necro rapfiennes3 Necro rapfiennes4

ZZZ Link ratedxcomicfantasy
Lez ratedxcomicfantasy
Smack Link Johnny Raygun (Ebay)
Nude johnny_raygun Nude johnny_raygun2

Smack Link Alexander Rea
Nude alexander_rea (after Adam Hughes) Snake alexander_rea2

Smack None Kem Ream
Lez kem_ream Vampi about to give head? :-) Implied kem_ream2

Smack Link Redeemer
Necro redeemer

Smack Link Caio Marcus Reis
Implied caio_reis

Smack Link Resdofex
Implied resdofex

ZZZ None Eugene Ribec
Censored eugene_ribec Nude eugene_ribec2 Nude eugene_ribec3 Implied eugene_ribec4

Smack Link John Ridley
Nude john_ridley
Smack Link Dash Riprock
Beaver riprock (inspired by Joe Jusko)

Smack Link Robinker
Nude robinker
??? None Robertson
Nude robertson

Smack None Robbie Robertson
Nude robbie1 Nude robbie2 Nude robbie3

Smack Link Conan Rock
Bondage conan_rock

ZZZ Link Alisson Rodrigues
Lez alisson_rodrigues Lez alisson_rodrigues2

Smack Link Marcelo Rodrigues
Nude marcelo_rodrigues Implied marcelo_rodrigues2 Bondage marcelo_rodrigues3 Bondage marcelo_rodrigues4

Smack Link Jay Rodrigues
Nude jay_rodrigues

ZZZ Link Marcelo Rodrigues
Nude marcelo_rodrigues Implied marcelo_rodrigues2 Bondage marcelo_rodrigues3
ZZZ Link Estoy Rohan
Lez estoy_rohan

Smack None H. Rosas
Nude h_rosas

??? None Tony Roma
Nude tony_roma

Smack None A. Rose
Nude batvamp Lez a_rose2 Lez a_rose Vampi and her new plaything Lorelei.

Smack Link Rosp
Nude rosp Nude rosp2 Nude rosp3
Smack Link Zoe Roth(c/o Brett Gordon)
Bondage zoe_roth Lez zoe_roth2 Bondage zoe_roth3

ZZZ Link David Rothman
Nude david_rothman
Smack Link Rozztech
Nude rozztech Nude rozztech2 Beaver rozztech3
ZZZ Link Coley Rushing
Implied coley_rushing
Smack Link Russkere
Lez s27buff3 Buffy tried to slay the wrong vampire :-)

Smack Link Lon Ryden
Nude lon_ryden2

Smack Link Ryoko Werx
Lez vampi-x Lez ryokowerx

Smack None Timo Saatchi
Implied timo_saatchi

Smack None Sam
Nude sam1 Nude sam2 Nude sam3

Smack Link Samberg
Nude samberg Implied samberg2

Smack Link Marcos Santiago
Tentacles marcos_santiago Tentacles marcos_santiago2 Necro marcos_santiago3

Smack Link Andrea Santojanni
Snake andrea_santojanni

Smack Link Caroline Santos
Implied caroline_santos Lez caroline_santos2

ZZZ None DiAngelis Santos(c/o DiAmorim)
Bondage diangelis_santos

??? None Don Santos
Implied don_santos Implied don_santos2
ZZZ Link Edi Santos
Implied edi_santos

Smack Link Mays Santos
Nude mays_santos

Smack Link Meuquesedeque Santos
Nude m_soares_santos

??? None Saoir
XXX saoir
Smack Link Sarice Satyas
Bondage sarice_satyas

Smack Link Satyq
Implied satyqc

??? None Jermaine Savage
Lez jermaine_savage

ZZZ Link Thomas Schatz
Nude thomas_schatz
??? None Otto Schmidt
Lez otto_schmidt

Smack Link Rafa Schneider
Bondage rafa_schneider Nude rafa_schneider2

Smack Link Steve & Karen Scott
Beaver stvkar Nude stvkar2 Nude stvkar3

??? None Nandy Serdenio
Lez nandy_serdenio Implied nandy_serdenio2
??? None Allen Serrano
Implied allen_serrano Nude allen_serrano2 Implied allen_serrano3 Implied allen_serrano4
Smack Link Noel Seul
Nude noel_seul

Smack Link Sexfire
Beaver sexfire Nude sexfire2

Smack Link Shadako26
Nude shadako26 Nude shadako26b Nude shadako26c

Smack Link ShadowmanDDT
Nude shadowmanddt

ZZZ Link shekky77
Nude shekky77

ZZZ Link Shnoogums
Lez shnoogums

Smack Link sigel4ever
Implied sigel4ever

Usenet None Silentbobb
Nude silentbobb Nude silentbobb2

Smack Link Jose Jucilano Silva
Implied jose_jucilano Tentacles jose_jucilano2 Tentacles jose_jucilano3 Tentacles jose_jucilano4

Smack Link Jorge Silva
Nude jorge_silva

Smack Link Lucas Silva
Implied lucas_silva Nude lucas_silva2 Snake lucas_silva3

ZZZ Link Rose Silva de Viegas Manci
Nude Rose_silva Nude Rose_silva2

Smack None Selina Silvas
Lez s_silvas

Smack Link Luis Felipe Silver
Tentacles luis_felipe_silver(commission for adriatic6)

ZZZ Link SincereEyez
Implied SincereEyez
Smack Link Siphon92
Nude siphon92

Smack Link Sketchybehaviour
Nude sketchybehaviour

Smack Link SLB-Creations
XXX SLB-creations

Smack Link SleepyGimp
Bondage sleepygimp

ZZZ Link SLiMNightmaren
XXX slimnightmaren
zzz None Small_Time_Seller
Nude small_time_seller

??? None Gary Smith
Censored gary_smith

Smack Mail Christopher Smith-Thomas
Nude cst

Smack Link Izoneto Sousa
Implied izoneto_sousa Lez izoneto_sousa2 Lez izoneto_sousa3

??? None Charles Souza
Bondage charles_souza

Smack Link Nielisson Souza
Beaver nielisson_souza

Smack None Mary Christine Sperling
Implied sperling

Smack None Spooze
Nude spooze

Smack Link Stahlberg
Nude stahlberg

Smack None Sean Stannard
Nude sean_stannard

Smack None Ernie Stiner
Nude Ernie_stiner
zzz None Danny Stone
Implied danny_stone Nude danny_stone2

Smack None Stosh
Nude stosh

Smack Link Strovakhin
Implied strovakhin

zzz None stuart42mac (Fanart Central id)
Nude stuart42mac

Smack Link Lazaro Suarez
Nude Lazaro_suarez Nude Lazaro_suarez2 Censored Lazaro_suarez3
Smack Link Robert Summer
Bondage robert_summer

??? None Jason Sundile
Nude jason_sundile Implied jason_sundile2

Smack Link SunKing
Beaver sunking Nude sunking2 Lez sunking3 Too much of a good thing? :-)

ZZZ Link SuperBoin
XXX superboin
Smack Link Superroop
Implied superroop

ZZZ Link SuperTito
XXX supertito

Smack Link Sam Susami
Nude sam_susami

Smack Link Elliane Sutton
Tentacles elliane_sutton (after Chris Berkeley)

Smack Link Saul Kell
Tentacle sweetmouth Tentacle sweetmouth2 Tentacle sweetmouth3

Smack None Synn
Nude synn

Smack Link Tataouin
Lez tataouin
Smack Link Emmett Taylor (ask for commissions)
Nude e_taylor

ZZZ None Nattan Teixeirac/o DiAmorim
Censored nattan_teixeira

Smack Link Tenorjoane
Bondage tenorjoane

ZZZ Link Jeff Terleite
Nude jeff_terleite Bondage jeff_terleite2 Nude jeff_terleite3

Smack Link Thalarionyr
Bondage thalarionyr

Smack Link thejo83
Nude thejo83

Smack Link thenaughtygoblin
Beaver thenaughtygoblin
ZZZ Link thenota
Nude thenota

Smack Link therunningdead
Necro therunningdead

??? None Robin Thompson
Lez robin_thompson

Smack Link Thor16000
Nude thor16000
Smack Link Mikey Thrash
Nude mikey-thrash Implied mikey-thrash2

ZZZ Link DarkTickler
Nude darktickler

Smack Link Miss Titty
Nude misstitty Nude misstitty2 Nude misstitty3
Smack Link Abel Toledo
Implied Abel_toledo

Smack Link TommyTheDirtden
Bondage tommythedirtden Beaver tommythedirtden2

Smack Link ToonyTease
Nude toonytease Beaver toonytease2

Smack Link Pablo Tovar Jr.
Beaver pablo_tovar

??? None Tracy
Nude tracy Implied tracy2

??? None trigon73
Nude trigon73

Smack Link Christopher Tupeski
Bond christopher_tupeski
Smack Link Turk
Lez turk Vampi, Morrigan and Ghost.

Smack Link Turk128
XXX turk128a XXX turk128b
Smack Link Turtle
Nude turtle

Smack Link TwistdArt
Necro twistdart (extreme guro warning)

Smack None Chris Tyner
Bondage Chris_tyner

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