Hedonism's Ophidian Haunt


Isn't this Internet thing great? These pages have been created as an output of my bizarre stories and thoughts. You know, the stuff the Internet does best, the stuff that wouldn't be published by any author in his right or even half-wrong mind, but is available to the world anyway.

Latest Changes

6/4/04 : Added a luvly illustration by Geckomancer to the Pictures section

16/10/02 : Added two (gratefully received) piccies from Zeus to the Pictures section

22/9/02 : Added the Going Down series to my Stories section and started it off with two parts.

23/7/02 : Added Oren's Super Hero Bar and Grill to my Pictures section.

16/7/02 : Split my website into two. Adult content is now housed in a different place to this content. Click on the note in the sidebar for more information.

28/5/02 : Added Figment 19 and another lovely piccie from Justin6. Expanded my Links page.