I've tried to ensure that all the links from this page don't have adult content. If a MUCK or talker, they are primarily nonadult (though might have some adult areas)

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MUCKS, MUSHes, Talkers I Frequent

Scales MUCK : Scales MUCK is a Furry MUCK specialising in reptilian and sorta-reptilian characters. You don't need to be scaly to be on it but too many that aren't will threaten to make this into a Furry MUCK clone.

Furry MUCK : Furry MUCK is in my opinion the centre of the massively popular fandom that is Furry - drawing, writing about, generally appreciating, or being anthropomorphic creatures. It is this MUCK I tend to frequent most often.

Altered Realities : Delightful MUCK with transformation as it's central theme

Sociopolitical Ramifications : A smaller, more cosy anthropomorphic site than Furry MUCK

Alfandria : The MUCK for

Reptilian / Mostly Reptilian Stuff

Literature Page of M.H. Glenn (Hasai) : Home of my favourite story series on the Internet. Beware - It's unfinished while at the same time being riverting as hell. literature page Web site : This Web page is also a biiig list of links towards other draconic media.

Rahmal's Lair : A great range of cartoony drawings, including comics! Yay!

Lisardbeth's Realm : More beautiful cartoon drawings.

Dragon Neo : Big dragon art server.

Kohn's Web Site



FurSearch : The best way to find specific pictures of furries on a huge array of servers. : A resource of all sorts for lovers of birds and other avian creatures, and a base for homepages of those with feathery likes. And it hosts the homepages for FeatherMUCK and IRC server, for online chat. This has lots of cool potential, so please check it out.

The Extinctioners : Professional quality furry comic book web site. Phenix is gorgeous :)

The Impersonation : Person's Web site

London Furs : A handy resource for British furs like me


Transformation Graphics Archive : A server for transformation related web pages

Solluna - Bookwyrm : A nice little cubbyhole of transformation stories on the Net. I'm attempting to drag it into the limelight by putting a link to it here :)

Pop's Transformation Art : Some partial nudity present.

The Writings of Brian Eric Coe : Good stories, none of them sexual but some dealing with mature topics.

Gryf's Art : Amazingly intricate transformations

Henshin! : A great gateway to many TF resources

Picklejuice or (alternative site) : Many excellent transformation sequences

Circe's Playhouse

Transformation Forum : A very lively transformation chat page

Kurt's Transformation Art

Womble's Transformation Art : Cute, mammalian transformation sequences

Cartoon Strips

Alternate Red : A new fledgeling slice o' life cartoon by Justin6

Lizard Comics : The prolific Dave Kelly strikes again! I can't get enough of this comic, but fortunately it's a daily :)

Misty Mouse

Spellshocked : Infrequent but beautifully drawn. Quality over quantity.

The Furry Funnies Stand : A huge index of comics starring furries

Sabrina Online : A wonderful Amiga lovin' comic strip

West Corner Of The Park : Act cool or stupid enough on Furry MUCK's famous gathering spot and you may end up in this strip. So get practising :)

Sluggy Freelance : Pretty dark in places, but very funny. Except Bun-Bun. I loathe him, but I think I'm alone in that :)

Kevin And Kell : It's funny, it properly expresses the animal nature of it's characters, and it changes daily.

Oren Otter - Ottercomics : A nicely expanding range of comics

The class menagerie

A Doemain Of Our Own

DeRaptor Cool, beret-wearing, wise-ass reptiles... birds... uhhh... I love 'em, I don't class 'em.

Boston And Shawn A sweet if mildly strange tale of either a boy and his dragon, a dragon and her brother, or one dragon merged from two, depending on what they wanna be at the time :)

Bruno The Bandit A particularly well drawn comic. Cute sidekick (a scaly, of course :) )


Ozy And Millie A good quality comic strip - watch out for the main characters though - they may be younger than 10, but they are probably more intelligent than you. Oh, and Ozy's dad is a dragon, with excellent opportunity for fire breathing gags :)

Gene Catlow

The Real World

Human Rights Watch : Take off the rose tinted glasses.

White Dot : Campaign for watching less TV. Easy when you're addicted to the Internet :)

Chick Publications Inc. : Some very scary fundamentalist dogma, in insidiously easy to digest cartoon format.

DARK Chick Tracts : Richly deserved micky-take of the above site.