The Druid’s Lesson

By Hedonism


This story contains scenes of sex between amphibians and humans, transformation and oviposition.


Jessica and Daphne stalked towards the pool’s edge.


“This is a great risk,” said Jessica. “The goblins are only a few meters away!


“They only banned humans from the ponds,” replied Daphne


“But we are humans!”


“We are druids,” emphasised Daphne firmly to her apprentice. “You must convince everyone that you are a druid before you are a human. And that includes yourself.”


“Yes mistress,” replied Jessica wearily. “I’m not sure I can convince myself yet.”


“That’s what this journey’s for. Soon you shall.”


With that, the older druid tugged at the fastener of her green robe and let it fall to the floor. She was naked underneath. Jessica blushed as Daphne looked at her until the apprentice undid her own robes and let her body become free.


Both were beautiful, trim, buxom and muscular. This was one of the perks of being a druid, Jessica knew. Their bodies picked up the dream of femininity from the humans around them, and this crafted them into forms men and women dearly wanted, either to hold or to be.


Daphne stood up and left the undergrowth, to Jessica’s amazement, revealing her naked body to the similarly unclad goblins. The apprentice followed her out into plain sight reluctantly.


The goblins were small half-frog people, though this gave them a cuteness, even an animal beauty of their own. They had smooth green skin and curves that resembled both amphibian and humanoid shape. Their bodies were human-like and slender, though their hands and feet were long and webbed. Most non-human was their totally froggy heads and salamander tails. Primitive clothes were strewn around haphazardly, their owners clearly not caring about them any more.


There were males and females half-submerged in the huge pond, chatting or rubbing against each other. A lot of their attentions were immediately drawn towards the interlopers.


A male took hold of a nearby dagger and advanced warily towards the girls. He was only three feet tall, but being small was hardly an indication of his powerlessness.


“Humans are not allowed near the spawn-pools!” he croaked harshly.


Daphne grasped Jessica’s arm as the younger girl tried to run away.

“Where are the humans?” she asked. “We are druids.”


The frog’s alarmed expression relaxed quickly. He lowered his dagger.


“_Goblin_ druids?” he asked. “Druids of my species?”


“Uhhh...” hesitated Jessica, looking down at the slinky amphibian. Daphne simply nodded and smiled.


“We are now both goblin druids. I am Daphne, and this is Jessica.”


The male croaked happily, his wide mouth sliding into a smile.




 He paced forwards and rubbed his nostrils gently against Jessica’s golden haired vagina. The girl blushed at the ticklish sensation. But as the girl didn’t actually protest, he walked around the back of her and started to climb up her legs. He kept his movements slow and patient, to ensure his mate didn’t become afraid or aggressive.


“Uhhh...” she began.


“Is this alright?” asked Rehk softly


“Errr... Is what alright?”


Daphne smiled and rubbed her apprentice’s hair as the goblin eased into a piggy back, his groin lightly rubbing her bottom.


“You are a goblin now,” said the druid instructor, “so don’t be afraid. You have the right to push him off.”


But Jessica rather liked his cool wet flesh on her back. She knew goblins didn’t have a penis, so he couldn’t get up to anything even in that position.


“Ohmmm... It’s fine.”


In fact, it was more than fine. He felt good just... being there. Jessica broke away from her mentor and walked around the outskirts of the pond continuing the piggy back. She didn’t even mind when his hands slipped down and cupped her breasts.


The apprentice noticed many other goblin girls with males on their backs, although these couples were just floating in the water, presumably because the females weren’t as strong as the human. But they did share the same wonderful, bliss-filled expression.


“This really... mmmhhh... does feel good,” she murmured to the frog she carried.


“Rhhh... Rhhh... Feels better and better all the time, yes?”


“Yes... Mmmmhhhhh, yesss... But why? All you’re doing is holding my boobs and rubbing my bum.”


Rehk nodded and started to gently squirm on the girl, massaging her with his strong legs, gently pinching her breasts and rubbing his finger webbing against her nipples.


“Ohhh! I didn’t mean you should .... mmmhhh... dooo, more...”


The pleasure was much greater, and still increasing! Even more ecstacy came from the sensations on her back than the feeling from her nipples.


Jessica felt heavier now. She looked down and saw her tummy was swollen.


“Rhhhhh... What’s happening to mmmeee?” asked the druid uncertainly. She staggered to the water’s edge and waded straight in. Her stomach was bigger than her chest now, and a soft green hue replaced the pink of its curves.


“I’m mating with you,” gasped Rehk.


“You can’t be! Hrrrf, Rrrf, You’ve not... Uhmmm... pyut yourself in me!”


Both creature’s sensations heightened further. Now neither could speak intelligibly.


Jessica fell into a squat, her legs wide open.


“Ooohhhhhh... Orrrrmmmmhhhhhh!”


The frog’s groin beat against her rump as he gripped and pinched her increasingly slick breasts, and squeezed at her greatly enlarged belly. It seemed like he was trying to push something out of her.


The girl’s pussy had shed its fur and was turning green like her stomach. Then it started to drool into the water just underneath it. The girl rubbed her skin and realised it was slimy, and this felt good. Something convulsed deep inside her and opened wide. Jessica wondered if it was her cervix.


It was. Something was exiting her grossly expanded womb!


“Mmmh, gonna come!” she gasped. The goblin nodded and rubbed busily at her rear.


“Mhhhh, mhhhhh, mhhhhuuuuurrrrrrr!”


Jessica’s vagina opened wide and disgorged a steady stream of clear gel spheres, each the size of her fist. The spawn gushed out from between her thighs while Rehk’s vent opened and jetted his grey semen over it.


Jessica looked down at her eggs with horrified amazement. Already the cloud of frogspawn was larger than herself, and still it kept coming. She stroked her hand against her cunny’s outpouring, felt each slimy orb tumble free, saw that every single one had a thumb-sized black sphere inside.


“Goblin spawn?” she asked herself out loud. As the stream of eggs slowed she squeezed her hips to keep the flow strong. Already her tummy was nearly it’s original size. But not the original shape. She was turning into a goblin, stomach-first.


Jessica fell to her knees, carefully so as not to disturb the eggs as they sank to the bottom of the pool. When she looked hard through the surface, she saw all the other female’s spawn clouds spurting free of their submerged vaginas.


Daphne walked up to Jessica and stroked her hair as it started to turn green. The mentor’s fingers were long and webbed, her breasts were more streamlined like a goblin’s, and there were other, ever increasing signs that she was transforming just a quickly as her student.


Jessica looked up and blushed fiercely. She was still slowly birthing, and couldn’t get up because the cloud of frogspawn tugged at her pussy in its need to remain joined to the eggs still in her womb.


“You’re changing as well?” asked the younger girl hesitantly. A cute froggy head peered over Daphne’s shoulder and poked his tongue out in greeting to Jessica’s own hanger-on. Rehk’s semen continued to pour out and fertilise his mate’s eggs.


“Of course,” chuckled the older woman. “Those around us dictate our form. Ever since you became a druid, it’s been happening. Only it’s been too subtle to notice, because we’ve been amongst humans. If we met some lizardmen, or a pack of wolves, we’d become one of them in time.”


“So...” Jessica pondered, starting to understand the vague teachings, “I was just in... human form? Humans don’t change into other creatures... So I wasn’t a human since I became a druid?”




“That means... I thought being a druid was belonging to a ... group of people. An organisation... but it’s not. It’s a species itself?”


“Our journey’s been successful, Jessica,” said the mentor with a wide smile as she settled into the water and watched her stomach start to swell with frogspawn.


By Hedonism