Born In Pangelar, By Hedonism


Pangelar is a world inhabited by dragosaurs, furry bipedal dinosaurs with vaguely victorian-era technology (though rather more advanced practical horticultural and mystical mastery). And somehow it's ended up inhabited by me :)


World of Pangelar by Berbalang (

This story contains scenes of sex between anthropomorphic animals.

Hedonism woke up in a brief panic as the bed underneath her vibrated sharply. She looked around, then up in the greenish ceiling of the room. When she eventually remembered what planet she was on she scratched the delicate green scales covering her belly and slid upright. The bed was a spongy fungus, and according to her friend, apparently alive. Sometimes she thought of it swallowing her whole as she slept so comfortably. Shelving that slightly pleasant thought for a second she pulled a long green arm free of the covers and thumped a lever. The silent mechanical motor died along with the shaking movements it was generating, and Hedonism pulled back the covers to get up and get changed. She wrapped around the black gossamer wrap until it more or less covered her breasts and hips, then roused Koori who was sleeping in the next bed over. The dragosaur's eyes flickered and she looked up into the scaly features of Hedonism. Dragosaurs were covered in fur, except in those areas they chose not to be. Scaly things were to them prey or predator, and Koori made a sudden squeal as her numbed, half asleep mind wheeled between seeing this creature as a conveniently close morning snack or a far-too-close predator. The dragosaur pulled her mind together and smiled, eventually.

"Good morning, Hedonism,"

"It is," said Hedonism, in a fractured accent she compensated for by smiling warmly. She turned around, her strange tendril-like hair flowing lightly behind her as if hovering. Dragosaur and saurian (as Hedonism claimed she was) were similar in stature. Legs adapted from a four-legged creature, sweeping crocodile tail balancing the upright dinosaur stature. But as Koori finally sliped free of the covers her naked body towered over Hedonism like a mother over a seven year old. The patterns on the bigger creatures' body were absenses of fur, bright green patches of skin revealed by shaving away narrow streaks of her dark magenta fur. The most obvious markings described her in the ancient pattern dialect as single, sexually open and strong willed. The black patches on Hedonism's green scales, around her spine and thighs were her natural camouflage, and brought on a headache when you unwarily tried to translate them. When they first met the creature said she was the child of a flying saurian, and had been intelligent the second her life was formed in the womb, enough to mold this form for herself rather than accept the shape nature would provide. Ridiculous as it sounded, it did explain her scales and the beautiful, sheetlike wings tightly folded at her shoulderblades. It sort-of explained she could have those as well as intelligence and those ponderous bumps on her chest, the mammal teets she called breasts, which she fought to conceal as much as others covered their genitals. As Koori spiralled her body into a long, gossamer wrap, there was movement from the other beds. Hedonism looked pensively at Koori's parents as they got up. Koori said she was living in a harem of sorts with her mothers Berith and Cauul, and her father. When she came to stay with her friend last night, they were already in bed. Dirrul smiled as he looked at the little reptile.

"So you're Koori's friend. Where do you live, Hedonism?"

"Under the sun. When not under the stars."

"And when it rains? And when the storms come?"

"Under the clouds."

"This is your first time indoors?"

Hedonism thought about this. She couldn't tell a lie if she could help it.

"Since I was born, yes," she smiled. Dirrul grinned slowly.

"I can't offer you anything quite so comfortable as that. But upon the consent of my family, you may stay here until you earn one of my homes to
dwell in..."

As it turned out, building houses was what Dirrul's offered work consisted of. In a fashion. While Koori was hunting, Hedonism joined Dirrul and his wives as they bent over the grass, watering suggestive looking fungus growths with an intensely strong smelling liquid. In a week these tall fleshy lumps would become houses, a transformation Hedonism would look forward to learning how to cause. The odour of the fungi and the liquid filled her nostrils except for those times the paths she took brought her to the dragosaurs. Their own scents were intense with the hard work, and coated her tongue deliciously when she slipped it out and ran it against the sense organs on the roof of her mouth. Both love and lust were being transmitted like air-borne emotions by Dirrul and his wives. She took the time to look at them. Dirrul himself was quite lanky and lean. He carried himself tall, and the patterns on him consisted mostly of tiny upward facing arrows. By custom and law he was the boss, by stint of his maleness. So it was interesting to see how he acted towards Cauul. She was massive, both by female and by dracosaur standards in general. Spirals were haved into either side of her black muzzle, spiderlike, thin lines curving down to her furry chest where they became angular. Her skin was pale, getting on for human flesh tint. Sometimes he submitted to her, getting out of the bigger creature's way as their paths crossed. Other times he took an effort to be dominant, something Cauul seemed to do naturally, but forcing her to nevertheless let him pass. Still other times they would suddenly try to bite
each others' necks or chests, in a strangely refined and affectionate way. It was a personal game; they were gracious to Berith, Dirrul's second wife,
making her hierachy in this group harder to work out. Or it may just have been because of the creatures' bulging belly and scent of deep pregnancy.
Dirrul was equally polite to Hedonism as well. Cauul looked at Hedonism in a suspiciously hungry way, especially as she breathed in the Imp's deep scent. This attention brought shivers down her spine and through her tendril-hair, and not entirely unpleasant images followed in her mind.

Hedonism looked at the fungus lumps, all watered, not doing anything interesting.

"What do we do now?" she asked the closest dragosaur, Berith, as the pregnant creature stood up from her early break.

"We have fun. Depends on what Dirrul decides." The male stalked forward to the group.

"A game. Or a sport. Or just some excuse to keep my females fit," he said importantly. Cauul scowled mockingly at him.

"I see the prey!" he shouted suddenly and bounded forwards suddenly.

Hedonism watched his wives suddenly spring forwards to follow him, or in the case of Cauul, to keep up and overtake. Hedonism murred under her breath at the sudden burst of excited scents and sprang after them. They tore through the fungus crop then out into the forest. They seemed to be running after invisible prey. Dirrul and Cauul jostling for position, Berith following behind. They looked backwards at Hedonism griniing like children, never saying a word. After a few worried seconds, Hedonism worked it out. They were 'chasing' random landmarks such as tree stumps, streams, hills, thousand-mile away mountains and even the sun. One would suddenly spring off in a different direction and the others would try to regroup around him or her, keeping in order the hierachy they had built up in place - Dirrul in front, Cauul pushing and shoving to take over his position, Berith behind.

They were expecting Hedonism to find a place in their hierarchy. The Imp smiled and caught up swiftly. She was a submissive, enjoyed ranks for the chance to be at the bottom of them. But there was a more dangerous but higher desired position in this race. She galloped madly in front of the rest, making Dirrul and Cauul gasp at this audacious taking over of first place. But Hedonism didn't stay with the group, and never tried to integrate even as another direction was chosen, always running as fast as she could in front. Suddenly she picked her own directrion, watched the others follow. And another. She weaved and bobbed, watched the dragosaurs keep pace, running at top speed. Dirrul realised what she was doing, and signalled Berith to the right and Cauul to the left. Hedonism wasn't part of the group but she was part of the hunt. She was playing the part of the prey now.

Dirrul was impressed with her bravery - she was after all a little saurian, exactly the sort of prey they really chased, when they got bored of simply obtaining their food from the markets. He looked towards the hungry Cauul, and hoped this would continue to be just a game. Hedonism put on a new burst of speed, and dissapeared into a tangle of bushes. Dirrul pounced into the clearing next, but found only the reptile's discarded robes. He paused, smiled wider and tore off again, stripping away the few clothes he wore and leaving them hanging off branches.

Hedonism squealed as she risked a backwards glance to watch the male behind her running efficiently. He was naked as she now, his maleness bobbing and weaving with each long legged step. Ahead of her she could smell his females, then suddenly they lept from either side through bushes and grasped her buttocks with furry claws, bearing her to the ground. Caught in a strange emotional mixture of lust and fear she squirmed, particularly when Cauul turned the Imp onto her back, opened her mouth ferally and closed it around Hedonism's right shoulder. Berith curiously snapped down upon a breast and kept it firmly captured between her gently gripping teeth. Hedonism closed her eyes, in fear then deep pleasure as Berith felt the curves of the mammary with her tongue, mouthed around the whole breast.

Dirrul stomped posessively into the clearing. He looked at the prone creature with delight. Part of him felt triumph and pride for his harem being able to capture the prey, and the gnawing urge to eat her. Other, equally ancient drives saw this female squirming on the ground, ready for him, beautiful despite her scaly body and animal heritage. He could feel his body stirring, his groin awakening.

"I shall dine first upon our prey," he hissed. He crept forwards, his penis twitching, his scent high on heat. There was the faintest of pauses in Dirrul's actions as he ensured Hedonism was willing to continue with the game. The Imp shook with want, and opened her hind legs slowly, completely turned on. Her scent and action seemed to be enough. Dirrul ran his paws against her belly, then his feet slid under her knees, his legs locking them open. He came down on her like a predator, pinning her to the ground with his grasping claws and overbearing chest, and pulling her breast and shoulder free of Berith and Cauul. His fur rustled softly against her scales, over her legs, arms, and chest. She coiled her tail lazily around his and bared her throat to him, trusting totally. Dirrul nibbled the scales in this area as his penis slowly ran against the groove of the reptile's slender vagina. He let Hedonism squirm for just a little more, this time her movements were driven by unquenched lust nearly shorn of fear. Then, with a strange, hollow howl of mating he ran hard into her. She screamed as she was forced open, her passages widening to admit the males' bulbous shaft. He hesitated a moment, momentarily amazed he was having sex with a scaly thing, an animal. Then he looked into her reptilian eyes and felt her shivering crotch against the base of his deeply embedded shaft, and knew he couldn't bare do anything else but continue. Hedonism squealed as he started to hump into her with gentle, rippling thrusts which made his whole furry body slide against her scales. He watched her breasts wobble curiously, reached out for one and smiled wider as he saw Hedonism yipped pleasure in response. His hips moved into an instinctual rythym, the reptiles' curiously shaped vaginal passages making his shaft bend and flex inside her, slide in and down an odd direction. Trying to resist the building, maddening pleasure, trying to lengthen the ecstacy as long as possible, he played with the mammaries harshy. And found his mate moaned the most when he pinched and twisted her teets. Hedonism's mouth hung open, her tongue lolled out as her breasts became moist, then started to bleed warm white liquid lactation onto Dirrul's fingers. Enchanted with this curious mammalian liquid, he craned his long head to her left nipple and bit it carefully with his teeth, then let the rhytym of their sex pull the warm, thick substance into his mouth. The taste was relaxing, but tasted tantalisingly of the emotions of the sex they were having. His left hand grasped her other teet and he roughly played with the globe, as her milk soaked up in the fur on his claw. Squirming against him, Hedonism screamed words of a language incomprehensible to him, between joyous squeals.

Cauul watched Hedonism and Dirrul jealously - she couldn't let her husband get away with the first taste of the prey just because he was a male. She looked down on the reptile girl's loll-tongued face, and smiled hungrily. Hedonism looked up to see the huge female's shadow fall over her, and plant her powerful hind claws on either side of the creatures' snout. Cauul growled slowly, threateningly as she squatted, her furry thighs parting to
reveal a very short-shaved vagina. Hedonism cringed, whimpered softly through the waves of pleasure as the monstrous woman rested atop her like the little animal was her egg. Hedonism, watched the light get blotted out, smelled the beautiful heavy scent from between the dragosaurs powerful thighs. She gingerly lapped at the dragosaur's vagina, weaving her long black tongue through the almost white folds of vaginal flesh. Cauul roared her pleasure, and settled into a kneel facing away from Dirrul, her solid-muscled thighs clamping the reptiles' face in place.

"Good girl, Hedonism," she growled muzzilly. "Do you want more training for childbirth, Berith?"

Berith gave a mellow growl in response and got on her hands and knees in front of Cauul, then raised her tail. Her heavily pregnant belly drooped down and almost rubbed against the floor. The bigger dragosaur started to bob up and down on the helpless reptiles' face, her crotch and buttocks running wetly between Hedonism's long jaws, her intense scented lubrication running into her mouth. The little reptile grunted, her voice deeply muffled, but pleased. Cauul flopped from her upright position onto Berith's back, then pulled the creature backwards by her rump until their stance resembled a male mounting a female. Berith howled submissively as Cauul gripped her on the shoulder with her teeth, clenched her egg-filled belly with a long-nailed claw, and ran the fingers of her other hand around the entrance to the prostrate dragosaur's swollen sex. Cauul howled wantonly, pulled her hips back and Cauul finally took pity, bunched her hand into a fist and roughly pushed the knuckles into the folds of the dragosaurs' vagina. Berith whimpered as she felt the entrance of her sex stretch around the determined fist. Her slit, now a stretched hole, ached with the pressure but slowly started to swallow up Cauul's claws. Cauul pulled Berith backwards mercilessly onto her fist, rubbed her knuckles around the soaked interior of the vagina.

Hedonism breathed in the scent from the dominant female's sex with her every laboured gasp of ecstacy, felt the liquids drip onto her face. She delighted in being trapped by these predators, at her place under their bodies. She delved her tongue into the dragosaurs' lightly furred vagina and was rewarded by the spasm of her clutching thighs, the acknowledgement of pleasure. At last she felt her pleasure peak, then course into the mad downhill orgasm, as the dominant male gripped her tightly with every limb, his penis rooted deeply within her. As Hedonism squirmed in muffled ecstacy he climaxed seconds later, and she felt his semen suddenly well deep inside her crotch. She felt his teeth bite down hard on her whole breast, his mouth covering it, his sharp teeth breaching the skin and delving lightly into the mammary fat. She squealed her pleasure around Cauul's crotch, wouldn't have protested at this moment if Dirrul started to eat her. Cauul rode the reptile girl as the delicious looking prey entered her orgasm and somehow still managed to lick deeply into her slit. The dragosaur bucked down hard onto the squealing mouth and remained tightly in place as she felt her own pleasure peak. She bit down on a feminine howl of orgasm, turning it into a screeching roar as she forced her whole fist, wrist and nearly six inches of forearm into Berith's swollen, pregnant hole. Berith pulled upwards and against the bigger females' chest with the pain and pleasure and felt her climax swiftly build and peak in sympathetic timing to her mate. Cauul's spasms of orgasm ran juices onto the prey's face and into her mouth, staining the creatures' tempting smell with her own. As the pleasure finally started to run away she pulled herself exhausted from the reptiles' thirsty tongue. Hedonism gasped suddenly at the sudden presence of air and absence of tasty dragosaur slit. Until Berith squatted over her and sat slowly, her slack vagina dripping fresh liquids with the scent and slight taste of placental juices that betrayed her pregnancy. Berith smiled lustfully from far above as she felt herself being drank, and the reptile underneath grinned as she wondered if they were fattening her up for later...

The pleasuring finally finished as fat droplets of rain fell from the sky, and the wind picked up. It's breath cooled down those spots on her scaly skin that were covered in liquid, which by now was nearly all of her. Dirrul got up and cradled the reptile against his chest. He kept a firm hold of her, his hands freely roaming her naked body, running trails of dry spots through the wetness. The male and his wives returned to their discarded clothes. Cauul got into her wrap, then picked up Hedonism's cloak and ran her fingers across the fabric.

"Our prey had a good skin," she said. Then she slipped into it. The good thing about cloaks, Hedonism realised, was that it fit creatures nearly three times her size, like Cauul. Although on her it was considerably more petite. She looked down at her naked body.

"But what shall I wear?" she asked, fairly sure of the answer, and hopeful.
"What use does a Saurian have for clothes?" grinned the male. "You shall be
naked in our house or out of it, until we want you to wear anything." He
smiled simply.

Yes, that's what she was hoping for.

" And you shall do whatever any member of this household says, including our daughter. And you shall ask us if you want anything we don't simply give you. In return you shall live with us." Hedonism squealed with joy and hugged him tightly. Dirrul responded by stroking the ridge along her back, ending his caress at her rump, soaked with lubrication. Hedonism felt something slide around her neck. It was black and light. Cauul held the other end of it, a length of black fabric she had tore from Hed's cloak. "I feel a leash is appropriate in these circumstances," she said, her voice oiled with glee. Hedonism looked back at her, touched the leash and wagged her tail. Cauul's tail flicked lightly and she grinned.

"Plus you are a milk animal," said Dirrul. "Milk is one of the most exotic, expensive drinks you can buy. But all we now have to do is nurse from you..."

"The storm's getting worse. We should return home for a shower," said Berith, looking up. Hedonism settled to the floor, and got onto all fours.

Dirrul and his wives looked on with approval. As they walked, Dirrul noted how she shifted to quadruped motion so easily. Though her legs were digitigrade, her arms used to be nothing like forelegs. Yet they seemed to have changed shape, and now it seemed impossible that she had been walking like a dragosaur. Her buttocks bobbed, her thighs slid against each other, her tail waved from side to side lazily. He felt himself gettig aroused, slightly amazed that this animal gait was turning him on. The fabric covering his groin bulged obscenely.

"May I also take a shower?" asked the reptile, looking up at Cauul with her

"Yes you may, lizard. In fact you shall be having three," she replied. "You will after all be helping _us_ shower." She smiled at Hedonsim's own grin.

"I think the storm is going to be huge," said Dirrul. "I can feel the air spiraling. Where is Koori?"

"It's okay," said Berith as she slowly unpeeled Dirrul's clothes, glancing mischievously at the Imp walking on all fours, not looking behind. "She went
off to Bailoo for the library," Dirrul nodded, relieved. The coastal city was the veteran of the many massive storms that swept this area. Like their house the buildings of the place were constructed of a fungus that was extremely resistant to the massive regular tempests. Worry for his daughter gone, he was free to pace quicker, sneaking up on Hedonism, his steps light and intentional. Berith smiled and tried not to giggle as her male stalked unseen towards his prey.

End of Part 1

From Hedonism

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