The Adventure

By Hedonism

This story contains transformations and consentual sex with reptiles (snakies, to be exact :) ). It ainít particularly copyrighted, so publish it elsewhere or hack it up into the bits you like at your pleasure. Just donít do anything unsociable like pretend you wrote it.

Prologue: The adventures of Jenny and Isabelle, two fifteen year olds who lived at an upper class orphanage, at the civilized country of Severus. Naive and happy, they were eager to escape the boredom of repetitive schooling and appeals to dull adults to give them a home they didn't really want.

Jenny looked with interest at the sunny, deserted beach she and her best friend Isabelle had found themselves upon, reflecting how they had ended up stranded on this... island? It was too large for her to be sure where she was. Jenny thought about how they had been searching for adventures by stowing away on a merchant vessel. It took them days for the crew to discover them, but when they were brought to the captain at last, he dropped them off at this island. He muttered darkly that they were safer in the uncivilized wilderness than on his ship with an uncivilized crew. Neither girl understood what he meant, so they happily waved to the ship as it slowly sculled away from view.

"This is wonderful!" said Isabelle cheerily, as she delicately sat down on the sand and pulled her dress over her petticoats. "We've really got away! We'll never be taken back this time. There's not even anyone around to see us!"

"Apart for the people coming towards us over here, you mean?" said Jane, pointing inland. She waved to a distant group of females, all wearing dresses of fabric and grass.

"Oh my! Natives!" squealed Jenny with joy. She looked at the people's gleaming ebony skin, a complexion she guessed they were proud of, as they wore far less clothes than ladies of their home country. The newcomers smiled back at the girls with perfect, shining teeth as they approached. One spoke in a lilting, friendly tone.

"Have you been abandoned here, children?" she asked.

Isabelle smiled nervously and nodded.

"Then we shall take you to the temple, where the priestesses from your country can take you back... to... the..." she appeared to be thinking about something. Then she saw the children's downcast expressions.

"We don't want to return. We've only just come here, and it's boring back home!"

"Our own village can always be increased by two, but - " The interruption was Jane's gasp of surprise.

"Your village? A native village? How wonderful!"

"Yes, but - "

"When can we go there?" Jane asked, wonder in her voice. The woman looked at the two curious girls and smiled wider. Their naiveté was a breath of fresh air.

"We are hunting, and won't return all day. You may go through the forest and find our village, and they will welcome you. However, if you are to be part of our society you won't be afraid of any reptile you discover." Jane and Isabelle looked at her with expected surprise.

"Are they sacred to you?"

"No... it's hard to describe. But I know people of your race can be... squeamish, you call it? Of lizards, snakes. You will never find our village if you afraid of such." Jane looked at Isabelle. Neither had much experience of the things.

"We're not afraid of anything," said Jane.

Jane didn't dare move. She was laid on the ground, Isabelle nearby and the snake scant feet away. They had rested after forty minutes of walking, following the single direction the woman had given them, when the snake slithered out of the undergrowth and crawled towards Jane. It was several feet long, with smooth green skin patched with vivid yellow patches.

"I mustn't show fear. Nothing bad will happen or the native woman would've said so," said Isabelle's friend. Isabelle nodded. They trusted everybody. She laid back carefully, supporting herself with her hands. The creature slithered to her feet, then between them, right up to her dress. Jane looked up urgently at her friend, who got onto her haunches, but could only watch on helplessly. The snake ran it's head under her dress, and Jane saw the lump in the fabric it made elongate as more of it crept under her. She shook uncontrollably, felt her body grow cold. Yet she didn't move, and tried to regulate her breathing. It brushed her thigh, then climbed up and onto it, more and more of it's body disappearing. It felt indecent, yet oddly pleasant. It crept so far up it brushed both thighs, stroked them with it's sleek head. Jane smiled a little.

"It's okay. It's not going to hurt me - " suddenly she felt it casually open it's mouth, lick a delicate part of her inner thigh, and slowly bite her. The colour drained from her body and she whimpered as she felt it inject something into a thick vein.

"It's bitten me! Isabelle, it's bitten me!"

"Don't move, Jane! I think it's turning round. It'll leave you soon!" The creatures body moved, bent around lazy into a U slithered along the new path. The snake's head crawled back out from under the skirt and it slid effortlessly back into the undergrowth. Nothing was heard except the subtle forest background noise and Jane's deep, shuddering breaths. She slowly got to her feet.

"C, come on, Isabelle. I think it wouldn't be showing f, fear if we walked away now. Quite quickly." Isabelle stood up immediately and helped Jane settle into a walk. After a few steps the girl stopped. She shifted slowly and shook as she felt the venom moving and flexing muscles in her body and on her skin. She looked about with surprise, looked at herself. Isabelle looked at Jane with surprise as her flesh seemed to smooth, and her shape growing slender as her height increased slowly.

"Wh, what's happening to me?" squealed Jane.

"Gosh, Your body's changing. Your nose seems to be growing... smaller." Isabelle replied, reaching a cautious hand out to stroke Jane's face. Jane took her hands to Isabelle's, held it tightly, and both girls felt the twitching. Before their astonished eyes, the wrinkles on her fingers smoothed. Isabelle stroked her hands with wonder as other wrinkles disappeared.

"Your hands are so wonderfully soft!" she squealed with amazement. Jane sighed with thrilled happiness. The changes intensified, and felt like gentle caresses inside her body. A feeling of cool milk pouring down her face and splashing all her flesh caused the girl to lick her lips with enjoyment. Awash with the feeling, she noticed her skin turn silky smooth and pearl white. She felt the muscles in her face begin to flex and writhe, and she breathed in deeply with apprehension and excitement. Her face seemed to grow longer with each breath, while her nose faded a little more, while growing towards a lengthening mouth. Jane's hand tightened a little round Isabelle's.

"I can't smell anything anymore!" she said. Her eyes widened a little, and looked straight at Isabel, who crept closer to her friend reassuringly.

"And my tongue. It's growing longer. I feel I need to poke my tongue out at you!" she said. Isabelle couldn't help giggling at this, and Jane paused in puzzlement, then laughed as well, with a strange lisp.

"Why not poke your tongue out? It's not that rude!" squealed Isabelle. Jane opened her mouth wide and her tongue flicked out. It extended nearly six inches, and was dark red. Both girls froze in amazement. Isabelle slowly slid her own tongue round her lips. Jane meanwhile slid her tongue back into her mouth and closed her eyes in sumptuous enjoyment. She could taste Isabelle's scent, enhanced, as real as an exotic food. She smiled with excitement and desire, and unconsciously slid her white hands into her skirt to stroke her changing legs languorously. She flicked forth her tongue a couple of times more, each time sliding it wonderfully against her taste buds.

"I don't miss my sense of smell. I can taste the air now! And I feel the changes increasing now. Changes to my skin." Jane writhed and squirmed slowly. It felt right, and was doing strange things to Isabelle. As her friend blushed her scent changed to a more exiting one. Experimentally, Jane pulled her skirt up a little to expose her pale legs. Then she daintily stroked her upper legs with a finger. Isabelle hid her blushing face with her petticoat, but Jane could taste her friends emotions, and they were fragrant with something, an interesting new emotion. The changing girl whispered hisses into her shy friends ears through the dress as she stroked her hair. Suddenly Jane sighed.

"Oh Issabelle, pleasse look at me, sssee me change. It'sss ssso important." Every time Jane hissed, Isabelle felt her friend's tongue slide partly forth and flutter momentarily in the air. Isabelle uncovered her face and looked at her friend who had opened her wide mouth lazily. Her canine teeth slowly grew from her gums, pushing through while sharpening into purest white daggers. Jane smelt new scents from Isabelle's body, and hissed, startling the girl, who giggled again.

"I, I'm getting scared of touching you now." said Isabelle.

"No, pleassse! Touch me whenever you want, wherever you want. And you musst let me do the sssame with you!" Jane replied primly. Her voice was lighter, more like a whisper. Isabelle paled and giggled nervously. But she liked the strange feeling this deal had on her.

"Yes, okay. Now where are you transforming?" Isabelle's hand stretched towards Jane.

"Everywhere! All my ssskin is being touched, molded, changed!" Isabelle looked at her friends face. It slowly turned light green, then darkened to the colour of emeralds. Jane looked at the backs of her slender hands as they also became the same colour. Her whole skin became completely smooth, until tiny flecks of skin rose out. Thin pits formed around the flecks which grew and became more obvious until Jane was covered in wonderful little scales.

"Oh my beautiful friend, you are turning into a reptile! Maybe the serpent is turning you into one of it's own!" exclaimed Isabelle. "Soon you will lay eggs and shed your skin like the snakes in the woods!" Isabelle giggled with excitement. Jane gasped with the strange rubbing feeling she had in her stomach. The idea turned her on. As Jane lifted her skirt a little to stroke her thighs Isabelle reached for the snake girls slender shoulders to feel her scales shift and move. Then her gaze moved to Jane's revealed thighs. These were scaly too, though a different colour, a pinkish-green. Jane opened and closed her legs, smiling, and Isabelle felt the urge to place her head on those thighs and feel the press of warm scales against her cheeks.

"Ohhhh, Isssabelle, I need you to take off everything between my legssss, it isss... important. The changesss are taking placcce there now!" Isabelle reddened and giggled, but as she looked into Jane's eyes the serpent smiled and reached forward to kiss her. Isabelle felt the cool scaly lips on her own for a wonderful few seconds, and nodded blissfully. Jane sat back and spread her legs wide, then hitched her beautiful blue dress up all the way to reveal her white panties, trapped between her scaly thighs. But Isabelle concentrated on her reptilian friends shoes and socks first. As Jane's friend peeled the knee length socks off her long emerald legs, Isabelle noted Jane's little toes were now webbed. With a mischievous smile, the girl tickled the soft scales on the soles of Jane's feet, bringing hissing giggles from her. Isabelle found herself entertaining the most unusual thoughts towards where she should touch her friend next. She didn't say anything as she reached for the reptile girls panties. Jane felt the human's young hands caressing her thighs tenderly, the touch of a wonderful friend. Mischievously, she opened her legs even wider and remained that way.

"The... changesss, I can't clossse my legssss, you can't ssslip them off. They mussst be taken off sssome other way" she hissed, while she writhed. Isabelle sighed with the tiniest smile on her face.

"Your panties are too strong to tear. But... I know!" she exclaimed, and laid her hands softly on her friends moist thighs. She pulled her body a little up between the reptiles legs and gently laid her face on Jane's loins. Jane hissed more loudly, and placed her slender hands on the back of Isabelle's head, and felt her friend bob up and down as she nibbled at the panty fabric. Isabelle breathed in deeply, to take in the wonderful smell of perfume and Jane's own serpentine scent.

Isabelle looked up at her snakelike friend as the creature softly patted the human girls head. Jane's eyes widened a little. Her pupils started to elongate, became daggerlike slits. Isabelle couldn't take her own eyes off these beautiful orbs. Jane looked at the world around her change in response to her transforming vision. She felt a soft twitch of muscles under her eyelids.

"Ohhhh, I feel another transssformation!" she said. Her eyelids seemed to split slowly into two pairs. With a little concentration, she shut the inner set, and gasped as translucent red eyelids winked shut over her eyeballs. Somehow she knew she could now see body heat, all the better to hunt small mammals with. Deciding to keep this thought shelved for later, Jane looked down at her playmate, a lovely warm glowing figure nestled snugly between her cooling scaly thighs. Her warm face bathed the serpent girls crotch with lovely mammalian body heat. Though Jane didn't feel chilly at all in this tropical weather, the presence of this cuddly human between her legs gave her a feeling of devious snugness, making her think of a she-snake who had entered the lair of a rabbit, who willingly stayed to make love to her even though he knew he would be eaten afterwards. Of course she had no plans of eating her friend, but the temptation, and the feeling, was so pleasant, so delicious. Then the feeling of her panties loosening pulled her pleasantly back to reality, and normal sight. Isabelle smiled wierdly as she lifted the panties from her friend and discarded them. Jane wiggled her now bare hips in happiness.

"Ohhh, that feelsss sso much better. Much more free!" she exclaimed. As if in sympathy, Isabelle rubbed at her own panties. But her face never strayed far from her friends discrete, scaly vagina. It was hairless, pouting, and the transformations inside made it writhe slowly on it's own. It pulled at strange feelings in Isabelle's body, and she felt only slightly ashamed at wanting to reach out and taste the serpent girls cool body. Meanwhile, Jane wrapped her slender arms round her dress and delicately but desperately lifted it from herself. Looking up, Isabelle say the reptile woman's waist become revealed. The human reached out and stroked her waist, then brought her hands up further and further as more came on show. Higher up, her waist widened just a little, and Isabelle felt Jane's flexible ribs. Now she could see the creature's body lengthening, her skin stretching, new scales budding from under the old, new ribs growing and bulging out to join the original ones. Her ribs were also growing around her waist and pelvis, the original bodes dissolving. Isabelle's gaze traveled back up and was rewarded with her friends plentiful breasts bobbing forth into clear view. Undiminished with the transformation, they were now covered with soft, pale green underbelly scales. Before Isabelle knew what she was doing, she had cupped her fingers round these wonderful orbs, to the reptile's obvious pleasure. Isabelle's hands daintily stroked Jane's nipples, a lovely region of tiny, glinting scales. They were hard with desire, and ached for attention. All in good time, thought Isabelle, as Jane's empty dress flopped to the ground, and a naked snake-woman stood there, her arms wrapping round the human. Both girls stood up and embraced firmly.

"Thiss is wonderfull! Please free yourssself from your clothesss, my dearesst Issabelle!" hissed Jane, anxiously. Though her voice was quite transformed, her sibilant lisp was lessening as Jane learned control of her tongue, got used to sliding it out periodically. Once it touched Isabelle's lips for a moment before darting back into Jane's somewhat lizardlike mouth. Isabelle tasted her friends lick. As she swallowed with a soft gulp, she felt the taste settle down through her chest, touch her belly and settle strangely but wonderfully in her loins. She smiled and quickly undid the back of her dress and let it slither down her. She looked at her exposed breasts with interest. They were small in comparison to Jane's, but every time a breath caused her orbs to bulge out with her chest, Jane's lustful smile widened. Bristling with new self confidence, the human tugged at her moist, white panties from her body, revealing to the beautiful snake her mound. Just starting to be coated with soft, short fur, the flesh bulging out slightly. Jane's fangs slid forth as the snake woman saw Isabelle's cute vagina open just a little, to let a tiny, glistening bead of red flesh peep out.

"Ssuch a beautiful woman! Why didn't have fun like this long ago? Sshall we make up for lost time?" she whispered, her voice almost a squeal. Isabelle nodded again and both creatures embraced. This time, both creatures moaned with ecstasy to feel each others naked bodies press against their skin. Isabelle shivered with joy as Jane's scales pressed coolly against her panting breasts, her emotion tugged belly, her hungry loins. Breasts molded against scaly breasts, vaginas pressed into each other like their lips were lovingly kissing. Isabelle never felt so free in her whole life. And never so lustful! She looked Jane straight in her slit-pupilled eyes and pressed her mouth against the reptile females snout. The scaly mouth was shut only for a second, then a warm opening revealed to the humans hungry tongue a whole new mouth to play in. She danced round the sharp teeth, embracing Jane's biting fangs to feel the hollow tips. Jane's senses reeled from feeling this warm exploring tongue, but she responded quickly. Isabelle felt Jane's vast tongue stir from the base of her sweet-tasting mouth. The tongue coiled slowly round Isabelle's, wrapped it deliciously with black sweetness. And both girls felt it's tip separate, become forked along three inches of it's length. And it slowly entered Isabelle's anticipating mouth. Jane's eyes widened as she explored her best friends teeth. In response to this stimulation, Isabelle's hips thrust desperately against Jane's scaly opening, desperate to be filled, and growing wetter and wetter. This wonderful state lasted for a while, as Jane felt the forces of change grow and writhe in her legs. Isabelle felt it too, muscles moving subtly around the snakes pussy and hips. Finally, Jane gently slid to the floor, her legs losing strength. Their tongues and mouths reluctantly parted and the snake woman turned onto her back and stared up at Isabelle. The human girl smiled wantonly as Jane slid her tongue out. It was black, slick and seemingly never-ending as it extended forth. The tongue drew Isabelle to it and she stood directly over the creatures mouth, her feet on either side of Jane's head. She looked down at the snake girls prostrate body, like a giant looking over a hilly countryside. Jane's slender legs drew together slowly, and moved as one limb. Her knees slowly lost their definition, but bended with ease. Her toes smoothly molded together into an extension of her feet. The snake girl hissed seductively, and Isabelle could not resist her friend any longer. She squatted down slowly, her knees moving far apart. Jane saw Isabelle's slit open slowly, to offer it's dark, moist fruits to the creature waiting below. Isabelle's own gaze was drawn to her partners vagina, even as she felt the light flick of a tongue on her outer pussy lips. She squealed and bobbed teasingly. A bead of clear fluid, formed on Isabelle's loin lips, slid down the snakes slick tongue. Her emerald arms gripped the top of the humans legs. Her legs shaking, Isabelle slowly descended onto Jane's face. She felt the tongue slide deliciously in, it's endless length groping up her passageway into the heart of her loins. Suddenly, her legs gave in and Isabelle's loins descended fast, to bury Jane's tongue deep within. The human straightened up and moaned loudly, excited beyond belief and already near tremendous orgasm as she felt the tongue extend through her pelvis. Then Jane, overcome with Isabelle's human scent, pulled her tongue friskily out of her vagina to taste the creature properly, and plunged back in again to lick the strange folds of flesh deep inside. Isabelle, on the edge of her first orgasm, fell to her hands and knees over the prostrate, reptilian form of Jane. The creature's licking started a thirsty rhythm and Isabelle started to push her loins against the reptiles face. Each probe of the tongue took Jane higher and higher into her best friend, until suddenly her vagina twitched and bulged against the whole length of Jane's tongue. With a gasping scream of "yeeesssss!" Isabelle poured lubrication into the waiting mouth of Jane, who gasped at the wonderful burst of liquid. Many more screams of orgasm and pulsing squirts of sweet liquid escaped the girl until she felt her body start to calm a little. Jane, pleased with her work, withdrew her tongue and lay back, to enjoy the view of Isabelle's form spread over her. Isabelle's face was right next to her frisky friends own love canal. She brought her fingers to the snake girls waist, to touch it, to enjoy the admittedly long awaited chance to touch another females privates.

"The number of times I have showered with the other girls, or bathed and dried the teachers. Even watched dragons mating in the air. I have always wanted to do more than just watch other people's bodies!" she said, while absently fingering the overlapping scales on her partners vagina. She loved the way her friend writhed under her, flicking her wonderful tongue at her buttock cheeks.

"Now you have satisfied me so wonderfully, I will finally get to excite you, my best friend in the world, as a snake, the most desirable creature in the world!" Isabelle felt the last of her bottled up emotions escaping. Jane merely hissed continuously, in acceptance and mounting sexual need. Jane brought her fingers to the snakes netherlips. Now her legs were tightly closed, so was her love passage, but the human girl soon pulled open her friends fleshy folds of skin which were now shaped horizontally rather than vertically. The hissing from Jane increased, and at that moment Isabelle descended upon Jane's vagina with incredible vigour. The reptile underneath the girl squirmed and thrashed in ecstasy, her glossy skin sliding against Isabelle's as sensuously as cool silk. The human pinned the squirming creature firmly but carefully to the floor as she sucked tenderly at her beautiful vagina. Her tongue felt the muscles and flaps of skin move about her mouth. Her face felt the creatures bones move and change under the beast's scaly hide. Riblike bones now floated under her skin, where her pelvis used to be. Her fingers strayed to the snakes thighs, which were pressed together. The human stroked between them, as she felt the skin grow together. It was an amazing sensation, feeling the scaly skin, now fused together, expand out as flesh grew and merged underneath. To Jane, the sensations where really powerful, rivaling the ecstatic touch of her friends tongue on her crack. She felt her legs grow longer, more flexible, more sinuous. As a human, her legs only bent at the knees. Now the ecstasy-fueled thrashing caused her merging legs to move in all directions, thumping the ground periodically, then rising, curling up in into the air like the great tail it was turning into. She curled what was once her cumbersome legs over Isabelle's body and up to the snake's face. Her feet were gone, and the whole length of her legs were fixed together by her scaly skin. Through the mists of ecstasy she saw her feet ended in one point. And the two fleshy remains of her legs were now finishing their permanent bonding, the bones underneath melting into one multi-jointed spine. Her tail grew longer and longer, more beautiful and streamlined. Jane experimentally twisted about her tail, brushed it against a low tree branch, slowly but surely started to coil around it as she became more and more turned on. But most of her attention was on Isabelle's mouth, making love to her reptilian slit. Isabelle gasped as she felt a transformation in the beast happening along her belly and tail. Certain scales grew larger, blossoming like mushrooms to take over the rest of the forest of scales. They bulged against Isabelle's breasts, neck, chest and face pleasingly, as they became rectangular and overlapped each other. Soon the growths became Jane's underbelly plates, each one nearly as wide as Jane was, at that point. They looked beautiful and glossy, and would be strong enough for the reptile woman to slither along on her belly in comfort. Isabelle felt two of them bulge against her lips as they grew around Jane's vagina, trapping it comfortably between them, yet keeping her love passage very accessible. Isabelle felt the love passage continue to change, as strange bulges and flaps of skin grew and others disappeared. Every second passing allowed Isabelle to explore or suck at a new cavity or fleshy, soft lump. Suddenly, Isabelle felt a strange limb on her peachy buttocks. Jane's tail was there, definitely the tail of a snake, three times the length of her original legs and still growing. It curled sensuously round her bottom, slid under Jane's writhing body and coiled round the humans back. As Isabelle watched with fascination, the serpentine tail wrapped round her and Jane's body five times, locking both of them in a lovers sixty-nine position.

"Ohhh, thatsss ssso, much better. Much more, cossssssyyyy" hissed Jane seductively. Isabelle agreed lovingly. She now knew what a female snake felt like when her serpent lover coiled round her, encasing her in a protective sleeping-bag of scaly flesh. She now longed to know how it felt to be mated by a reptile, too feel him thrust his maleness into her.

"I have never felt so safe in my life as now, my body held in your coils," sighed Isabelle. Jane rattled her tongue and hissed with pleasure at her friend's happiness. She smacked her reptilian lips, and looked at Isabelle's slit with renewed hunger. As the human returned to massaging her friends own vagina, she wriggled with joy as she felt her reptile friend's tongue reach deeply into her private parts, exploring without modesty or mercy.

Jane's transformations halted at last, leaving her with the upper torso and arms of a woman, but the long tail and head of a snake, with not a patch of human skin on her body. She and Isabelle eventually found their way to the village, by Jane's new enhanced scent recognition. Isabelle had put her dress back on, Jane merely wore her bra, now looking too small for her. They look out from the undergrowth and saw the structures, part hut and part tree. They looked upon the creatures high in the treetops, part pterodactyl, part human, some wearing the briefest of clothes. They looked at the undisputedly male raptor strutting proudly by, a naked human female on his back, groaning softly from her deep pregnancy, yet looking with love at her mount. They gazed with amazement at the glittering dragon, huge but distant, coiled up in the branches of a tree. And at the many, many slithering snake people, happily carrying out village tasks. And behind them, a voice.

"Of course, if you ran away when you saw me the second time, you would never have been suitable for our village. And you would never have found it." They turned around and say the native woman. Her beautiful black skin was unadorned now, her nude body barely catching the light, except for her long reptilian tail which now replaced her legs and was of smooth green skin patched with vivid yellow patches.

"You dared to let me come close enough to bite one of you, and still you didn't run. You transformed, and both enjoyed the change. You would have had to return to your old world but now you're welcome in ours." She opened her arms out and beckoned the girls into her embrace. They did so, neither unafraid or ashamed.

Jane and Isabelle chose to become the mates of the dragon, who later gave them both many children, whom they loved as dearly as their father, and almost as dearly as each other.

The End.

By Hedonism