Fate of the Hero, by Hedonism

This story contains consensual sex between reptiles and humans, and merging.

Prelude: Loss, the Chief Guard of Lakehold Castle, took an army to the new continent in a revenge strike on the people there for the sexual crimes committed against priestesses that emigrated there years earlier. Although the actual circumstances of what happened on the continent are very unclear, he returned as a hero, a man who solved the situation without the loss of blood or honour to either his armies or the natives. This story is what happens upon his return.

The dinner at Lakehold Manor was perfect. Duchess Tasha said it was weeks in preparation for my homecoming and victory celebration, or bloodless draw, or whatever. The feast hall table, despite it's size, was fully filled up, though to my relief I didn't get pestered by everyone because of the outstanding quality of the food. It was just as the meal was winding down and the mints were being introduced when the biggest surprise of my life came into the room from the kitchens. It was customary that the servants who had painstakingly created the meal joined the guests to be complemented and to enjoy the after-dinner entertainment. First in was the head cook, and at the sight of her I barely noticed the sounds of conversation fade down. She was a tall woman, and shapely, though not all of that shape was human. Her slender flesh was covered in smooth green scales from head to foot. Although her feet were tipped with powerful, sharp claws and a long, crocodile-like tail floated behind her, she walked with the swaying motions of a human woman. She had impressive breasts, larger than those of most human women I had seen, and they bulged proudly out even under the respectable black maids dress and white apron. But her head managed to catch my attention next. Though her face was totally reptilian, it's expressions captured her emotions easily, currently one of slight shyness. And I kept trying to work out why the movements of her slit-pupilled eyes and the twitch of her long smile seemed so familiar. Her hair, each strand of which was as thick as my finger, was tightly pulled back behind her shoulders. Poking through the strands were tiny horns. She saw my attention on her, and her mouth broke out in the sort of wide smile that could only appear on a snout over a foot long. She stalked over to a vacant seat right next to me, and I watched her all the way, loving the way her scaly hide moved over her muscles.

I stood and pulled the chair out for her. She hissed briefly, still smiling, and momentarily touched my hand with hers as she moved to sit down. There was more in those reptilian features than just a smile, and I was pretty sure of what she was thinking. My skin tingled as I felt the cool scales on her fingertips, as she threaded her tail through the back of the ornate chair. She smelled slightly of the delicious food she had made, and of other things. The nearest people to her heartily complimented her on the food, their tones genuine, though tinted with surprise and nervousness. I hadn't expected the master cook to be reptilian either, but certainly didn't expect suspicion that the reptile to be someone I knew so well. She smiled to them and nodded, while carefully hiding teeth I knew were sharper and more numerous than a crocodile's. But she never spoke. Then she looked at me. Those thick strands that passed for hair shifted ever so slightly, independent of the movements of her head.

"Cook, your food is beyond compare. There's no-one here who appreciates it half as much as I do," I said, utterly truthfully. She smiled again, as she absently took a mint. She slipped it into a mouth that could swallow a loaf of bread whole. I leant closer to her.

"I don't want to call you by your job title, Penel," I whispered. Those pretty eyes widened, she gasped. Well, that confirmed it.

"I've known you for years, Penel. At least I knew the human you. My Penel... I've loved you for years!" I whispered loudly, hoping the other conversations drowned out mine to everyone else. She shivered slightly.

"And do you know what I am?" she asked. She looked about nervously. Her altered mouth didn't stop her from sounding exactly like the Penel I knew before I had to leave, and loved for all the time in between.

"You're a Carnomorphus, known rather charmingly as a Cuckoo Imp. Presumably no-one here knows you're more powerful than any other animal in the land. I met some of your species on the new continent."

She looked downcast, her lizardine features emphasising the emotion to heartbreaking levels.

"My mother... Tasha knows what I am. She isn't an Imp, she's a human impregnated by my... other mother." She blushed deeply. Tasha, across the table, looked concernedly across to her daughter and me. The reason Carnomorphs were called cuckoo imps was because the females usually gave their eggs to other species. Unlike cuckoos however, the eggs they gave were layed straight into the wombs of those species. In return for being a foster parent of sorts, the mothers got a totally healthy, happy baby with the power to transform from the mothers species into... Penel's current, rather pretty form. But that was by no means all they could do. I looked at Tasha, wondered how it must have felt when she was impregnated. I wondered if she gave birth to Penel as a reptile or a human, or even as an egg.

"By the time you returned, I had been transformed..." She lowered her head, and would possibly have blushed if her skin wasn't covered with scales. Carnomorphus females didn't get to transform for the first time voluntarily. They had to have sex with a reptile first, and at Penel's age, potential mates would have been driven into a frenzy by her very appearance. It wasn't really rape - she couldn't have avoided loving the experience, and whatever the beast was, it would have been gentle to her. Imps assumed most of the features of their reptilian mate, and by the look of Penel, she must have been rutted by a riding lizard. She owned a riding lizard herself, didn't she?

"I... didn't want to shame my mother, so I made her say Penel had gone abroad, and I pretended to be a cook at my mother's house."

"I knew you by your cooking first, Penel."

"But I loved every minute I was with you, Loss! I'm loving this time now! I wanted to stay with you just a little longer, sort of anonymously. But now you've found out..." a tear smudged the bases of her expressive eyes. She looked utterly miserable.

"And now I know." I smiled. Under the table my hand stroked gently against her knee. Her scales felt wonderful against my hand. She tensed slightly, then relaxed against my touch as she hissed at me, confusion on her face. She must have been thinking for weeks I'd find her new body repulsive. Her leg didn't move, so I slipped my fingers along her firm, fleshy thighs, reaching slightly into the warmth under her dress. There was the curvature of a human thigh, merged perfectly with the well built shape of a riding lizard hind leg.

"You shouldn't have kept it from me. And I'm very glad you couldn't."

I saw the hope rise in her face, as well as the desire that looked so good on her. Suddenly I felt something sinuous slip between my legs. I nearly leapt from my seat, but went rigid until I remembered about her tail. It slid up my thighs and lightly touched my groin. I relished the feel of this serpentine limb resting boldly between my legs.

"You're making... advances on me. Do you know what'll happen if we... continue?"

I shook my head. There was temptation to mate with carnomorphs abroad, but I could only think of Penel. But their beautiful bodies did serve to get me over what little repulsion at the idea I had.

"I don't know either. I'm not in control of my powers yet. That's why I've not been able to become human again... Do you trust me when I say that I will never harm you?" she asked, her voice quivering.

"Of course I do, wonderful creature!" I smiled honestly to her. I was exposing myself to dangers I couldn't possibly know, and was enjoying every second of it. Story of my life. I looked around nervously, making sure no-one seemed to be aware of what I was doing. Duchess Tasha was, but she smiled to us both, then got up and went to sort out the after dinner entertainment.

Suddenly I slipped under the table. I looked at the forest of legs under here, laughed quietly. The table was about twelve foot wide and sixty foot long, so there was plenty of room for what I had in mind. I turned and looked at the delicate, yet strong, scaly legs of my love. Like the rest of her body they were green, with darker mottled patches. I stroked the white bone nails upon her feet, and smiled as she wriggled. Her tail writhed slowly, sensuously. I took hold of her knees and pulled them apart gently. Her skirt rode up her legs, and hung around her wonderful thighs. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, and I was suddenly looking at her vagina, a slight slit at her crotch, which opened tenderly with her legs. I wondered what I was getting myself into, and nervousness warmed my face as I blushed while making my stomach shiver. The maid reached her hands under the table, gently took hold of my shoulders and pulled me forwards. I couldn't resist as I slid between her thighs, saw close up the moisture tinted opening. I gently kissed her womanhood, tasted the juices that touched my lips. The smell and taste was of a delicate oil, mixed with pheromones. Addictive, indulgent. I slid in my tongue slowly and felt her intimate muscles squirm as she started to gyrate on the seat. I stifled a giggle and quickened my licking, exploring the strange nubs and lumps of this passage, and she grunted and hissed under her breath, trying not to attract attention while at the same time urging me onwards. Feelings of danger at being discovered mixed with not caring if I was.

Then I felt her crotch pushing into me, pushing me back as she slowly slid off her seat and scooted downwards. As she descended, she hooked her dress onto the chair and slipped out of it. I watched with wonder as her tummy slithered out, followed by her beautiful, heavy green breasts. I let them brush over my face, the scales in this area softer than anywhere else. Then her shoulders and slender arms followed, and finally her head popped into view, as she shed her clothes completely on the downward trip.

She undeniably looked like an animal now she was naked. Lying on the floor on her back, she looked a little like a miniature riding lizard out for a good belly rub. We both wanted sex, though all around and above us the diners continued to talk. I wondered how long it would be before we were discovered. That feeling increased my passion, as did the subtle scent of Penel. I crawled over her wonderful form, on hands and knees. She reached up and severed the buttons on my jacket and shirt with one claw, and stripped my chest bare in urgent seconds. The sickle claws on her foot hooked on my trousers and she half pulled them down, half shredded them. Her tail wrapped around my shoes and socks, pulled them off. She carefully built up the tension by stripping me completely naked and ruining all my clothes, so I would have no chance of turning back.

I slowly descended on the reptile and sighed with pleasure as her breasts pressed against my body. She wriggled with arousal, her muscles sliding warmly under me. My manhood slid along the groove of her crotch as I pressed against her, and she spread her legs invitingly, shuffling to get comfortable upon the carpet. I nosed my cock against her vagina, teasing her, and she rasped lustfully, almost loud enough for those above to hear. And finally I succumbed to my desire, adjusted my position upon her and thrust firmly into her warm cunt. We both grunted with pleasure, and fought to keep control of our tongues as her vagina opened up to my intrusion.

I rested, deep inside her, cradling her with my whole body, and she looked at me desperately as her vagina moved against my member, kneading it lightly with animated internal muscles. I smiled, tensed, then started to withdraw, and savoured the scent released from her body. I thrust again, felt her body stiffen with pleasure, and relax as I pulled out again. I started into a shallower, gentle rhythm, to tease her. Atop her I felt her scaly curves sliding over my muscles, inside her I felt every bump and muscle in her deep vagina throb against me, like a creature separate from my mate. I increased my penetrations to patient, solid, heavy pushes, and watched her blissful, saurian smile become lost in open-mouthed ecstacy, mirroring my own utter pleasure. As her counterhumps picked up I increased my speed and effort, and grinned as I watched her tail whip round, dangerously close to the diners' legs. Her face showed off the pleasure I was causing her, and I couldn't help but feel proud for this. But her womanhood throbbed alive around my penis, returning the pleasure pace for pace with her, and it brought the reassuring feeling we would simultaneously orgasm.

Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped, then came out in a laboured hissing, just as I felt the urgent tugging at my groin become the twitch of insemination. We gripped each other tightly, fought to keep our voices under control as we climaxed. Penel gushed slickness around my crotch as I felt my spooge pump steadily into her. I gasped with triumph and felt the Imp under me shake with ecstasy; we remained in silent orgasm for nearly a minute as the sinful silence and danger of getting discovered kept us going. It was almost a relief when we both calmed down and regained control of ourselves again. As I relaxed atop her body, she looked at me and we almost giggled like children at what we had so far gotten away with.

The scent of our sex mixed pleasantly with the aroma of the food on the table. As Penel reached for my sides to massage me, I heard the conversations around me turn to the promiscuous. My mate's vagina continued to move strangely, firmly grasping my still firm penis, and I was happy to let it do to me whatever it wanted. I noticed people's hands wander to other's knees under the table, their actions undoubtedly influenced by my mate's passion scent.

Penel wrapped her legs, arms and tail around me and rolled me onto the floor, careful to keep my shaft deep in her active little cunt. I smiled blissfully and rested on the floor while the Imp rubbed my stomach soothingly. The dinner guests were getting more adventurous, and some hands were slipping thoughtfully around the dresses of the women. One by one they got up and excused themselves - in pairs. The after dinner entertainment looked like it was going to be cancelled. I twitched slightly with alarm as people got up, just waiting for someone to tie their shoelaces or pick up a dropped glass. But soon enough we were alone in the room. I wanted to get up so we could retire together to my room but Penel giggled and stayed atop me. Actually, I felt very, very comfortable just right here. Then Penel looked down, concerned. She slowly got into a squatting position, clawed feet on either side of me, and gently pulled upwards. To our amazement, my penis stayed firmly inside her, but I did get a very pleasant feeling as our loins stretched in an effort to keep us together. Even now I was still firm, still rigid within her possessive body.

"Oh dear..." she whispered. "I can feel something happening... down there. I don't know what I'm doing to you..."

"I've never felt so comfortable in my life, Penel. Let it happen..." I said soothingly. I looked up at my mate and smiled as she started to bob atop me, causing the join to stretch again and again, and send pleasure through both of our bodies. Penel moved her fingers to our loins and she massaged again, rubbing the lubrication into my skin with a quiet slick noise. I started to feel sleepy, despite the compromising position I was in. Before I knew it...

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke. Morning came with the smell of a well desired if oddly large breakfast Duchess Tasha brought into the bedroom I now found myself in, and placed next to my bed. I looked down, and saw my bedsheets were moulded around more than just my sleeping form. Two scaly arms were stretched around my neck, and a dark reptilian tongue flicked periodically out of a snout that rested on my chest. The elegant reptile stirred as her tongue drew in the aroma of the food, and she smiled up at Tasha as I paled with embarrassment.

"Hello mummy. Thanks for the breakfast." The Duchess simply smiled wider, and closed the door behind her. I was extremely glad to be back on my own with her again. Penel slid the bedsheets off and got onto her hands and knees. Again I felt the stretching feeling. I looked down at our bodies and gasped as I saw my flesh had melted into hers where my penis had been. The link between us was a few inches thick, and my skin around that area was covered in light underbelly scales exactly like Penel's. The feeling of comfort and enchantment overcame my fear; I had expected something strange to happen and it did. The sensations inside the join were very pleasant; a quiet feeling of liquids pulsing from me to her, then the current reversing, like the bond was breathing our blood. I touched the connection, and felt my fingers upon it, running over the scales. Penel sighed gently, and she smiled. She must have felt my touch too. She came down on me and we hugged each other tightly, then stretched the bond by pulling away gently. We laughed simultaneously at the pleasing sensations this caused.

Penel looked at the breakfast, a whole cooked chicken surrounded by vegetables. Right at that moment, I felt ravenous. And knew she was too. Yet at the same time I didn't feel like eating it. How could the idea of eating it seem curiously wrong? I didn't protest when Penel took the chicken in a ladylike claw and opened her huge mouth. Her long, black tongue reached around the chicken and pulled it towards her throat. The Imp closed her mouth and swallowed the chicken with three convulsive gulps. Intrigued, I watched her neck stretch around her meal, and thrust it with effort down into her stomach. Her throat stretched so wide, I could see the skin between her scales, a sort of membranous green flesh. I stroked the lump, helped her take it into her belly. Then the strangest feeling stole over me. I felt the taste of the chicken pump through the join and into my own stomach. We both convulsed with the mutual pleasure this brought. She squeezed her stomach muscles and I felt more nutrients gush into me. I rubbed my belly with satisfaction and to feel the layer of scales that had reached it from the join, as I felt the goodness distribute through my body.

"I can't believe how good this feels... We must be sharing the same blood, the same stomach."

"The same sensations," Penel replied. I knew she was right, because I could sense her sexual excitement, or rather, ours. The chemicals causing the pleasure were going through both of us. We slowly ground against each other, exchanged chemicals of arousal. She friskily rubbed the scales growing on me, and I wriggled at the feeling of their growing on my skin. She fondled the join, stimulating me to push my hips harder into her body. She hissed and rasped with pleasure, as I thrust, then pulled away to the furthest extent. We looked to see our join pull taught, stretching pleasantly, and squish as I started into a humping rhythm. We had lost our sexual organs, but this shared pleasure felt just as good. I tightly clasped my reptilian mate, and pushed upwards frantically. She looked down at the link and shuddered.

"Loss! Look what's happening!"

I followed her gaze and breathed in sharply. I continued to squeeze the bond, and with each push it grew in size, already swollen to twice what it was when he first noticed it. But he couldn't stop moving the link. And now I could also feel the pumping, travelling more into her every time I humped.

"Loss! If we continue, you'll be sucked dry!"

"Maybe... But I don't want to stop. I think it's too late for me to separate from you anyway."

I licked her face, and shuddered a little. I think something was happening to my insides. She squirted back into me a stream of chemicals that signified worry, signified fear of loss. I humped her and she smiled as she picked up what I was telling her. She could never lose what she couldn't separate from.

She cradled me, squealing like a happy riding lizard, and started to return my humping movements. Our combined efforts squeezed and stretched the scaly join, kneaded it into a larger and larger knot of flesh. It swelled and consumed my scaly balls, and I felt my gonads actually dissolve in the sac and disappear into her. It grew to the width of my leg, and tugged at my legs, drawing them together. I was loosing substance inside, and could actually feel myself shrinking against her. The scales around the link spread slowly over my tummy, crept around my sides and consumed my legs. I was growing exactly the same scales as Penel.

"I'm eating you alive," she breathed, her cocktail of feelings somehow managing to mix horror and delight, as she started to grow around me by inches, as I shrank. She humped me into the bed enthusiastically, rubbing my whole body along it with her underbelly and strengthening joins, and I could do nothing but be carried along by her enveloping mass. Now my whole stomach was encircled by the link, as was hers. We felt our internal organs combine into a solid whole. The link itself shortened until my skin was directly against hers.

"Are you feeling alright?" she asked tentatively. I nodded gently, though we both knew question and answer were not necessary. She could feel every sensation I had. They were all the same sensations, felt by us the single being. I was starting to lose strength and interest in moving. My bones were melting, my internal organs were continuing to assimilate with hers. I finally stopped moving by my own volition, happy to let Penel hump me into her for me. My head slid down her neck as it elongated and I shrank. The bond grew over my chest and my ribcage dissolved. My heart tugged sluggishly into Penel's reptilian mass and merged into hers. She consumed all my blood and fed me her own through our joining arteries.

"OhhhhHHHhhh, that's fine. I... can't move myself anymore. Please take over, push until there's nothing left of me... Untill I become usss..."

I became aware that my mouth didn't move, that my vocal chords weren't engaged. I simply said it directly to her mind. She nodded in response, and cuddled my small head as the layer of scales reached my throat. She pulled away the covers we watched my legs melt together, became an indistinct tail that was quickly consumed in the sheath of scales. She pushed against me harder and harder as we shared a building sexual climax. I grew small enough to cradle my head between her now huge scaly breasts, and I welcomed the warm, scented, perspiring darkness inside them. The scaly growth finally grew right to the end of my dwindling fingers and to the top of my head, shedding away all traces of hair. I was now wholly a reptile. Her tail pressed down on mine, and we felt the bond grow down them, blending both into one graceful, twitching length. Penel stroked around the join as it crept up my chest, pulling our skin together into one whole. Meanwhile, My fingers closed into a fist, then merged into a simple stump, which shrank backwards with my arms until my upper limbs were totally absorbed into my shoulders. I concentrated my senses at my rump as I feel the definition of my form there disappearing. It was now just a large hump at her crotch area, sinking into her slowly. Penel rubbed this area hard against the bed as if to force me into her faster. She grunted and squealed as we approached our orgasm, and I called out in a silent, telepathic frenzy. Then the join caressed my throat, crept up it and finally grew over my face, anchoring me completely to her. I felt the bizarre sensation of my eyes, nose and mouth coming apart and being fed into her. Even my brain felt like it was coming loose. We screamed with orgasm as every inch of me became anchored to her, and continued to feel our peak as my body slipped wholly into hers like she was formed of quicksand.

For several moments I felt utterly strange, and lost. I was somehow aware that my brain had escaped what was my body entirely, and it was now loose in Penel's system. Then I felt myself become more secure, felt a new set of nerves connect to my brain stem.

Penel's thoughts oozed easily into mine. I was glad I had nothing to hide from her, because my every thought was as exposed to hers as the Imp's was to mine. I prodded around her memories, keeping to the recent past for decency's sake. And grinned at her memories of trying to haul me unconscious to bed with her, a difficult exercise even with the increased muscle given to her by her riding lizard genes. She learned from necessity how to make herself even stronger still, and now she could perform this simple transformation at will. The tip of the iceberg to the Imp she now was.

"We are, Loss," she giggled into my mind. She 'directed' my presence to the part of her mind that intercepts her perceptions, and suddenly I could sense everything she could. We looked at my old body, a simple scaly ridge that was shrinking into her crotch and belly. She stroked the old me with gentle, ladylike claws as the ridge melted away, it's contours shaping themselves to the female form around it. She giggled out loud.

"The fate of the hero, to be consumed by a monster immediately after his quest. Ironic?"

I laughed. "I doubt this would go into the history books. And you're not a monster, Penel... Ohh." I could sense she liked being called a monster. An animal, an Imp, a creature. She stroked her spine gently, and scratched the base of her tail. I gasped with pleasure, and surprise, shivering mentally.

"Some dinosaurs have a second brain at the base of their spine. I have just become one of those creatures," she grinned. She groaned softly and opened her lean legs wide. We felt her crotch twitch and wriggle, then suddenly it split, and a new cunt opened up, labia forming within like wet, red petals. I felt an odd sensation of doomed pleasure as I realised I had been completely consumed.

"Cheer up," she said, and slowly started to finger herself. I gasped and groaned hotly, feeling the sensations of our cunt being played with. I was... growing wet. Oh my... I was thinking about mating with a male, opening my legs and letting him slip into my vagina, into me. Feeling another male's length inside myself. I felt shame swell inside me. But that didn't make the feelings go away. I started to turn over the idea in my mind. To just be able to wallow in the mud with crocodiles, share the trees with snakes, gallop in the paddock with horses and become the concubines of kings. All for the eagerly paid price of becoming their mates and wives, baring their young and causing them to bear ours.

"We kept ourselves celibate for our return to each other," we both thought simultaneously. I winced as I felt the maddened thirst for sex Penel had to endure while I was away.

"I feel bad for keeping you away from males, Penel. It was so against your species. Lets find one, lets find one soon," I said, trying to keep the urgency, and wanton enthusiasm out of my 'voice'. Penel giggled, and we started to swap sexual fantasies as we got changed back into her clothes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Only the Duchess and our carnomorph friends and lovers knew the true fate of Loss and Penel. To everyone else, I had finished my meal and immediately set off to find my true love, which made for a far more appropriate ending anyway.

The End.

By Hedonism