These are the more naughty piccies. Nice wholesome ones are to be found in the Everyone pictures page.

By Zeus

He likes to put a good few muscles on me :)
Buff Hed
I a bad girl!
Like, nude

By Individual Artists

Langarous Me by ITOMIC
Me reclining in a langorous (or rather, lazy) fashion

Myself by Zephyrus Thalesin
Many thanks, Thalesin, especially for taking the trouble to draw every scale :)

Myself by Steelfang

Monsters Outside The Door, by Gryph
It's like Monet came up and said he'd drawn an illustration to one of my stories. Was I happy? Oh yes indeed.

Styalistic Me, by Thom
This makes a belated but wonderful appearance here.

By Me

Myself as an Imp
Myself in Imp Form, Laying
Come Back In Ten Minutes!
My player snuck up on me when I was in frog form and spawning, and created this drawing. It's not a very flattering situation to be in to get your picture taken, believe me.
The Researcher's Development
A dinosaur researcher makes some very startling discoveries, particularly when she lays her own clutch of eggs.