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WARNING - Adult Content

Let me warn you again that this is the adult section. If you are underage or don't want to see adult content, please click on the Main Index link in the sidebar menu to go to my PG-rated stuff.

Oviposition Mailing List

Click here to check out the mailing list I run, for lovers of egg-laying and birthing. Fun stuff :)

The Big Change

I've deleted all my personal rape stories from the site (so that doesn't include non-consensual transformations and soforth). Having deleted local copies too I can't give you any copies on request. I've decided to keep other people's non-consensual stuff as the reasons I had didn't really include their work, and I am grateful for their contributions.

I've also gone through my Info pages and removed the non-consensual stuff that so many species in my world, Oerus, seemed to rely on.

Why have I done this? If yah really wanna know, Email me and I'll tell you all private-like (Don't worry, nothing horrible's happened!)

I've also updated the Fictional Characters story with a new version kindly edited by Draconicus. Lotsa thanks!

Au Revoir?

This is something of a farewell message. At some point you move on, and that's what I'm doing. I've got a nice job and stuff is otherwise looking up in the off-line world. As a result I've not been around much recently. Maybe sometime I'll stop making an appearance as Hedonism for good. If so, don't worry, I'm fine :) For the time being though I will try to be more faithful with my Email.

The Oviposition mailing list however is here to stay and doing really well at the moment, with plenty of people making regular postings. The list will not disappear if I do.

I want to thank everyone who has complimented my stories. Writing remains my passion and I am still creatively utilized in that direction. May I wish you guys and gals good luck. If you want to change your life for the better, don't mess about, wait around or put it off. Find out what you need to do, then do it. Any questions? Email me.