The following Log contains voraphile (swallowing alive) scenes and sex between animals,
anthromorphic and otherwise. Also digestion (painless and deathless)


This is a scripted meeting between Dipterous, Hedonism and a killer whale.
Dipterous and Hedonism are anthropomorphic reptilian creatures, the killer
whale is non-morphic.

Dipterous grins and let his claws wander down Hedonism's scaly body, rubbing
and scritching her throat, to her waist, further down.

Hedonism moves her hips gently as Dipterous' fingers stray near them. She
opens her cloak slowly, letting a small sample of cleavage free, scaly orbs
shimmering. She sighs with deliberate pleasure with each scritch. Meanwhile
she squats down at the shoreline, her tail curling over the sand, and sees
the Orca cutting through the water, wondering how easy it will be to caress
the whale, and wether he will let her.

Dipterous spots the whale too, and points him out.
"Look," he says, as his claw sneak under your robe, caressing the scaly
flesh at his mates belly softly.
"let's step into the water a bit to get closer, dear?" he asks.

Hedonism's murrrsss become higher pitched as Dipterous' claws reach easily
under her robes and rubs the soft scaly hide underneath. She nods to him,
and slips into the water with him to the big orca, without (too much) fear.
Her fingers slide against the base of Dipterous' tail. She sheds her robe,
feeling a deep desire to be naked as the animal in her grip and the one
waiting in the water.

Dipterous gasps and smiles towards Hedonism, one claw start to rub her
breasts, the other pass over her hips. His breath goes unsteady, as he gazes
over her body.

The Orca sonars the visitors and move slowly closer, eyes still underwater.

Dipterous keep rubbing the reptile in his arms, and looks shortly over to
the orca, he smiles as he realises it won't move back.

Hedonism struts through the water with her beloved, her pheromones first
tainting the air, then flavouring the water around her with deep lust. She
shivers at the coolness, watches it close over her and Dip's loins, belly
and chest, then laps at our shoulders. She slips up against a rock,
submerged fingers running over the slit covering the dragon's maleness, as
her other hand motions to the Orca, wondering if he will come closer.

Dipterous watches curious and get exited, his slit part to reveal his

The Orca surges closer. He brushes his skin shortly at Hedonism's sides.
After a quick turn he nuzzles softly.

Hedonism awwwsss with deep desire and happiness. She closes her eyes as she
caresses the developing malehood slipping surely free of the slit at
Dipterous, wondering about the shape of it. Meanwhile she tickles the Orca's
chin and throat, marvelling at him. "I want to make you both happy..."

The Orca chirps and seem to enjoy the rubbing of his skin. He shows no fear,
but still some interest in you both.

Dipterous feels his mates' hand slide over his growing member, feeling her
hand on its tapered tip. Dip smiles and the claw at her hips moves over to
run over her slight mound. The other breaks from caring her breasts to give
the orca a probing touch.

Hedonism reaches her fingers, then whole hand into The Orca's mouth,
murrring at the sometimes rough, sometimes smooth contours inside. She isn't
too afraid of the huge teeth, and is turned on by the heat. She shivers and
opens her legs a little to Dipterous' touch, her vagina opening gently
underwater to admit the salty sea. Her wings unfurl a little, then, unable
to contain herself any longer, presents her back to the powerful dragon, her
tail frisking around his genitals needfully. Her boobs sway in the water
The Orca nuzzles the hands, issuing high pitched eeeks. His big tail fluke
shows shortly above the water, while his tongue pushes up at Hedonism's
hand, pressing it gently.

Dipterous feels her touch, responding with a hard push of his hardening
member along your tail, his claws clamping around her, holding your breasts.
He squeezes them slowly, fondles them while his tip reach the creatures'
sex. Suddenly he thrusts forward into her supple, hot vagina.

The Orca watches curious and start to roll, flashing his belly. He swims in
circles around the couple as they start to mate.

Hedonism looks towards The Orca and tickles further down his body, slowly
pushing her hand further in. She stops this, and looks at the Orca, to
ensure she isn't hurting him with this. She is bewitched by his mouth, it
seems. As he breaks away and swims on his belly she looks lewdly at it, to
see what Orca's posess. She screams suddenly with the surprise of suddenly
being opened by Dipterous' impaling her. As she is pushed forwards by
Dipterous' hump, her tail runs up against his loins and she wriggles the tip
against it.

The Orca, clicking, flashes his belly again, this time showing his pink
member snaking out of his slit.

Dipterous starts to thrust hard into the reptile, water currents rippling
out, fondling her breasts in sync with each thrust. He feels her vagina
clenching at his swollen shaft, still growing a bit and getting rock hard.

Hedonism howls and hisses, then starts uttering half-formed, very reptilian
sounds as her vagina leaks oils and pheromones into the sea. Each hump
pitches her forwards into the yielding water, nearly forcing her forwards to
her knees. She opens her arms wide, unable to speak but trying to coax the
excited whale into her grasp. She flaps her wings against Dipterous as he
mounts and takes her. Her nipples flick against his fingers. As The Orca
moves slowly into her embrace, she presses against him, using his reassuring
body as an anchor as the Dipterous' length enters her vagina again and
again, the dragon pushing and humping firmly on her back. Hed whimpers as
she strokes The Orca's maleness, touches every odd contour, then runs it
gently against her chin. Her breasts ripple and move as Dipterous fondles
the scaly globes.

Dipterous, shifts roughly in and out of the reptiles' sex, his whole body
rocking at her. He curls his tail around hers, and growls deep, lost in
pleasure. Precum wells inside his mate.

Hedonism, braced hard against The Orca's fleshy belly and undertail, can
press back against Dipterous' solid thrusts into her yielding scaly body.
Her front slides along the whale's underside, the scales catching his skin
tenderly. She notices with sinful glee the whale slipping forwards under
her, and his plentiful malehood runs up her neck and rests against her chin.
Gripping the beasts' belly firmly she covers the whale's penis with her
mouth, and nurses softly. She suckles tightly on it, as her mutterings of
delight become lilting shrieks. She looks at the powerful orca's belly, and
backwards at her reptilian lover as she nears her climax. She rubs the belly
with excitement, running over the blubber, and muscles, and realises she
needs to be inside him.
"Pleasssse... ohgosh pleassse swallow me as I come, whale..." she croaks.

Dipterous thrusts hard into her waiting sex, giving her as much pleasure he
can stir. He hugs tight on her back and smiles as he hears her. He presses
his body close against the female, wordlessly consenting to be swallowed as

Hedonism receives the dragon's body and manhood into her squelching,
submerged vagina. She runs her crotch against it and against the Orcas'
tail. Her mouth suckles gently at his maleness running her tongue and mouth
around the alien organ.

The Orca sonars harshly, and his penis suddenly pouts and jets series of cum
into Hedonism's mouth. While it pumps, he withdraws his penis, and lets his
white semen build clouds in the water. As Hedonism catches trails of cum
with her hungry mouth, he turns around and presses her with his open muzzle,
caressing both creatures' mating bodies with his tongue. Sensing his mouth
closing behind you.

Dipterous thrusts harsh and full, running through the soft muscles until his
shaft reaches into the reptiles' cervix. He whimpers with excitement, feels
his body trembling and his member start to pulse.

Hedonism howls with the wonderful feeling, and sudden pain of her vulnerable
cervix being breached, being taken by the dragon to the center of her being.
As the water becomes slick and warm with the whales' semen, and the whale's
gums work on her breasts and belly, she clenches her body with oncoming
orgasm. She hisses shrilly as her cervix and slit contracts around
Dipterous' manhood.

Dipterous releases suddenly, and pumps his dragon seed into Hedonism's
vagina, jets of his cum splashing up her cervix and inflating her belly. Her
womb warms with his fertile cream.

Hedonism's whole body shivers madly as Dipterous' orgasm triggers her. She
looks down and sees the Orca opening his mouth wider and wider around her
crotch, then whole thighs. As her lower half is slowly consumed by the
cavernous, gulping mouth, she bends her knees and coaxes them in to join her
slightly bulging slit.

The Orca move his tongue, licking and curling it around Hed's thigh and into
her lap. The rough tip presses at her clit to please her.

Dipterous keep pumping, constantly producing fertile semen. He bites
tenderly at the females' neck, pushing his member deeper still into her

Hedonism writhes and slithers, slipping her legs luxuriously into The Orca's
throat, feeling her feet suck into the dark hole, feels the convulsions
start to pull her in. Delighted at the feeling of inevitability at her
swallowing, she slips her tail around Dipterous' feet and coaxes them into
The Orca's gullet, pressing them firmly against hers. She feels the Orca's
tongue rub lecherously against her slit, also filled thoroughly by the
powerful, dominant dragon, and whimpers with pleasure heightened by the
soreness of sex. She turns her head and presses her chin lightly against
Dipterous' maw as he bites her. The Orca's tongue slips upwards, and
Hedonism runs her breasts against the slick thing, while her breasts pulse
with milk, which whitens the water and flavours on The Orca's tongue. She
builds up slowly a second orgasm, then slips sinfully into it.

The Orca tastes the juices of sex and sweat of excitement. His tongue tastes
the drips which are leaking out of Hed's sex. Then he swims into a vertical
position and lifts his head up. His tongue transfers over to Hed's breasts,
coating it with Dip's cum and stroking them for more sweet milk. The gravity
starts to pull both reptiles into his throat, which opens wide to let them

Dipterous moans harder, and his member seem to burst as he force another
load into the reptiles' womb, feeling her squirming impaled on his hard
pole, he press close into her, reaches his arms securely around her back.

Hedonism looks down at the warm, scary, deep red darkness underneath, and
the way the hole opens to let them slide slowly down. Already well in his
mouth, she and Dipterous feel themselves sink into his throat. Their knees
disappear, then their thighs. Hed squirms, realises she can no longer
separate her hips from Dip, and grins with the sheer trapped pleasure.
"We're trapped like this for ever!" she hisses shrilly. Her words are robbed
by another, intense orgasm which tightens her vagina again, makes it pulse
against Dip's pulsing shaft as it cums into her womb, making it dilate and
bulge heavily against the male with the volume. She lightly humps the
dragon, soothes him with her arms, as they slip down to their loins.

The Orca shakes his head up, and let you slip down his throat. His tongue
brush over your loins and the bases of your tails. You both can feel the
warm walls pulling you down as he gulps. Slowly you slid into his big tummy.

Dipterous cries softly, feeling his spurts start to subside. His gonads are
drained as never before. Dip keep licking Hed's sore neck and looses his
grip a bit, exhausted by his powerful climax.

Hedonism sighs with pleasure, again and again as she and Dip is convulsed
downwards. His penis is tightly inside Hedonism's vagina and will remain
like that. "Ohhh, wonderful lover, nice, wonderful lover. Relax. We'll be
swallowed and digested soon. What a feeling that will be..." She takes
Dipterous' hands and grasps them, slides his and hers to the Orcas' gullet
where they are trapped. Their tails, then feet emerge into space as they
enter the Orcas' belly, and are surrounded by liquids, which starts to break
down their scales. Their waists are covered by the fleshy hole now, and Hed
is pressed tightly against her mate. She licks the insides of The Orca's

The Orca smiles and runs his tongue around the bodies. He clicks happy and
starts to jump. As his fall is stopped by the surface with a big splash, the
reptiles' bodies feel the strong pull down. Their skins' grip on his throat
lessen and their plunge is faster.

Dipterous feels his member remain hard, buried up to the hilt in Hedonism's
sex. The weird, new sensations keep him exited and the tip poking at her
cervix, her tunnel filled with his hot flesh and the remaining cum. Dip keep
biting softly at her neck and ears, glad that this will not end.

Hedonism feels the swallowing reach the small of her back, then shoulders.
Her Both creatures' feet and tails start to dissolve, the blood pumping free
away, the flesh and skin losing coherence and becoming thick nutrient
liquids, blending together. She and Dipterous feel their legs melt away,
then the sexes melt and merge. Any attempt to move our lost limbs seems to
make the thick liquids swish instead. Hedonism humps into Dipterous, and the
sexes collapse and totally dissolve into one pulpy whole. Incredibly
excited, she adds her nipping to both Dipterious and the Orca.

The Orca feels his saliva heat up by the reaction. His belly almost glows in
warmth. He feels the creatures' molecules spread in his body, reaching every
Dipterous gives Hed a last kiss before his head digests with hers, and
vanishes inside The Orca's belly.

Hedonism burbles to Dipterous as our heads become part of the soup of his
digestive system. The keeps Dipterous awake long enough to feel his
nutrients become The Orca's blubber and blood, fill his body utterly. Then
as she finally loses all control of her destroyed body, she takes hold of
Dipterous' soul and escapes the whale, to swim alongside him a while then to
return to the beach and reform their bodies. She tickles him into
wakefulness as the Orca sonars his alarm to see the creatures he's swallowed
standing on the land.

From Hedonism

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