The following Log contains scenes of nonconsentual sex between two reptiles, as well as painful egglaying.
The following story takes place between Merex, a seven foot tall near-raptor
(has a slight human shape and powerful forearms) and Zabei, a nonmorphic
Komodo Dragon.

You're in a tree canopied, circular clearing in the midst of deep forest.
Tall grass grows in every space unclaimed by colourful wildflowers and dense
bush. You see the clawmarks of many large lizard-like creatures here,
particularly around the river where reptillian eyes look lazily at you from
the rippling water. You can just hear the sounds of scales slipping over
grass from the nearby bushes. Strangely this doesn't feel too threatening,
maybe because of the influence of the heady scent coming from the flowers
There is a raptor in this clearing, mating with a creature of smaller size
and different species, a lizard. Some distance away, the neatly gnawed
remains of a kill Merex the raptor gave a share of to the Komodo dragon,
Zabei. And in return, Merex decides Zabei will be his mate.
Merex presses harder down on you, almost making you collapse under him. He
thrusts quickly, his hips rippling upwards. Two more of the thick fleshy
ridges on his penis embed themselves.
"I expect you will. You shall not escape me, beautiful, valuable reptile.
You shared my feast..."
Zabei groans in pain and curses, but stops struggling to allow you to
penetrate...she decides it would hurt less to allow you your way..."I will
take you as mate," she says, salvaging some dignity
Merex licks your head. "That is good..." He thrusts suddenly, and his member
crawls insidiously into your tight cloaca. He relaxes a little, and takes
your shoulders.
"This may hurt a - " his next thrust is unexpected, and painful. His hips
hit your thighs, and he fully embeds himself. Oddly, he lets go of you,
remaining firmly in. He waits to see if you'll attempt escape, knowing you
don't have the positioning and strength to pull yourself off his ridged
Zabei tests you once, half-heartedly...the thought of bearing your offspring
has almost convinced her..."How fearsome they would be..."
Zabei backs up a little and groans with primal desire...she bows down
submissively, wanting you to press down on her back in dominance.
Merex grips you hard and pulls back out, slowly, each ridge coming out very
reluctantly, making your cloaca tingle and stretch visibly. To keep you in
place, he thrusts his scaly forearm sideways into your mouth, making you
grip it like the bit on a rein. He rams himself again, half, then fully
burying himself. And pulls out. His humping settles into a powerful, painful
rhythym, anch thrust trapping you against his arm.
Merex gasps "How fortunate you are not a mammal. How eternally sore you
would be if you had to breast-feed them..." He looks at you, smiling, as if
planning something.
Zabei groans as each rib moves through her, and she begins to involuntarily
squeeze your shaft with the walls of her cloacal passages. She pants and
begins biting into your forearm now to help bear the pain.
Merex tenses his arm, which remains well inside your mouth, wet and bleeding
a little between the scales. He humps you hard, pushing up, pressing you
into his underbelly. The ribs on his shaft pulse against you, like a saw blade.
Zabei's hind legs begin moving up and down with your thrusts; the pain
caused by your entry is almost unbearable, but she has given herself over to
you (for now) and eagerly chews your arm, savoring your blood.
Merex gasps, and starts to laugh with the utter pleasure you give him. He
hisses "Open your legs wider, my female. So wide you'll fall over, if I
wasn't here..." His shaft sinks into your cloaca, and pauses just a little,
so you can take his command in, and he resumes randily.
Zabei complies, and you feel her body resting on your shaft for
support...Zabei grimaces and whimpers, being impaled thusly, and struggles
slightly to reach the ground again to ease the pressure.
Merex straightens up a bit - he was crouching to take you. And your
reassuring hold on the ground is lost. You bounce against his solid hips,
get pierced by his penis. These are what keep you aloft, what cause the
pain. As he rides you he hisses "Tell me, ssssSSsss, am I, I raping you?
Ahhhssss, or am I, yesssss, merely mating?..."
Zabei struggles to speak; the pain, mingled with the desire, make it
difficult. "I did not want end in me...but you are ssssoo
stong...hunt for me...and I...aaahhh..I will be yourss..."
Zabei's legs wave feebly in the air, as her weight allows you to penetrate
her to previously unknown depths.
Merex roars with increasing passion. Inside you his shaft twitches, pulses.
His thrusts become erratic, as he comes closer to orgasm. "Good, little,
truthful, ahhhhh, reptile..."
Zabei begins shuddering as your thrusts become more unpredictable, and she
releases your forearm from her mouth to hiss loudly
Merex presses you into the ground so hard, your feet must give way and your
underbelly presses into the grass. He lands on you, grips you tightly past
any chance of escape as he pre-cums into you, his shaft tensing, his hips
grinding into you. Surprisingly, as he becomes utterly still, his penis
moves forwards! It extends out of his body by a further three ribs, the
largest of all, and as it rests he cums hard, screeching as his penis pumps
grey fluid into you.
Zabei remains still and submissive, gasping with each contraction of your
penis, as you impregnate her.
Merex humps you with little jerks, his ribbed shaft spasming in you, the
gunk dripping slowly back out of you, but stickily remaining as one mass,
like frogspawn. He lays upon you, in deep bliss, his weight leaving you
Zabei lies quietly, resting after the painful mating, occasionally squeezing
your shaft as it slowly softens and withdraws
Merex says "You will not lick yourself clean for a day - I like your scent
as it is now, and you must keep my seed within you as pure as possible. And
I believe you will become egg-heavy soon..."
Zabei quietly answers "It's unavoidable at this point."
Merex nods, and slowly dismounts off your taken body, his penis discreetly
pulling itself into his underbely. he extends his arm, bleeding more heavily
now, the drops of sweet blood land on your snout.
Zabei says, "Very heavy," as she licks her snout and washes the blood around
her mouth. She rises slightly and rubs her belly, wincing a little.
Merex looks on with pride at his conquest, prone on the ground.
Zabei tiredly looks up at you and asks "May I sleep here?"
Merex smiles. "Indeed. Just curl up. We will sleep together now, and when
you awaken, I will slate your hunger, and you will cure mine...
Zabei curls into a ball and rests, your seed doing its work deep inside her.
Over the next four months, Zabei was Merex's mate, living anywhere they
pleased, joining his herd or roaming alone. She fed with him and became
strong, healthy, and of course, deeply gravid. And finally she felt the
lumps in her belly start to move, and her womb contract. She barked with
fear, and Merex returned to her.
Zabei grunts harshly and strains hard. Her cloaca becomes wet, and dense
grey liquids start to dribble away, the raptor semen dislodged by juices
from her womb.
Merex smiles as the sight of your first strains causes his groinal scales to
part and his flaccid penis to slowly crawl forth.
Zabei softly hisses and tries again. A whiteish globe appears at her dilated
scaly slit. The egg reaches stops moving, lodged in place... a final push
ejects some fluid, but nothing more...
Merex grins. "That is delicious to see. Maybe you'll never lay them, maybe
you'll be like this forever..."
Zabei cries out again, a low pitched moan, and the egg stretches her
slightly more before stopping, still short of the greatest width...
Merex kneels down, looks into your vent, licking his lips. He strokes around
the area gently, notes how easily they slip apart. He presses tightly down
at your abdomen, causing some pain and another convulsion.
Zabei's foreclaws grasp the ground, and she moans...the egg steadly moves
out, wider and wider, stretching her more, until your push on her back
causes a spasm that gets the large egg past its widest point. With a soft
slick smack, it departs the mother and falls the short distance into the
Zabei says, "I can lay them...I am strong..."
Merex smiles widely, and lick-licks the egg and drinks away the trails of
liquid that link it to your slit. He lifts the egg, presses it gently
against you, and hisses with pride. It's amazingly large. "Yesss, you are
strong, my animallll..."
Zabei laughs, then suddenly gasps as a second white eggshell meets the edge
of her vent...she shifts her weight, holding her breath, and starts to lay
Merex places his maw over your vent and suckles tightly at it, drawing your
fluids into his mouth, subjecting your vagina to powerful sucking that makes
the egg travel too fast down you.
Zabei soundlessly screams at the forced passage... the egg meets your lips
as you continue to suck.
Merex mmmms and cleans around the egg, his long slick tongue running
insidiously between it's shell and your vaginal tunnels. Then his mouth
pulls away, the egg being pulled out by his tongue.
Zabei shifts uncomfortably, the lubrication having been cleaned away, and
decides to make the most of your assistance. You feel the egg persistently
make small amounts of progress down the vent, stopping at the same point
that the first did until your tongue provides the extra pull she needs.
Merex nods, and feels the egg slip wholly into his mouth. He sucks at it,
dangerously close to swallowing your hatchling, until plucking it forth and
setting it down next to the first. His strokings on your belly prompt a
third egg down as this time he pulls you to your hind legs, watches your
belly dangle down, putting you into a strange bird-like squat. His hands
pull tightly up on your hind legs, keeping them open as possible but in a
position that's harder to lay. You once again start to lose the reassuring
hold of your hind legs on the ground.
Zabei says nothing, merely pants as she gets ready for your third egg's
exit. Gravity helps her for a while, until it reaches the slit, where once
again it stops. She takes a deep breath, and nothing but fluids emerge...
Zabei groans "Why are you...making this...nnnNNNGNG!.....hard for
Merex writhes with pleasure at seeing this. He squats down and his mouth
licks at your fluids. His lips and tongue move the egg painfully inside your
crotch, feels the skin straining to open wide enough. "Dear, tell me how
this feels, how it hurts..."
Zabei struggles feebly, weak from the first two eggs, before violently
contracting her belly, causing the egg to emerge a bit more..."It hurts! It
hurts! It huu..nnnnNNNGNGGHHHHH!" The egg lurches forward again, then stops.
Merex hisses gently. "Good girl. That's good... I've never seen you so
beautiful before, as when you're helpless, an egg half out of your body..."
Zabei's hind legs lift off of the ground slightly, her body supported by
you, and the third of the eggs slowly distends her vent to the point where
it can pass through, and drops to the ground.
Merex scoops up the egg, presses it against your snout, lets the trails of
slime drip onto your mouth. "You're my beautiful little egg-producing
factory... Now, just suffer another egg while I hold you like this and I
will let you free again..."
Merex growls with delight at your little struggling form. He lifts you up
off your feet so you're dangling there, almost too weak to move, your legs
now pressed together.
Zabei groans as the egg reaches the vent, but cannot simply
waits, pressure growing...
Merex watches your egg bulge, press tightly, make you squirm against his
claws with fear and pain. He gently rocks you, plays with your vent and the
tight, firmly fixed object inside. As the pressure nears the point where
you'll lose consciousness he squats down, then places you on his widely
outstretched knees, your leg spreading wide apart at long last.
Merex pulls your body down a little, further stretching your legs open. His
penis, powerful and proudly erect, touches your vent gently.
Zabei's egg pushes against your organ, and she strains to move it
moves slowly out, and then stops.
Zabei softly moans "Please let me lay..."
Merex strokes you as you dangle from him. His penis slowly runs into you
body, and to your horror, pushes the egg back up with it, upwards and
upwards! You feel his shaft slowly fill your body.
Zabei shrieks "No! What are you doing!" and struggles against you
Merex presses you tightly against him as he settles to sleep. He traps you
underneath him, his shaft buried deep in you, holding the eggs painfully in
"I feel tired, and I'm sure you must as well. Darkness is coming, and a
little matter like laying eggs just will have to wait...
Zabei struggles before giving up, whimpering at the building pressure to lay
the eggs.
Zabei woke to pain of the renewed birthing process. Merex had slipped off
her during the night, and at long, long last she was able to finish her
agonising task.
Merex 's scent reappears behind you, but you don't hear him. For a massive
creature, his silence is impressive.
Zabei is straining to push out an egg and does not your absence,
she has made very little progress. The eggs are just too large...
Merex murrrssss, hissing evilly as he watches your intense, pained strains.
The pressure has built in the hours he's remained on you, and you may be
very bruised inside, certainly stretched. You've been pouring liquids all
night, the embreyotic fluids and lubrication soak the groun in a damp puddle
near your cloaca.
Zabei's vent widens a bit more, but only the fluids leak out, around the
edges of the large pale white egg, blocking the widens
slightly, and the orb moves a bit forward, then slides back into her as she
tires and stops pushing.
Merex slowly approaches fom behind you. You feel his breath, sweet with
fresh blood. He waits for you to grow tired, then his grasp fondles the egg
trapped in your passage. You feel a pressure against your tail as his penis
Zabei says, "Let me lay this trapped it inside me for so long."
Merex takes his mouth to the egg, hanging half out of your tortured vent,
and he licks it calmly, gently. "I may stay away if you will mate with me,
Zabei hisses softly, and more fluid emerges...the egg moves slowly forward
until it reaches its peak width. She rests, and the egg stays in place while
she gasps for breath and whispers "Mate yourself..."
Merex takes his mouth to the egg, hanging half out of your tortured vent,
and he licks it calmly, gently. "Why? You're here. You have all day to
lay..." he adds, placing his tongue under the egg again, pushing it gently
back upwards.
Zabei grunts and fights the entry of the egg, but it almost disappears
inside her once again, and she groans quietly. She shakes her head fitfully,
Merex shakes his head sadly, though his grin is wide and feral. He suddenly
pushes you backwards and mounts you from the front. His soaked penis meets
your inflamed entrance and slowly he enters you, deliciously watching your
Merex says, "I'm torturing you with these eggs for your own good. I will
sire your eggs for the rest of your life. You'll be pumping them out like a
queen bee. Best get all the pain and all the stretching over with now..."
Zabei whimpers from the pressure, and the pain that shifting around does as
the eggs in her belly move to press on different internal organs.
Zabei grunts and fights the entry of the egg, propelled by Merex's malehood,
but it surely disappears inside her once again, and she groans quietly.
Merex pushes the egg back upwards with short, quick nudges, back to the neck
of your womb. The pain is intense as it's travelling opposite to the
direction of the point. Your cervix is opened once more by it as he starts
to hump you, each thrust bumping the egg, slicking at your tunnel. He
convulses and cums quickly, turned on by your condition. As he finishes your
punishment he suddenly pulls back out of you, hard, and lets you alone
again. "I'm sorry I had to do that to you," he lies softly.
Zabei tries to turn back over, as she feels the long line of eggs waiting to
be laid begin to move, pushing the current one back towards her vent. Some
fluids emerge, along with puddles of grey sperm, and you can see the
semen-covered shell nearing the entrance. It stops, and she lies back,
Merex looks into your slit, stroking your pained vent gently. Struck with
sympathy, he slowly but firmly, and painfully, parts the fleshy barriers
with the knuckles of his talons.
Zabei whines with pain, and takes in breath as instinct takes over. Her tail
arches, lifting her hips and vent into the air, and the egg moves slowly out
to where it was before...
Merex nods, groaning slightly with lust, but hissing "Good girl. Just
straaaiiinnnn a little more. Can you feel your muscles developing?"
Zabei groans herself, and the egg, moving up bit by bit, suddenly
is past its widest point, and seems close to rolling off and falling away.
Merex hisses with delight. He waits for your pantings to draw to a close,
then he grasps the egg and pushes it in a little again, to the widest point,
then suddenly pulls it out hard, with a slick sucking noise and pool of
Zabei barks and screams, then falls back to the ground, panting.
Merex murrrs and presses his neck and throat against your snout (a dangerous
move considering what he did to you). He fondles your underbelly, feels his
children inside you and their movement, their inevitable travel to your
Zabei sighs at the touch, which eases her labor. Another egg begins to move
toward her vent, but the passage has become easier, due to the stretching
and lubrication...
Merex strokes your belly gently, feeling the passage with glee, the steady
course through your delightful reptilian body.
Zabei struggles and rights herself, then pants as the egg, preceeded by some
fluid, begins to emerge...the fifth of your offspring
Merex hisses, and murrs. He opens his mouth to receive the egg, his tongue
snaking out and pressing firmly at your belly, then waist, forcing it out
firmly, watching from close up your poor, sore vent expanding fitfully.
Zabei hisses loudly as once again, the egg stops its progress. She gathers
her strength, and encouraged by your attentions, keeps it from sliding back
inside. Her back arches, and her hind legs press down fretfully as she
pushes it painfully out.
Merex glimpses the egg slowly travel from your inflamed vent, and catches it
in his mouth, licking it industriously clean. He places it in the pile. "You
are getting better at laying. You will be a fine mate for me. For ever."
Zabei pants "I won't...come into heat...for a while...uuunnggg...." An egg
begins to move, and suddenly Zabei cries out. You turn to see an egg's colored slightly different, and even though not much can be
seen, the bulge it makes is larger than the rest...
Merex nods at what you say, before grinning dismissively, then gasps with
surprise at this larger, more solid egg. He touches the bigger bulge at your
tailbase, massages the scales gently.
Merex pulls gently at the egg, helps it down your tunnel, marvelling at how
powerful the creature within will be.
Zabei gasps "Help me, Merex! Help meeeerrrrrrrrgh!
Merex watches, thrilled. The expression on your face is pretty in it's
agony, the bulge is pleasuring to see. He slowly gets on your back, as if to
mate you, but his claws firmly stroke along your belly, over the egg,
forcing it to continue downwards.
Zabei's contractions, aided by your massage, move the bulge down slowly,
leaving her gasping every bit of the way...the next one, not quite as large,
but bigger than the first five, moves into place behind it as the large egg
begins to be laid.
Merex pulls your vent open forcibly, becoming concerned that this huge dome
may be too damaging, even for her swollen body.
Zabei cries out and strains, trying to lay your true raptor is
shaped differently, being longer with no easily defined largest point...
Merex licks the tears from your bulging eyes, rubs your thighs gently, then
tugs gently at the lump in your belly, exhibiting unbelievable force around
your stretched tunnels. Though the pressure from him is actually slight, it
feels as if he's crushing your crotch against the egg, splitting your cunt.
Zabei says, "Don't break it!'s coming..." She pants
and the egg lurches suddenly forward.
Merex smiles blissfully to hear your concern. he slides his fingers down the
egg's sides as more and more of it appears, brutally opening your slit into
a perfect circle one and a half times larger than ever before.
Zabei silently screams, but works to bring your offspring into the slides slowly, glistening with the lubricating fluids, helped by
your claws. The next egg in line has already appeared...she had held them in
too long, and now they are moving out faster than before
Merex lifts up the egg as it drops from your abused vent, marvelling at the
weight. Impartially, he ads it to the pile and strokes you as your labours
Zabei sighs, as the next egg is slightly smaller...large enough to pause
several times, but still easily continuing.
Merex murrs deliriously and watches your birthing technique improve.
"Delightful... What does it feel like to become more than one? To open your
legs and create hatchlings?..."
Zabei lays the ninth egg and sighs..."Our hatchlings...this last one is
another of yours..." she pauses and whines a bit, and you see another large
bulge move towards her vent
Merex places his mouth over your pained vent and he sucks tightly, his claws
sliding along your scaly, deflated body, scritching the flaps of skin,
admiring your again slender shape.
Zabei groans and strains. The last of your eggs meets your scaly mouth, and
stops as she rests, preparing herself
Merex nuzzles your neck, breathes against your skin. "You've nearly created
a whole clutch of little raptors, Komodo Dragons and creatures between..."
Zabei says, "With this last...I ... uuuhnnnng...I need food. And rest."
Merex stands over you, his long hind legs straddling you. He wraps his tail
around your stomach and pumps it gently, then firmer, and firmer.
"Food is assured. I have killed us a tiger. And I'll ensure you have no
interruptions this night..."
Zabei is encouraged by this, and stands ready to lay...the last egg, a large
raptor egg, slowly starts to fall from her vent. Her tail pumps up and down
as it inches forward...she gasps, then stops..."Take it from me..."
Merex nods dutifully, and grasps the egg hard, gripping it next to your
scaly vent. He pulls firmly, causing wrenching pain. Then stops when it's at
it's largest diameter! "I can take it from you at any time. But I wish to
excercise you one last time. You must get up and pull yourself free of
Zabei struggles to walk, but cannot use her hind legs from the pain...her
tail, moved off to the side by your position, waves back and forth as she
waits, catching her breath
Merex wriggles the egg, evilly. He holds it firmly in place, stretching you
terribly. "Come on, reptile, bunch your hind legs and push hard. The muscles
will tense against the egg, but then you'll be free..."
Zabei grunts and digs into the ground with her foreclaws, and pushes against
the egg. You feel the urgency in her tension...the egg slowly moves out,
then <slurps> into your hands, still connected to the mother by a trail of
sticky fluid
Merex smiles proudly to you. He licks away the thick, sticky birthing fluid,
and looks at your vent. It closes only reluctantly, and he can see down a
dark shaft into your body, through a one inch crack, and you continue to
ooze. "My, the birthing left quite a ruined opening there. Maybe you'll
tighten up in time..."
Zabei weakly looks over at the clutch of eggs and sighs "I'll heal."
Merex slips off into the woods after placing the eggs on the ground. He
comes back a couple of seconds later with the corpse of a tiger, nearly as
large as he is, it's hide almost too thick for your teeth to penetrate.
Possibly he's showing off... He places the meat down and thoughtfully carves
biteable pieces for you with his talons.
Zabei tears at some meat, and lets the blood flow down her throat...she
holds her head up and lets it slide down into her empty belly. "I couldn't
eat for weeks, because of the eggs..."
Merex nods. "I could feed you for weeks, you and the children. And I
Zabei says, "You must...or the next clutch would kill me. I'm too weak to
hunt for a while."
Merex grins, as he hears you condemning yourself to a new clutch. He rips
off a foreleg.
Zabei looks over at the eggs and counts..."Two of yours, one small one of
mine...what will the rest be?"
Merex smiles whimsically, as he strokes you intimately, uncaring of any hope
of privacy from him you may have. "Raptors on four legs, large Komodo
Dragons, marvellous mergings between the two. Unless you have been
approached by another male..." He looks at you questioningly, a slight smile
on his scaly lips. "I am not a jealous animal, I don't mind."
Zabei says, "No, no others. Your scent on me scared them away." She smiles
and moves closer to you, giving you more access to caress. "It was an honor
to deliver your hatchlings to this world. I will do it again when I am
Merex smiles happily and strokes your vent, gently this time. He slips down
a long talon, smiling with surprise as some of the way it doesn't touch any
Zabei helps herself to more meat and starts to nod off..."Will they be safe,
here? Unburied?"
Merex cuddles you. "Yes, they will be. They also have my scent. And I will
have other members of my herd look after them most carefully. One of them
used to be a midwife in her... earlier life... and she'll take care of them
when you or I can't keep them warm."
Zabei closes her eyes and sighs, relaxing after the ordeal..."I'll sleep
next to them...hunt well."