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Electra's picture hoard!

Electra's pic hoard, just a collection of images that kind furs she knows have done for her.. :)

Pics of the fire-lizard herself..

(in aprox chronological order)

Electra, by Kat
The very first, and in my opinoun the most accurate one pic of Electra..
Electra Cute, By Matio/Sherry
The second, and to date overall cutest pic of Electra
Electra Wave, By Byzantyn
Electra in a rather.. diffrent style.. And the yiffest one to date..
Electra, By Sidian
Fourth pic, second one to see Electra in color! :)
Elec's head! :), By Gorbash
For sheer cuteness, this one takes the cake.. Of just her head tho.. (NOTE: Her ears are ment to be pointed.. not like this..)
Electra's hiney, By DinoMagic
One of my favs.. Shows well, Electra's back. :)
Electra the fire-drake, By Zwokkie
Electra, quite alot more anthro than normal and acting.. teaseing? :)
StephenQuoll and Electra, By DinoMagic
Electra lookin very content a friend's love's lap..
Argumentive.., By Zwokkie
Even a fire-lizard can't get along with herself....
"Fire-lizard, Full anthro", By DinoMagic
(sorry for the corny name) Electra has a fully anthro Fire-lizard.. And yes, she's waring clothing this time.. :)
Electra, an anime version.., By TnT
Took me a bit to relise, but hey, it's Electra drawn animeish! :) (gotta love the expresion:)

Electra's descriptions

Small female(Normal form)
Probaly the first thing that comes to mind as you see Electra slink into the room and look around curously around is 'What a cute little thing'. A grand total of 26"(65cm) snout-tip to tail-tip, this fire-lizard is a allways on a quest for a warm lap to curl up on and a good scritching. Coved in fine, smooth, shiny scales that she allways keeps clean, there a glittering eletric-blue in color, with her belly slightly lighter than the rest of her. Trailing in her wake is atleast half her total lenth, in the form of a 14" long, smoothly tapering draconic tail, the concludeing in a soft point. Around her neck is a colar made from metal bars connected together along there sides, it looks chewed around where the lock is and seems to have had a few changes.. Normaly slinking about smoothly on all fours, and keeping her wings neatlf furled up on her back, 4ft in span the silky wingskins shimmer softy, that, along with her glittering scales hints at her true nature.. That of an energy-based, metalvoreic creature.. There's a lot more, but that will have to be found out for yourselfs.. :)

Small male
At first glance, Electra seems to be the same as allways, but a few things niggle you, for one, she seems to look a lot more angular, and there is a strange buldge running beteen her.. Wait a sec! The pronounds are wrong.. she is not a she.. She is a.. HE! Electra is in male form! Standing the same size as allways(26"), Electra seems to have lost some of his 'roundness', the anges of his jaw, and body are a sharper, takeing the edge of his normal snugglness, with a flatter still chest and a slightly deeper *cheep!*, the only other major thing is a sheath between his hindlegs, witch is allways slightly firm and heading down to a pair of medium sized balls handing down very slightly. He sees you and grins.. With the same set of teath that is very 'electra'.. :)

Anthro female
You see Electra, but not in her normal form, insted of the 65cm(26") fire-lizard, before you stand a 6ft antho-dragoness, coverd in soft eletric-blue scales flowing like glittering waterfall down her long neck under her metal collar, from her dragoness head down over her firm pert breats to vanish under the long flowing gown made from a glitting soft blue energy mesh, through which you can see the outline of the rest of her humanoid form, not quite flat belly leading down to the gap between still dragon-like legs hideing her feminity, from a slit down the back of her gown, her long sleak tail curls down and around her ankles were the gown ends just above ankles revealing scaly footpaws and claws, she smiles softly at you, eyes twinkleing. Electra is an energy based life-form, witch account for the faint smell of Ozone, she can change gender, species, and size with ease. (Alough she tends to rater her normal self). Don't worry about being burned/zaped, she is also totaly stable and interacts with the enviroment/others as any other fur would.

Other pics, either by her or liked by her.. :)

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An RL badge of mine.. :)
A scan from the cover of Dragon Dawn

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