The dusty archive of old news in the backroom of the Beauty website

- 12.10.2002: Froedrick and Typhoid have joined the Beauty family, added entries to the squadlist
- 30.8.2002: Welcome Beauty's latest addition, feur (Sure this is a bit late but better late than never :)
- 24.8.2002: I've updated the Beauty roster listings now. If you feel that you should/should not be on the list, give me a notice.
- 14.8.2002: Beauty has now officially left the leagues. Those who joined Beauty for itself rather than the leagues remain, and thus we now propably have much more of the family of friends Beauty is supposed to be. Let's keep the Beauty spirit alive :)
- 28.7.2002: Added the feedback option, wee. New links in the roster.
- Added a picture for Jinco on the roster details (Click on the name for the link), about page for Saline
- 27.7.2002: Setting up things with the site, made proper alignment for the navigation links.
Playing around with the idea of this embedded news box. Looks like it would be behind a glass, doesn't it ? :)

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