Are you a Skywatcher?

Might you be a descendant of the ancient Skywatcher people? This is a matter that is decided strictly by recognized members of the Skywatcher tribe, for only they have the authority and the ability to recognize other members and issue a verification certificate which is added to Skywatcher archives and copies sent to what ever 'authorities' require the information.

If you wish an analysis by a Skywatcher, send a copy of these questions with your answers and email address to the contact link below only if you are serious in hearing a response and are serious about embracing that ancient heritage... also consider that unless you are serious about becoming a tribal member and embracing the laws, traditions and customs of the Skywatchers, you shouldn't even bother answering the questions. BE DETAILED, ACCURATE AND ABOVE ALL; HONEST.

I. What is your first and immediate reaction to your reading the information contained on this site?

II. What have you seen, both within and outside?

III. Are you treated in a less than ideal manner by others and for what reason?

IV. Do you manifest certain abilities on a regular basis?

V. Are you aware of your heritage and ancestry?


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