(Counter Girl based on some Andrew Nettleton pic)
For the C64 version, go here. (Also recommended if a link is 44 and you are too idle to mail me :-)
SirIguana +5, Josi +2, Sena +1, Robinson +1
Smack Link Carlos Augusto Braga
Lez Carlos_augusto_braga Implied Carlos_augusto_braga2 Lez Carlos_augusto_braga3

Smack Link Eduardo Copati
Lez Eduardo_copati

Smack Link Ulrik Nilsson
Nude ulrik_nilsson

Smack Link Elliane Sutton
Tentacles elliane_sutton (after Chris Berkeley)

Smack Link Thalarionyr
Bondage thalarionyr

Smack Link Vogol
Nude vogol