Going Down

Life in the afterlife for Sandy takes an unexpected downward turn. This will hopefully turn into a new series. (Quick disclaimer - I'm not trying to be too religiously correct in my interpretation of Heaven and Hell. Think of it as a sci-fi rather than theological creation. All the same, if you want to give religious-related critique, I don't mind.)

Part 1: Sandy's Birth
Part 2: Hope and Whether to Abandon It


The adventures of a fledgeling, shapechanging superhero. Or two superheroes...

Description of Figment and Rebecca
Descriptions of other characters (including copyright information)
CHAPTER 1 : Waking Up
Part 1. Boogeyman
Part 2. Keepin' It Real
Part 3. Just Where Do You Get That Superhero Lycra From Anyway?
Part 4. Bet That Hit The Spot
Part 5. What Would Be the First Thing You'd Take Out?
Part 6. Reincarnation into Salamanders
CHAPTER 2 : The Hidden
Part 7. Normality Can't Get More Normal Than In A Library
Part 8. To Serve And Protect
Part 9. Forget Your Fears
Part 10. Cabin Fever in A Car
Part 11. The Nice Rack and Nut Lover Show
Part 12. Perfect bodies, Imperfect Minds
Part 13. The Concealed Snakepit
Part 14. When Humanity Awakens
Part 15. Conclusion, and The Achievement of Goals
Part 16. The Real Conclusion
CHAPTER 3 : Adjusting
Part 17. Tally-Ho
Part 18. Sleepyheads
Part 19. Stars Shining

Figment and Rebecca also join Karva's heroines in Episode 7 onwards of the series 'The Adventures of Nice Rack'. Unfortunately, this series is no longer on-line.

My Other Stories

The following is a mixed bag of tales. My oldest stories are towards the bottom of the page ( and these aren't great quality, I admit :) .) Each story has a description below it's name, and any content which might concern (or interest) you on it's right.

A Dragon Soared Overhead
Nothing nasty
Creatures of magic and science look upon each other, their hearts crying out for what is missing from their lives. A feelgood sorta tale.
SRNU : box Of Delights
If the above story is a copy of the Spells 'R' Us world, this is one of those on it's roll of regatives. You won't get the in-jokes unless you've read some of the original stories, me's afraid. Aw hell, read it anyway :)
Beloved, Part 1 by Hedonism and an anonymous author
A nice little story, co-written with the help of a great author. It seems to be a strange transformation in a normal world. But the end hints that there's more to the world as well.
Joining The Ranks of the Dead
A silly celebration of that most wonderful of games, Dungeon Keeper 2.
Things Are Getting Strange, I'm Starting To Worry
Giant conspiracies, really poor characterisation
A very silly, and mercifully short parody of X-Files
World of Darkness Supplement : Weresnakes
Some violence
This is a nearly complete mini-supplement for the Roleplaying games set in the World Of Darkness, introducing Weresnakes (this was written prior to even knowing White Wolf planned to create their own weresnake race, the Nagah. Luckily, my supplement has snakies that are very different from the planned official serpents).