By Chris Sawyer

Me, the Swimsuit edition
Say hello to my hairdo
What can I say... the world must be unfair because I really don't remember doing anything virtuous enough to deserve getting two incredible, uncommisioned drawings of this quality :)

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By Justin Six

Predator and Prey
Thanks sweetie!

By Other Artists

Flyin', By Geckomancer
These wings ain't for show yah know. Thanks for the piccie :)

Figment and Critter Man, By Oren
Go read my action story, now! :)

By Me

I confess I'm not much of an artist. Can you tell? :)

Myself as a Naga
Thanks to Goro of Furry MUCK for devising this cuddly form. Two Yuanti
A simple drawing of two yuan-ti (from the Figment series), a female guard snuggling her Lesser boyfriend.