Oviposition Mailing List

Ovipositionphile Mailing List

This is a adults-only medium for natter about and pictures / stories / stuff on the sexual side of giving birth, the joy and pain of experiencing such a thing, and watching the same. It's mostly likely to be about creatures (and humans... :) ) laying eggs, as this is the most popular. However, all acts of birth (bearing live young, spawning, even binary fission) are welcomed. Please note that sexual acts with liveborn, even liveborn creatures, are NOT welcome. That counts as paedophilia, which is not allowed here.

This is a fairly quiet list, owing to how rare the kink is, and therefore there's not much media around. But if you're into it, there's no reason not to join :)

Sign up by sending an Email to oviposition-subscribe@smartgroups.com and in the part of your Email where you type your message, just include the word "subscribe" (though leave out the speech marks). Leave the subject blank. Email me (my address is on the Main page) if you have any problems.

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Posting FAQ

This is only a brief FAQ, and I hope it's all we'll need. For the most part, just use common sense.


The list is not really busy, because it concerns such a rare kink that it's hard to find related stuff out there. However, it does at least mean you can subscribe to it in addition to other lists without getting snowed under by incoming Emails.


There are few sexual restrictions to Ovipos. Gender isn't an issue. Consensuality is optional. Some posted stuff may involve scenes with watersports, gore, pain death etc, and I will not restrict these either. However, if a picture, story or whatever will contain scenes likely to be unpleasant to some members of the list (eg. gratuitous gore, sexual crimes) then their authors need to put a warning in the subject line or at the top of the message, saying what this content is.

Paedophilia / Lolita images, stories etc. ain't allowed. Neither is anything that would obviously offend, eg. racist or extremist political and religious content. But I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that :)

These lists are for adults only. If your state, country or galactic laws don't consider you to be of adult age then please don't join. I can't check your age, but if you reveal you are underaged then please don't be offended if you get unsubscribed.

Please try to stay on topic... Okay, you can wander a little, I ain't gonna run a totalitarian state where you can only talk about the relevant yiffiness. Just remember what people have subscribed to the list for.

Posting Attachments

Feel free to post attachments to the lists. It would be best to make images GIF or JPEG, and to post stories as plain text, preferably as part of the letter itself rather than as an attachment. If you send stuff in obscure formats, people won't be able to read them.

Don't post more than 750 Kilobytes of information in any one day. Spread it over several days. If you have a single attatchment that is over 750 KB and can't be split up, or if you're unsure about file sizes then post it to the mailing list's file storage area. Then Email the list to say that you've done this and show the names of the files you posted. Then it is up to the members to go to the list's file area and download your cool stuff or not.

Please don't post any attatchments that you found on the World Wide Web if you know what URL it is at. Instead, post a link to it, so that people can make up their own minds about going to the web site you found the picture / story / whatever and start drooling at it.

Finally, please make sure the attatchment you post is appropriate to the list. People get annoyed if they have to spend a long while downloading something that doesn't interest them. If you're unsure that the attatchment is appropriate, post it to the File storage area on Egroups and Email the group to say you've done this.


Please don't bring a bad attitude into the list, and spare a thought for the others on it - mailing lists can have a great range of people online, and some may be easy to offend. Of course I'll unsubscribe and bar anyone who gets too out of order. I am a pretty lazy person, so if the on-line arguments get too ridiculous I'll either hand moderator privilages to someone else or close down the list. I've seen from experience the scraps that can break out on mailing lists, and they bore me.

I hope this results in more and more cool pictures and things on your and my favourite kinky topic :)

Please Email me if you want any more specific information on the lists, or to offer feedback on them.