Info and Guides

The following bits and pieces of information were created to describe my characters on the various MUCKs I mess around on, as well background to my stories (there's a lot of stuff I couldn't fit into the stories without making the spaces between yiffs unbearable :) )

If you wish to create any stories set in the world of Oerus, or countries I created on Earth, I will be utterly and helplessly flattered, and you will find what's here useful to get the flavour right. Otherwise just read it 'cos it may just be interesting, or you like the idea of creating stories or roleplaying games where monster encounters result in pleasure rather than melee.


Oerus is the world where most of my stories are set on.

The World of Oerus
Continents of Oerus
Gods of Oerus
Thief Iguanas
Royal and Cuckoo Imps
Wasps and Their Hives
Riding Lizards


A guide to the beasts and lands that feature in my stories set on Earth.

Lands of Earth
Gods of Earth
Petri - Slaves of the Gods

MUCK Character Profiles and Me