Kemopetrol squad - extra info : ships


OConner Domanic HA-46 Warbird - This ship is highly maneuverable, and is the ship of choice for skilled dog fighters and duellers. It has a super-fast recharge rate, and its single high speed blue bullet is its only weapon. This ship kills in one hit.

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Crummand FC-12/O Javelin - This ship has a red bomb that kills on contact and bounces once, and weak red bullets that shoot backwards for defense. This a ship that is excellent in the base, but a sitting duck outside. This ship can green x-radar.

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Loakhaed RSC17 Spider - The spider lets off a constant stream of red bullets. Individual bullets do not do enough damage to kill, but three of four of them will usually do the job. Be careful around spiders, they can kill you in one shot if you are low on energy.

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Ivangrad UT-59 Leviathan - This heavy bomber turns and moves unbelievably slow. However, it's single blue bomb kills almost anything low on energy within an entire half screen of it, and always kills on a direct or near direct hit on a wall. The leviathan has a portal and 4 slow repels, and can't attach to a terrier until he has twenty bounty. Can become invisible to radar. Can lay a single blue mine.

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Blight Aerospace NU-34 Terrier - The speed and agility of this ship is simply amazing. It is the only ship that can be attached to. It has only weak multi-fire bullets designed for protecting itself in base. Terriers come with standard x-radar. This ship is primarily used to allow other ships on it's team easy access to base, and for flying levs (leviathans) around outside the base to bomb it. Has 1 burst and 1 portal.

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Yamakazi Sholi Znk/0-1 Weasel - This is the only ship that can fully cloak. It has a single slow moving blue bullet that can be upgraded to multifire. Has one slow-repel and a rocket. With slow speed and rotation, plus a slow recharge, it's generally only used by less experienced pilots.

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Avro 4F/2 HMS Lancaster

- This ship can fire up to four pretty-slow bullets. Each of these bullets can kill in one hit. Lancs are good for defending the base's main entrance because of it's buckshot-type bullets.

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Lezarwerks SY/9 Shark - This ship can lay up to four red mines. These mines kill in one hit, and disable recharge. It can also shoot a single slow moving EMP bomb, and has three slow-repels to dislodge mines. This is a very useful ship to lead an attack on base. There can only be 8 mines / team.

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